Method Man - Sweet Love Lyrics

[Street Life]
Excuse me gorgeous..

Just maxin, lookin for hoes, y'know, relaxin
Met this redbone Jasmine, midtown Manhattan
Shot a verb, that tranked her nerves, calm words
Massaged the mentals, made her pussycat purr
Sweet Love you look miraculous, brown eyes passionate
High cheekboned, Tommy Girl cologne you smashin it
Jump in, take a spin, destination Staten
I have you home by ten, Shorty started laughin
She replied, "Street, you ever ride while you drive?"
I looked puzzled, and said, "Nah baby why?"
She pressed up, grabbed my dick, threw her dress up
Cocked her legs, cold fucked my head up
Now I'm deep in it, flyin past the speed limit
Out of control, still whippin it, steadily hittin it
Deep strokin, one hand on the wheel, blunt smokin
Lovin how it feel, Sweet Love you got me open, what?

Love is love Love, love is love Love
Love is love Love, love is love Love
We connected like a train from the first ordeal
I stepped to her with the passion as I kept things real
but like, sex was on my mind like, cum was in my pants
I flashed my fronts on her, like if I had a chance
She said, "Ain't you Cappadonna from the Wu-Tang Clan?"
I said, "Yeah, mad gear plus the small white band
Sweet Love, I want your pussy can I be your man?
Stripped to the bare essentials let me fuck you if I can
Sweet Love, from your nipples to your pussy nub"
Sweet Love, love is Love, love is love Love

[Method Man]
It's a full moon, we in the bedroom, thoughts consumed
by the passion, slow jam tunes and body action
My finger's on the clit splashin, your pussy lips
got you spazzin, love juices, marinatin
in your satins, sexy ass, I get some like my old dad
I love my women bad, with just a little touch of class
Youse the Star by far, look at you Ma
Shake your thang-thang girlfriend, you SheShe Lefrea!
Whattup, went to beat it up, I'm not the one to eat it up
but the type to hit it raw dawg and seed it up
We talk without sayin nuttin, you told me if I came through
you'd gimme som'in, now we lockin ass
Pullin hair and talkin trash, how you like it
slow or fast? She said, "I like it when it last"
No doubt, you got the best trout there can be
Not an everyday, average, Chicken of the Sea, candidate for H.I.V.
You'd rather deal with monogamy
Queen to be held, Black Mahogany
You're bout to bust damnit, sugar walls comin down
Now you can't stand it, you've been touched
That's when I felt the blood rush
Gettin closer and closer with every thrust, take me there
Volcano's about to erupt, I love you much
"Watch these rap niggaz get all up in your guts"

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Method Man Sweet Love Comments
  1. Victor Machuama

    2020 Love from Mozambique

  2. Parod Guiplenov

    2020 тут

  3. asonuniq

    Ain'tchu Cappadonna from the Wu Tang Clan?

  4. bep 2

    player wu tang shit

  5. Grizzy1986

    First time hearing this back in 2001 still in high school, stayed hooked to this album and Blackout! Meth was always my favorite member of the Wu Tang along with Ghostface Killah, U God, Inspectah Deck, and. Gza

  6. 22TV

    One of the greatest ballads ever....

  7. p.a. dre #eimg #thepronoun

    Tru master on the beat!!!

  8. MsRiss

    Instant orgasm 💕

  9. Kevin Johnson

    Still my shit!!! NYC accent is 🔥

  10. Alysskah

    One of my Favorite, perfect for lovemaking I'd have this on repeat!

  11. Bobby Smith

    Garcia what you no about sweet life

  12. Erica Herbert

    Seduced by Wu this track

  13. walter sky

    2019 with 33 years old I don't smoke weed inclusive, that shit its hiphop by the way hello from Chile

  14. Scott Ttocs

    another legendary cappadonna verse

  15. Auto Byonix

    I used to fuck my first girlfriend to this track..

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  19. Arnaud Belinga

    Que de bons souvenirs cet album d method ki ecoute encore sweet love en 2012??

  20. Aelnas1988

    Try @ 1,25 speed. You will thank me later! Love from The Netherlands

  21. Abuze LDC

    Keep realm prahhhhh 16costaaarepresent.

  22. B Millz

    Love this song. Classic ish

  23. Alton Numa

    Love is Love Love

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    PedaL 2 The MedaL

  25. Alton Numa

    I Love my sweet love

  26. Andrew

    Street & Cap killed this shit with Mef!!

  27. Ahmet Gurbuz

    This is real shit ❤️🔥 i mis this oldschool rap

  28. CeCe Moore

    A straight panty dropper.... I was in college when this hit... being bad.

    2 Dads

    Did your panties drop?

    CeCe Moore

    @2 Dads sure did

    Mateo Baysa

    @CeCe you’re a bad woman. Love it though . 💯😁

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    classic s/o brazil

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    steebee weebee show

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    this album is celebrating its 20th anniversary this month of November 2018

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    2018 20 years later still bangin this joint

    Wil 718bx

    J GUSTO me to boy WU forever!

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    Jennifer Galipeau

  34. bep 2

    player shit, suduction

  35. Tranquility 87

    Sweet Love, from your nipples to your pussy nub

  36. Leon Robinson

    This was my favorite track off this album. Method killed his verse. Streetlife and Cappadonna did their thing too.

  37. Marco Polo

    im not the to eat it up but the type to hit it raw dawg n seesld it up

  38. Marco Polo

    watch these rap niggaz get all up in yo guts .... the perfect way to end it

  39. Dark Skin Romeo


  40. Franky Shuttlesworth

    One of the best hip hop songs made

  41. Andrew Maniscalco

    Now im deep in it, flying past the speed limit...sick track, METH! One of my favs.. Volcanoes about to erupt...

  42. Michelle Branic

    Wow this brings back memories

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    love is love love love is love love

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    I remember when this album came out

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    Compton CRIP fuck with this

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    My sweet sweet love <3 DOPEST!!!

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    My Exwife took me to see him and the WU Tang Clan perform in Chicago !! I blew KUSH SMOKE in METHOD MAN'S FACE...HE KNEW IT WAS SOME KILLA!

    D-Boll 420

    That's hella disrespectful


    That ain’t cool bruh 🗣💯!

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  49. Dunn Barr

    Nigga when this shit came out I had just started smoking weed yo...young this beat heat

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    Rap come back on Compton CRIP

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    You rather deal with monogamy queen to be held black mahogany

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    Cappadonna "smh" killed this

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    1Tonycarlyle5 aint you capadonna from the wu tang clan

  54. jokebooks

    Only 85,000 views ? People missing out on that real ish.

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    Tru Masta is the most underrated beatmaker in the game.


    Yup. Even better than Mathematics.

    Adam Gordon

    Persian The Man* amen to that bruh

    Sean Mulholland

    Persian The Man yea he’s definitely a all time great

    Ru May

    @iREZARECT'EM all of the wu producers are sick AF! Math, Tru, 4th, RZA...

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    from P.R.. classicc,

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    4 years & ONLY 77,422?OMG...;/;/

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    Just maxin

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    Tommy Girl Cologne you smashing it

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    you ever ride while you drive / i looked puzzled...i said nah baby why

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    Christian Leavitt

    Love your profile pic 😉

  62. Melina Garcia

    It's a full moon We in the bedroom thoughts consumed by the passion, slow jam tunes & body action

    Abraham Gutierrez

    my finger's on your clit splashing....ha ha ha ha

    Hollywood Hicks

    How u like it slow or fast. She said I like it when it last...Method Man "No doubt"

    whatchutalknboutwillis ?

    Love is love love love is love love!

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    Melina Garcia sing 🎤 it girl 😁


    Look at you girl, what you know about that 👌🏾🤙🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Now you see where Kanye and Justblaze get it from - WU!

  64. ILL-ONE Offical Music Channel

    I did a song to this beat if y'all could check it out and leave me feedback I'd appericate it. ILL-ONE FT. White African Poet - Watch the throne [Prod. True Master]

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    Am I the only one who thinhs this is just awesome ?

    john voight

    no, it took 3 years.. but no you're not.

    Sean Mulholland

    Naaa man it’s an all time great

    manny gonzalez

    We the last of a dying breed