Method Man - Suspect Chin Music Lyrics

[Method Man]
Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas
send niggas back to go, try again niggas
all hail me, the good the bag the ugily
the money's around your way, lovely
where for art thou Meth-tical god-child
I pack a smile like crocidile profile
can't hold it down? oh the shit gon' hit the fan now
spin around let your whole crown man down, man down

[Street Life]
I live by the street code never old
never love a hoe, never flash the dough
cause you never know who friend or foe
got block control solid gold thought
before the blow lets stroll through the ghetto
habitat with no parole
never snitch switch which
keep a fresh pair of kicks
split the tongue snatch the weed
in case the cops wanna strip search
think first prepare for the worst
when you do dirt
remember there's a million other niggas with the same thirst

[Method Man]
No doubt dummy out
bets pull the money out
niggas walk a funny route
this is what its all about?
young guns and dum-dums
slum bums and sons
askin' niggas where they come from
get him for his one, um
sunshine, its crunch time
stranded on the front line
ducking from the one-time
niggas on the run, where the cameras can't come, ha
make this one the anthem
ring around the rosie
pocket full of Grants, uh

[Street Life]
Just because you wild in the club you ain't thug
sport gloves and gold mugs you ain't thug
tattoos and hard screws don't make you thug
sucker for love catch a slug, nigga

[Method Man]
Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas
send niggas back to go, try again niggas
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow

[Street Life]
Carry your eyes and avoid spots
cellblocks rap blow you for your slide(?)
time what you got's mine
we can take it to the yellow lines and we can pull nine
whether the rhyme or the crime Ima still shine
heavy on the street talk cut your life support short
never had no love for you so there is no love lost
strictly enforced by the street stories get double crossed
hands off I run with the torch

[Method Man]
They got me fed up from the head up
put up or shut up
on stage in them shiny get-up
these niggas is funny
energizer bunny actors
they hustle backwards
son I think they gay rappers
say word, drop some stature
dog splash ya, party crash ya
the spell casta
heard the same before and after its over
flood get your brain end the game, done its over
end of the line out of time bitch its over
on the wrong street with no heat he was sober
we soldiers somebody should've told ya

[Street Life]
Million dollar ice on your wrist don't make you thug
cause a bitch is sucking your dick on your skit you ain't thug
bandanas and bad grammer don't make you thug
sucker for love catching slugs nigga

[Method Man]
Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas
send niggas back to go, try again niggas
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow
Suspect chin niggas, no win niggas
send niggas back to go, try again niggas
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow
shotgun slammin' in your chestpeice, blaow

[Street Life]
With the W burning through your flesh
verbally possesed never second guess
blow minds like David Koresh
fuck a vest you need a gun to protect your assets
deep in the aztecs break out before the sun set
street wars gimme yours crime is what I live for
got rhymes galore next time its at the wu store
if you sleep late, next date is at the cest gate
all you sober mcs, I leave y'all niggas half-baked

[Method Man]
Microphone is in a choke hold
losin' control bringing drama by the boatload
it takes drama
in the pillage now of cappadonna
my split persona hit their village and their baby mama
y'all niggas playing with this money while we stay hungry
and kept it pudgy it won't make me have to crash, dummy
before its over
you should keep your chain tucked in
and should never run your mouth with a suspect chin
now lay it down

[Street Life]
Just because you wild in the clup you ain't thug
sport gloves and gold mugs you ain't thug
tattoos and hard screws you ain't thug
real thugs runnin' with hate and smash love

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Method Man Suspect Chin Music Comments
  1. Stan Martin El

    2020... Long live hip hop....

  2. Andrew Parker

    Heavy artillery, street life delivery🤘🔥

  3. RaeRae Jeru

    I love weed, but as a youth, when this album dropped, I sold it along with Snoops' ' dog father ' album for a bag of weed. I look back feeling ashamed and dumb and can say to my younger self " you dumb weed head ". I think this is Mefs best album, REAL TALK!!!

  4. RaeRae Jeru

    This goes out to all you ' SUSPECT CHIN NIGGAZ '

  5. jim funk

    Fuck yeah 2019

  6. ASGod

    I haven’t listened to this album for 18 years. And I still have it lying around.

  7. Mark Gillan

    Dammertennis... 👍,, fuckin hate emojis...


    "Bitches sucking ya dick on ya skit dont make you thug"

    Stray at NORE lol

  9. james mckay

    To all the suckers fuck heads

  10. Otaku Desuka

    Streetlife was talking about Tekashi 69 even before 69 knew that one day he would name himself Tekashi 69

  11. ronald tyili

    rza on the beat

  12. Nef Rig

    I live by the street code...

  13. Julian Garcia

    Live by the street code neva owe neva love a hoe neva flash doe you dont know who friend or foe 🙌

  14. Julian Garcia

    Real thugs run with hate smash love 😏

  15. Mara ZekKy


  16. Mike Carter

    Literally genius. The beat, the lyrics, the intensity, the delivery; fucking genius.

  17. Mike Carter

    All hail Meth!

  18. John Roberson

    Last line is so legit. "Real thugs running with hate, and smash love!"

  19. Iskander Aguppta

    Street Life had every line delivered without any nonsense

  20. Iskander Aguppta

    The freestyles on here are A1

  21. Tiffany Cooper

    Production value is thru the roof on dis wu banga

  22. Andrew Parker

    Street life is soooo underrated, such a beast on every track he's on

    Rummy L

    I said the same thing.

  23. John Serna

    dukes is back that's to many

  24. TET - COM


  25. Hector Alicea

    Rza is fuckin sick with the beats daamn !!

  26. I hate battle Rap fans

    Street life 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  27. Ciara Ross

    Adjust the trouble on my thang thang 🤣🙌🏽🙌🏽👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    B-Retro Gamer

    Treble not trouble

  28. S0DAPOPINSKI1979

    You should keep your chain tucked in and should never run your mouth with a suspect chin

  29. anthony magi

    Timeless True advice

  30. spotbigboi




    cee gwola

    spotbigboi quality over what's popular, gutter shit like this outshines whatever is hot today. Niggas too flashy today, back then shit was real, gritty, grimy, u took these niggas serious unlike today's so called ballers and wannabe kingpins.

    Fluoride Jones

    December 2019!! That's what's up!

  31. Ayesha Karim

    I love this song.

  32. Lawrence G

    Fuck all 8 dislikes

  33. Inheriting This Earth

    sounds like they talking about Pac and Bad Boy but they already dead


    This was about NORE

  34. Inheriting This Earth

    420 likes...don't wanna move it to 421 Johnny Blaze Shit

  35. Easthighland Kash

    sound like a beat Tyler would make...Long Live The Wu!!!

  36. Boss Guy

    shotgun slam it in your chest piece blah!!!

  37. Scott Goulet

    I love this beat and Meth and Streetlife kill it. #IndieRaps

  38. Leslie Sunshine

    metal mesh suit, before the coat of arms, nice a Knights tale becomes legendary.

  39. nathancad


    This Guy

    Shot gun slamming in your chest piece

  40. john wood

    i ispit a s

  41. Angel Storm

    adjust the level on my thing thing !!! shit goes hard , mad memories

  42. Phil Rockwell

    One of my fav Meth joints

  43. vagab bam

    Just because you wild in the clup you ain't thug
    sport gloves and gold mugs you ain't thug

    This Guy

    Club damn how can people appreciate the music not knowing the words kid

    Nef Rig

    @This Guy assume it was a typo 🔬

  44. j hoffa

    This beat is ridiculous! Wu-Tang Forever!

    Hector Alicea

    james hoffa no doubt

    TET - COM



    beats on this whole album are fire. glorious

    Joe Hynes

    RZA Beat🙌

  45. KryptonsFinest

    I love this song.

  46. OnePlusOneEquals3


    Shane cool,video stevens

    OnePlusOneEquals3 to

    Cousin Family

    My shit scratchzzzd

    Mandela Sangster

    My sister gave me this. She ain't kno bout the "Double U" hahaha

  47. MrScoobySnacks23

    of course another disgusting RZA beat

    Clifton Smith

    MrScoobySnacks23 Tru Master

    Greg Beez

    True master made this

    Pyrex Vision Entertainment

    We literally said the same thing as soon as we pressed play! That's RZA b!! Shits too nasty! 🔥🔥 - #ThisPVENigga

  48. TerenceTriple81

    @nastyc79 Amin!!

  49. Sinatra52

    Love everything about this song...even reminds me of one of my best friends'...Sikhan Chin back from when I was in high school

  50. i snipe


  51. Darktings

    "I pack a smile like crocidile profile" lmao

    Malki Tzedek

    That line has me dyin lmao

  52. Greg Stiles

    " sucka for love catch a slug niggaaaa " yes sirr

  53. Gloomsoul

    @benhadd best of the best. nothing can compete

  54. Ben Hadd

    mefman owned this one, whole almbum is on

  55. Peso4niy

    @LiquidSwords1000 it's insanest beat ever!!!

  56. Crazyeight

    shotgun slam it in yo chess piece blooow!!!


    "Real thugs running wit hate.......we smash Love "
    - Streetlife

  58. Alejandro Gonzalez

    Too sick there will never be another Meth

  59. Ernest Smalls

    One of Meth's best songs...

  60. MultiLex101

    "bad grammar don't make you thug," that goes out to all you youtube bangers.

    Fluoride Jones

    Your comment still rings true today. Motherfuckers are even dumber now! :D

  61. EST1996

    real rap bitch

  62. Greg Stiles

    sucka for love, catch a slug niggaaa

  63. Zofa Lipa

    real thugs runnin with hate, we smash love

  64. Dharma227

    yeah after like 1997 RZA left his prime in beatmaking skills, but this is still good

  65. Jamie Robert

    the guitar is mad lol

  66. BCMG

    anyone what happened to streetlife?

  67. BCMG

    @Dorian73 so true...but sad though


    Just the trouble on my thang thang!

    Nef Rig

    Adjust the treble?

  69. Akil Ruzich

    Adjust the treble on my thing thing !

  70. ThaFaks

    shotgun slammin in ya chest piece BLOOOOOOOOOOAH, how da fuck dis song dnt even hav 20 000 views

  71. nick k

    this tune is the lick shot! bam! bam!

  72. whoiscarlito

    Very underrated track right here.

  73. RegentDevil2


  74. davidWgruUP909

    Straight FIRE track. I don't smoke anymore, but this is some blaze a blunt ish here.

    Shane cool,video stevens

    davidWgruUP909 to

  75. heyheyheyhey04040404

    @arashest hahaha i was looking for it for a while too, its a pretty fresh song

  76. arashest


  77. heyheyheyhey04040404

    @arashest yes! i found it finally its called "you dont know me" by paper department

  78. arashest

    I'm trying to find that song too, you ever figure that out ??


    streetlife offical more Wu than Wu.

  80. heyheyheyhey04040404

    does anybody know what the song is called that goes like "ring around the rosie pocket full of hosies middle finger up screamin fuck the police"????

  81. Derick Cannon

    This takes me back to my college days @ SDSU

  82. CryystalTrip

    Rap reached it's pinnacle in the 90's. It doesnt get any better than this.

  83. mrD66M

    i live by the street code, never hold, never love a hoe, never flash dough cos you don't know who's friend or foe...this is DOPE

  84. Lone King


  85. LiquidSwords1000

    This beat is insane.

  86. Derp

    Adjust the treble in my thing thing..

  87. Neo Sauron



  88. MrDeray5

    A lotta people slept on this album...blazin' ass track right here.

    Kilo Naz

    Real talk

  89. davedurable

    The lyrics in the info need to be fixed.