Method Man - Dirty Mef Lyrics

[Intro: Method Man (Ol' Dirty Bastard)]
Expect the unexpected, motherfucker, let's go, come on
Yeah, M-E-F, hahahaha, special guest
(Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck)
Hahahaha.. yeah..

[Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Yo, you don't wanna ride with Dirt, you still stuck in coach
You don't wanna fly in first, yo, I can spit
One verse, and leave in a new Benz-er
Take a trip down south and put some hoes to work, you hear me
Dirt McGirt, you niggas gonna respect it
I'm drunk and crunk so don't come in my direction
I'm ready to thump, and get the whole crew arrested
Bail 'em out, and laugh about it in Texas, yo
And get with Rome, down in Caki-Lac
And hit the spot, in the hood where the happenings at
Where the shootin' and the fightings and the stabbings at
Where the Lincolns and the Chevys and the Cadi's at, shit
Them down south niggas been loved Dirt
Take a shot to the head, if you been through the worse
Show respect to your niggas, who been doin' it first
And be comin' with that shit, I'm just doin' the worse

[Chorus 2X: Ol' Dirty Bastard (Method Man)]
Yo, you don't wanna ride with Dirt, you still stuck in coach
You don't wanna fly in first, yo, I can spit
(Yo, you don't wanna ride with Meth, you still sniffing coke
Even if you tried your best, yo, I can spit)

[Method Man]
Yeah, damn, I'm just like Dirt in the booth
I'm the truth, I don't need to go to church in a suit
Each verse is the proof, I drink a 100 Proof
Cop searching the coup, I got some herb in my boot
When Wu is coming through, the outcome: critical
Fucking with this style, the outcome: get physical
Meth get lyrical, and y'all can get my genitals
Don't forget them aid essentials, vitamins & minerals
Heh, ya'meen, I'm taking one for the team
Like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream
I'm dope, to many fiends, live by many means
If you don't stand for nothing, you'll fall for anything
That's real shit, let's get this money real quick
Dirt Dog, I'm feeling this, but I'd rather feel rich
I mean filthy rich, I'm corporate now
Big Meth, the label's Def, that's why I talk so loud, nigga

[Chorus 2X]

[Hook 2X: Ol' Dirty Bastard]
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you
Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, fuck...

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Method Man Dirty Mef Comments
  1. Schwarzkopf Morgenland

    Wu-tang forever !!!!

  2. John White

    I own 5 mazarties owhlne4 requested tack and advantage and rest ambulance plus China lawyer of jabawacki

  3. Andrew Lynch

    2020 still never gets old

  4. Big el aka ellee Martin TV

    O D B r i p

  5. Howard Camp

    Dirt Mcgirt

  6. cult severs

    Check this odb rare stuff ✌🎧✌🎧

  7. 6000 Zoo

    Fuck youuu fuck youuu fuck youuu fuck youuu.. Fuck !

  8. Bronk

    ODB yelling “FUCK YOU!” Is the best part of the whole song.

  9. gewoon abnormaal

    taking one for the team like mlk taking one for a dream

  10. Jonathan Rayne

    Damn, I miss Ol' Dirty Bastard.

  11. El mejor pais de mundo

    Viva USA lpm

  12. Matthew Emmanuel-Ogier

    Check out.

  13. The Mos Fett

    Fedor. Farraday. Musk. heroes.

  14. ledheadification

    That's how I'm feelin

  15. ledheadification

    That's how I'm feelin

  16. James Darmor

    i became black after listening to odb's verse

  17. Mirul Muaz

    Oh shit nigga🔥

  18. THAR3ALJ3YY 24


  19. John Smith

    NO father to this mans style. O.D.B FOREVER!!!!

  20. M Maskulin


    Dope Combo ❤️💙❤️💙❤️

    ODB R.I.P 🙏🏻😞🙏🏻😞🙏🏻😞🙏🏻

    Meth ❤️💙Bring the Pain💙❤️(👊🏻every day👊🏻)

    Love from Germany ❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙❤️

  21. Mr,marihuana psicoactiva.

    ETERNO. ODB; RIP....!!!.

  22. Big el aka ellee Martin TV

    Song is so ill

  23. spicy1ize


  24. Robert Jahoo


  25. your normal

    Dirt was the goat tbh

  26. BOY BOY

    My favs from the clan

  27. Get It Unlocked

    What's today's mathematics? Peace God!

  28. GoldDlocs

    Allegedly Mef was one of the only members of Wu to call ODB besides RZA while he was in prison. Respect

  29. Travel with James

    Imagine method and ODB forming a group

  30. El mejor pais de mundo

    Old school forever

  31. Jason Voorgees

    Trap is shit

  32. Jason Voorgees

    Old school forever

  33. Jason Voorgees

    The Old schol

  34. Grant Austin

    ODB is one of the few that could do this beat it's justice...never be a bastard as dirty...thank u

  35. Xhulio Jace

    It's Really sad to see how ODB was Left alone when he was in Prison by WuTang members
    Nobody helped him
    RIP ☝️

  36. Pokémon

    Wu Tang

  37. Jonathan jones


  38. Michael Prokopenko

    Woooowwwwww 😃😃😁😁

  39. mad mizzu

    2019 still

  40. Jeffrey Oostrom


  41. Fr Hvl

    ODB is The Best of.... fu

  42. Thor Labora

    Rip ODB, ancora oggi il tuo rap mi fa impazzire, che coppia di leggende

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    I wanna ride in first son at least once before I die.

  44. Michael Sherry

    Australian bump in this shit right up to 4076 brudda

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    Респект от русских 😱✊👊✌

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    I just wanna see episode 5 of the wu tang show

  49. Andrew Hernandez

    Fuck virus

  50. marcin C U B


  51. Num Ber

    Ol' Dirty Bastard still in year 2019, in our hearts forever! ♥♥♥♥

  52. Astra TR3B

    why i can't give a zillion likes to this shit , can;t stop listening . 2 speakers down , mtf need more of ths


    debil je ovaj ol dirty! bas debilcina nesvidja mi se njeov stil nema preko methooda!

  54. Nicholas Flud

    Dirk McGirk !!

  55. Joel Hoelting

    "If you don't stand for nothing, you fall for anything"

  56. Ian Bishop

    The beat is from an old Nintendo game or something

  57. Who Cqres

    2019 with that throwback JAM!!!WHOOOO!

    Emil Kuzmanov

    Who Cqres still here 🎧✌🏻

  58. play 4 fun. Tony

    2019 !!!! R.I.P ODB

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    RIP ❤️

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    Müjdat broCrazzyss paps

  61. Michal Wyrebkiewicz

    2019 :)

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    Ol dirty spiting

  63. Zeno jaja

    I remember one day in school we were allowed to choose songs to listen to during music class. Never will forget the face of my teacher during the last part of this song.
    Good times

    Rollin Stoned

    haha same shit in mynschool only it was greek weed rap songs

    Στελιος Αβραμιδης

    @Rollin Stoned το χαλια χάλια?

    Rollin Stoned

    @Στελιος Αβραμιδης χαχαχαχασα ακριβώς

    Στελιος Αβραμιδης

    @Rollin Stoned χαχα

    Amira Blue.b

    LoL kid that's some shit I would do you're gangster


    Hip-hop до сиреневый солей огонь

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    Dirt Mcgirt & Decall

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    E para ouvir chapado


    meth sounds like shit after king

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    Straight cut!

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    Fuck youuuuu
    Fuck youuuuuu
    Fuck youuuuuuuu

  70. jimberland1

    Where the Lincoln and the Chevys and the Cadillacs??

  71. Jessica Wolfe



    Jessica Wolfe - I saw the same tour back in the day. Rage was the shit!

    Diskrete One

    I wanted to go see that concert so bad because they also came out to Cali for that tour!! I think it was the warped tour...? But yeah bro that feeling never leaves, they don't just say "Wu-Tang Forever👐!!" for nothing

  72. Dre Sama

    Mef was the only Wu member to visit Dirty in prison 🔥

  73. David Greco

    Miss you ODB bless you 4 ever ://\\©®~~~

  74. Mike Spiegelhalder

    MrSeXX8 i

  75. Mike Spiegelhalder

    Ở UwYXX37

  76. retractedwan

    Feed the needy please

  77. Benito Juarez

    Why its always the good ones that have to die?

  78. Clarstrophobia

    Bumped this today and I have a new car roll out song

  79. Raphael Lage

    R.I.P ol'dirty bastard 🎧

  80. Nate Butler

    Meth kills it

  81. Brandon Wederski

    RIP ODB.....

  82. Miss 85


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    "If you don't Stand for nothin', you Fall for anything."

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    285 haters are not Old or Dirty enough to be here.

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    2:20 pure talent bravo

  89. DEPECHE Mode Music & art

    its 1992, a quick Vocla set; to. simaler to two years old, 16 years old; and 19 years 3 months, 5 days. early Jan. Marcianou Boom With Cuzn` Guitarist of Tool Band; Method Blaze.

  90. stacyblue1980

    ODB is a silly-ass dude but underrated genius. We miss you mayne♥ Our hearts to Wu Tang from NC

  91. will

    These 2 flows compliment each other like no other
    Meth has to miss the shit out of that. RIP ODB

  92. Kyle Mason

    That's what made Wu-Tang so great they all have different styles they all sounded different when they rap not compared today everybody copies at choppy f****** flow

  93. Martín cuauhtemoc Vazquez Becerra

    O.D.B. one krazy man, 🤣 R.I.P.

  94. João A. Braun

    The beat is nasty and ODB killed it!

  95. Ian Simmons

    I for one remember, and it’s just like WHY THE COPS NOT LEAVE U ALONE BRO

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