Method Man - Meth V.S. Chef Part II Lyrics

[Intro: Raekwon]
Yo, blow my nose for me, man
Word up, man (fuck them)

Spit in your mouth, piss on your bitch
We them wrist getters, everything real bout this, duke
You fucking with them niggas that's splashed up, slave master's master
Dumb move, blast your slut
We want it all, living in Persia, burn something
Snow White rose, bulldog ershkama
Yo take that, drive that around the corner

[Method Man:]
Yeah, shit on your crew, nigga, it's Wu
Rap athletes, the trap sheet bigger than you
If you ask me, the Cash Rule
Nigga, eat that pussy, you cat food
I sneeze on the track, get at you
I'm sick in the head, I'm getting some head
If she ain't bout getting some bread, don't get in this bed
Real talk, mami, you gotta bounce

Wild like Indians, Al Capone-ians
Not from Chicago, my gun named Margo
It's only when we in beef, we humble in deep
Might kill four-five niggas, die in my sleep
I argue though, who the best, we hardly know
I came through in the S, wash me, yo
Yo, yo, do that for me, go around that car

[Method Man:]
Niggas, digging they nose, and digging they ass
When I got chips, can't none of ya'll dig in my bag
I pop shit, my killas is black, I got chicks that got chicks
My real world realer than rap
I'm hot, bitch, material, Meth, beyond lyrical
Wake up every morning eat that Captain Crunch cereal
That's that shit right there

Dick game super, grupa fish, Cris' Krug' lottos
I'm a bring it back, one wish
Fresh to death, I'm always, always Rae in the hallways
Yeah, always stay
Ya'll rappers gon' feel my pain, but the other way around
When it's going down, I'm gon' rain
That's my chair, nigga, get the fuck out of it

[Method Man:]
Yo, fuck you, pay me, if Dirt Dog could see me now
He'd probably say "Fuck you, pay me"
Blowing smoke clouds, shit's crazy
Doorag your dome, get wavy, rap ain't done shit for me lately
It's ass backwards, this game trynna play me
I bet this never happens to Jay-Z
Get money, fuck them haters, real talk

Pay me, play me, weigh he, just the right measurement
This may happen in a day, G
I'm a keep it real, for real G's, niggas is lame
Industry pussies, we can't feel these
Regardless that I'm paid in flossy, rich in the mind
I do this for the nine niggas who forced me
Ya'll niggas is playing me, man

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Method Man Meth V.S. Chef Part II Comments

    Friendly Battle

  2. Jonathan Costa

    “Skills worthy of a general, if you want to fight, fight with me, one to to man.”...tssssss The 36 Chambers of Shaolin

  3. Snupe Cruz

    A billion views for me shit
    I listen since the song cameout fax who else

  4. satyrn Miller

    Found this by mistake, I honestly don’t like meth, but when I heard this I lost my shit cause I heard this on the show first. Str8 🔥

  5. Lolly Stew

    Classic!!! new Wu Tang fan I'm from the south forgive me lol

  6. WonkUWonki

    All these years and Rae aint still get his killer tape back.



  8. Chris Dunn

    Method man won

  9. Tay Yasharal

    Chef won because he used the beat on the Purple Tape.

  10. Syed Isamuddin

    Method Man should be in everyone's top 10.

  11. Fred Watson Jr.

    Meth vs. Chef....Split decision...Meth....Let's do a rematch for 2019

  12. A *Wal

    Damn...great memories!!💯💪

  13. Home Depot

    This plays on my car everyday, great sound

  14. Saalim Rashiyd

    Method man has a serious flow and delivery

  15. Saalim Rashiyd

    I don't even know what to say smh

  16. New Era

    They both went in HARD! That's what made Wu special, this all sounded different. Rae didn't mess up anything, that was his flow, WTF y'all talking about 🤣🤣🤣!!


    Rae is giving us a live recorded freestyle clearly 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  18. Rhiannon Oliver

    That’s definitely a penis

  19. Bootney Farnsworth

    These cats rhyme styles fit the RZA s beats like hand in glove!!!!! Nine MCs nine different styles and the RZA!!!!

    cee gwola

    RZA was/is one of the 9.

  20. David Holley

    Amazing beat... Meth bodied this.. Rae is a dope Mc now, but in 1993 he was still smoothing out some of the ruff edge's in his style. His verse didn't fully connect & had breaks in it. Let's be real, he had moments but Meth won this as well as winning Mef vs Chef 2 which raekwon did a much much better job at showing up.. dope Track over all 👐

    Cameron Hill

    Most didn't catch that Rae actually messed up his flow...but was recovering with the tak,tak,tak,tak,move..

  21. dslw91 4life

    Wu is sick, nobody fucks with them to this day!

  22. Lolly Stew

    New Wu fan these foos tight asf

  23. BOY BOY

    An American Saga

  24. Az Akh

    Wu at its peak

  25. Dennis Smalls

    Meth won way more lyrical than rae. Rae my bro but he always spit a lot of filler whoever disagree give me a hot bar from rae I got a whole lot from meth

  26. mj's life

    Rae was hungry and broke you can hear it.

  27. Bellcity

    I kind of wish Rae didn't mess his verse up

  28. Oscar-Cain Rodriguez

    What’s the beat at the very beginning while the man is speaking. I’ve heard a song with just that beat on it


    that beat is off raekwon only built 4 cuban linx track is called guillotine (swords)

  29. aviontitan

    Rae destroyed Meth on this sheeshhh .... and Rae’s voice was crazzzzy back then 🔥

    Deauxboy Steeze

    Maybe bc i fw meths flow much harder idk but i think meth got him chief

  30. FoRealz325


  31. Kingdgslim

    Meth got eem

  32. Darrell Calhoun

    In my opinion “sniffling sneezing coughing aching stuffy head fever, fucker, I think it’s bout time that ya suffer,slob in on my knob like an all day sucker” killed Raekwon’s whole verse. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a chef fan,but Meth did his shit

  33. Ivan Jeliazkov

    From what song was the starting beat

  34. O-mega Supreme

    Still No1 Went Baxk n Forth oN Sum Killa Sword Shit betta then this Trax !!!!! #wulife

  35. J Galaxar's channel

    Meth won when rae stumbled 1/2 way thru the verse. Great song. Love deez Godz

  36. Lee Feltham

    So this was a rap battle which ended up on tical, the wu are the greatest lyrical hip hop group by far

  37. MJ's Glove

    Meth had the flow Rae had the lyrics. Coin toss fam

    Pablo Mcclaren

    MJ's Glove meth won on the lyrics too

  38. Chris_Rugel

    Rae lyric assassin

  39. J Bran

    Wish Starks would have gotten in on this

  40. Melissa Kate Bruno

    Notice how they beats n instrumental.s are shitty bit that diesnt matter cause they do fucking talented


    RZA's beats weren't shitty wtf?!!


    Wu had fire beats back then. What u know about boom bap east coast beats?

  41. Zman DA1

    These were the same bars from the Wu Tang series episode when they were battling outside

  42. Langston Ousley

    Fave track on tical.....lyrical fistfight. Love how they incorporated this into the series between the 2 of them

  43. Bootney Farnsworth

    The RZA!!! Them Beats???? Timeless!!!!!!

  44. TJ Vincenzi

    This was just in the wu saga

    don dada96'

    which episode

  45. Dante' Green

    Rae lit into Meth on this joint! For Meth to put this battle session on his Debut Album! Tells you that these kats always pushed each other to get better! How could you be the best MC, if you're not the best in the group? Who that is...take your pick


    Dude dropped this verse on the wu tang saga hulu joint.

    Alan Martinez

    Yeah but if you was a real one you wouldnt need a series to find this one Gem

    Lolly Stew

    @Alan Martinez man STFU a lot of us ain't from new York or that area of America period so the show put us on Wu Tang clan music

    Alan Martinez

    @Lolly Stew
    Than I feel sorry you
    What was you listen to drake, lil nas, 😂😂😂😂

    ShellzFilms LLC.

    Bruh I wonder did that actually happen . That would've been raw

    nana sam

    @Alan Martinez I hate YouTube trolls like u. U bring the same shit for every defense it's corny

  47. chief bishop hawa allyehisrael

    Meth won that

  48. John Conor

    And the winner is 10304 up in da Hill

    Paul Lagasse

    Khillah hill

  49. Pressure You

    The only group to beef on wax . the 90's 👶

  50. isaac Frost

    Count my shells!!!!


    If you don't know this track was intended for 36 chambers, Mef n chef was proper battling for the beat .

  52. Sa'kerr Barrett

    Method Man Lost

  53. Toby Bryant

    You don't hear beats like this anymore.

  54. Sandra Elisabeth Ohlsson

    The cow!!!!

  55. Anwar Johnson

    Video should have been described in the boxing ring. With lyrical impravisions

  56. Creepy Norton

    Wu Tang Forever

  57. Jariel Rodriguez

    This Album saved Def Jam Record back in the 90's.



  58. Winnie Campos

    Who in 2019 is still listening to this?

    Abel Buitrago

    I'm HERE!!

    G Hix

    Same here!!

    Eldron 2000


    Earl Buckley

    Me that's who

  59. GunMega

    Lounge Lo' on the intro (Cappadonna's little brother)

  60. King Breezy Boii

    Rae with the niggas stay strapped , armed to die! Winner!!!


    Chef had the best barz but mef had all the flow

  62. Enemy Killa

    Shout out to all the great comments on this bcuz it deserves it.

  63. Jarbas Nunes

    Top 5 do Wu Tang Clan,Mister Meth!!!!

  64. Johnny Utah

    Peace to the homie Lounge Lo on the intro...”live and direct from the 1-6-Ooh”. For those that don’t know, Lounge Lo is Cappadonna’s brother and he’s also the one that’s next to Method Man on the “M-E-T-H-O-D Man” video. He’s also on the “Bring The Pain” video on the bus.

  65. jojo dancer

    Attack u like chess moves best move!!!!!!

  66. Hector Martinez

    Only if ol dirty was in it I think odb would kill them both lol ahaha they ain’t battling they r showing off there flows but meth kills it

  67. Marlon Daniels

    Let's get ready to Jel-T! Live and direct from the 1-6-Eeew!

  68. Brian

    Chef waaaayyy better than Meth now

  69. Jake Williams

    These guys are God's in the Rap Game 🤯🔥

  70. Derrick Talbert

    name a rapper that didn't have meth on they shit...........

  71. SPIRIT 13


  72. hiephoi058

    Meth killed it

  73. William de Murney

    Papa was too - Joe tex ⏭️

  74. king shaman

    When Rae's vocals had embedded razor blades and Meth sounded more savage and smokey. Man they sound nothing like they used to. I miss those choppy murky RZA beats.

  75. Ditwan Ward

    Y’all niggas know Raekwon got this one bars was more direct

  76. dropagemonem

    Rae is way better than Mef

  77. dropagemonem

    wow, guilliotine (swordz) beat intro?

  78. Ronya Jones

    Rae got another verse to this song

  79. Roperdope Marciano

    This track is still fyahhh

  80. Lord Dontay

    2019 my nigga

  81. Accurate Skills

    Hot Nicks & the Chef Lex Diamond's this joint is stupid fresh & one of my favorites 👐 🔥 🎤 👑

  82. Dubswirl30

    Such a unsung, underrated beat - personally my fav beat off this classic album

  83. Hugh Vaughn

    Real hip hop

  84. Crid Guerra


  85. Charles Carter

    It’s a draw

  86. Ruben Barrero

    🇵🇷🇩🇴For got to say violynns you sinned on that onenews from the East repent for my makeing➡️for leaving her out🎻arches🔥

  87. Michael Thomas

    Tical killed it.

  88. Marcus Garrison

    This Beat And That Angel Dust Had Method On One....Reakwon Too

  89. XenoLoco

    But did Rae ever get back his Killer tape though?

    Kanoa Stibbard

    LOL.....fuck the killa tape bruh... fuck u talkin about corn.....

    Michael Thomas

    Nah! Meth killed his killer tape!

    Lord Dontay


  90. fef29x

    Rza Rza Rza can't you see,
    Sometimes your beats just hypnotize me...

  91. O0o MoFuzzR

    Crawlin on my arm like an all day SUCKA

  92. Enemy Killa

    Wu Gods sparring keeping the skill razor sharp .

  93. lyndonkimthomas

    Kinimtidisisod Aysondod Ussa insisisi MOMROD mimfod AKA INRISISI THUBIND JIKE SRA KMX MOMROEIE *I 9 9:($9[™€¶ TYRES🇦🇬💸💯🔟🈂️🎱🈺📰💶🈳💶💯

  94. Oriv_kaboom Nathaniel

    Meth won this one ...Rae won the 2nd one

  95. ZsaZsa Galore

    The greatest