Method Man - Dangerous Grounds Lyrics

[Method Man]
Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yea yo
Yo yo yo yo yo yo yo
All them real live motherfuckin niggaz step up front right now
It's goin down
One love to Long Island Hempstead in my heart baby
Shaolin what?
Come on, come on, HA!

Dangerous ground
Tre pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land sharp on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief
And curse his first born, is this thing on?
Send 'em to the children of the corn we the people
See, niggaz through the eye of the demon
My lethal injection, destroyin evil
Hot Nikkel, private eye one pistol
Aimin at your brain tissue, do or die
Said the spider to the fly "Could this one be tasty"
Like momma apple pie goodness, Johnny Blaze me
On the job like Dick Tracy
Hit the cure for that ill shit like Ben Casey, M.D.
Symbolic thrill like god he shocked it
Like a finger in a light socket, too good to be forgotten
In the rotten apple
I kick dirt on the sand castle
Check the flavor all natural

(Beat your feet)
Hot Niks son
Before you get the main course
(Taste a appetizer)

Submerged in the word
Heavy headed verbal
Smack you, mentally disturb you attack you
Thirty-six chamb once again comin at you
Young gun got the body snatch you observe
Yo eyes work you can only see through the third
Eyeball baby I'm the norm on the bird
To shine on mental nourishment, you can dine on
Track yellin at me get yo arrow god
Victory is hard
Regardless to whom or what
They all get retard it's a law
Runnin through a house and your block party, we wreck-tion
And Hot rock the body body, St. Bernards
Couldn't save your enterrage plat lobotamy
Leave ya mentally scarred, numb and possibly
Dumb deaf and blind is it
I keep your spine out the battery pack spark it with mine keep it movin

Now everybody just throw your hands in the......[phone rings]
What the fuck?
Peace - who this?

Mind detect mind
A P.L.O. da startin line
Deep Space Nine
Designed for knuckleheads who bust guns and throw signs
Let's converse snatch the tap from your purse
Body-surf on the verse head first
Peeped your feet bitch straight beat you know wit the heat
And you spazzed out spittin out teeth ain't nothin please
Big boys don't destroy blunt is so pop stare on
50 men convoy, spends to wear the big toy
Rumble through the wasteland my hands on the silencer
40 caliber city slicker Staten Islander
Synchronize minds combine thoughts that motivate
Dont' perpetrate pass the blunt let it circulate
Street politicians on a suicide mission
Crime vision finger itchin from a scope-view position
Dangerous ground
Tre' pound seven spin around for my bredren the cloud comes down

[Method Man]
Keep ya eyes open
Love potion number nine poetry in motion
Knowledge me the seventh sign
Scold it canivin
Infiltrate is most of mine
Play 'em nonchalantly, calmly expose the nine
Push and get shoved what the fuck gods thinkin of
Comin in the club wit that screw face, actin up
Is we men or mice, bad moon risin
We wild for the night
Kill a skitzofrenic nigga twice cuz-a
That's what happened when frontin on this Shaol brotha
Island of Staten we in here no fear
Assault wit intent
To kill your whole regiment it's real
Startin wit yo president, duckin my dart gun
Tear apart something you don't want it then don't start none
Blaze one with Jonathon, part man part fly
Handle my B-I camouflauge like G.I.
Fat like Joe, a day in the life
Your money or your life that's the life
Everybody can't afford ice in the struggle
Tryin to eat right another day another hustle hustle hustle
(Uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh uh huh)
Dangerous ground
Tre' pound seven spin around for my bredren the clouds come down
War and peace, I take it to the street
Land sharp on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief

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Method Man Dangerous Grounds Comments
  1. warnutztheloser

    I rememba as soon I Heard Diz I started fightin sumbody

  2. John Doe

    3:09 - 3:13, sick!

  3. John Doe

    Real Hip Hop bro, sis, facts! Tri- State, Stand Up! We out here! 🗽🤘🍾🤟🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  4. Jordan Thompson


  5. Jordan Thompson

    Johnny Blaze! Ain’t a damn thing changed!

  6. RaeRae Jeru

    What the HECK was I thinking selling this album for pennies just because I felt at the time it didn't have the same rugged sound as his debut ' tical'!!! I did the same thing with Snoops ' dog father ' album! I'm so embarrassed and ashamed!!!

  7. ASGod

    I could never understand the front cover. Is he holding an American football helmet or has he got death in a headlock?

  8. MrFaDookie

    Dem hi hatz b rokkin.......

  9. Charlie Trillz

    This hook is hard af!!!!!

  10. David III Arriola

    “ Keep Your Eyes Open.......”

  11. Damion Seifert

    1:52 ahhhhhhh!

  12. Michael Wayne

    War and peace, I take it to the street
    Land shark on my lawn chop the thumbs off a thief
    And curse his first born, is this thing on?
    Send 'em to the children of the corn we the people

    Still 🔥 in 2019

  13. The Mongoose 23

    Beat hrd. 💪💪💪

  14. Rocksteddybelmont

    I kept this on repeat in high school

  15. peter gambardella

    2019 and still bumping...

  16. Ocean Blue

    U don’t want it then don’t start one blaze one with Jonathan 🔥 🔥 🔥

  17. Máté G

  18. Brendan M

    One of the greatest ever!! Top 5 easily. You hear these lyrics man!!?? Always been The illest 💪

  19. 777

    I couldnt believe how bad this album was when I first bought it. This and Spazzola are the only good cuts on here the rest is BASURA

  20. UNTOLD official YouTube

    Yo dem bars are still fire

  21. Isaiah Montoya

    Still harder than most punk ass rappers today ...

  22. A.J. Towin

    BIG shout out to Hempstead Strong Island, Mef knew what Time it waz

  23. RyEnjoyment

    1:58 😲

  24. Sean Mulholland

    He’s says- track yelling at me, get ya rhyme
    Onnn Goddddd

  25. John Pattetson

    Straight new york shit mother fuckers !!!!!!!!


    North Philly .... Dangerous ground 😎 meth be the man 👊

  27. Meher BEN SLAMA

    2019 anyone?

  28. Abdullah S.

    Cory guns funk flex 💪🏻

  29. Mishu Oren

    When you realize cory guns actually freestyled on funk flex 😨😨

  30. Darrell Mckeithan

    wu-tang Klan music infinite lava skills videos awesome

  31. Anthony Giarletta

    40 cal city slicker STATEN ISLANDER 10304

  32. Gabensy

    This is rap fucking kids

  33. lyndonkimthomas

    Nininuoeoeid Ausoso Ayywieosus inonrowiwu jaomeoe jahb..omrod momtoei inomtoeo thubonrod yours bintorj ures *I 0 9:-93.

  34. Gotham Saver

    In the rotten apple... I kick dirt onyaa sand castle 🗡🗡


    My home to big Bx for life

  36. guilly8

    This 🔥 take me back! Legit era

  37. Wildm0use

    Az Ica az Ica az Ica, a nyolc általánost végzett Ica a jegy árusítását abbahagyja. Hátra csalogatom a budiba és meghívom egy túrós fagyira.

  38. The Autograph Bank

    Wu Tang 4 ever! ---2018----

  39. Isuah Ash

    realist hip hopper method man

  40. 90s RAP

    This shit knocks

  41. Jamm Minkie

    Keep ur eyes open love potion number 9

  42. City King

    Fame & fourtion

  43. Marcelo Rafael Mariano

    esse ovin

  44. Andre Richard

    Damn I just didn't get how good this one is when I was younger I guess. Only really dug the obvious tracks on this album.

  45. Black Butterfly

    I wore this out my graduation year! Class of 99!

    Blaze one with Jonathon, part man part fly. Handle my be I camouflauge like G.I. Fat like Joe, a day in the life!!!

  46. Dawayne Allen

    Classic.. Meth definitely in my top 10. And shout to my nigga Street life too. That nigga had bars all over this CD..

  47. John Serna

    dukes is back handle that

  48. Brasco

    reminds me when i was getting some head at the homies house bumping this record.. this album was lit!

  49. Boki D

    Killa beat

  50. undercoverbrother67

    Hadn't heard this in a few years and had almost forgotten how fuckin dynamite it is. Mef and Street both kill it.

  51. Butch Swim Productions

    Oh shit the fuckin lawyer here

  52. MrEBRAD777

    Miss these Tru Master Slappers

  53. Jeffery Fresh

    Classic. I remember when the CD dropped

  54. thecheesburgler

    Rumble through the wasteland right hand on the silencer, 40 caliber city slicker staten islander, synchronize my eyes combine thoughts that motivate, dont perpetrate pass the blunt let it circulate, street politician on a suicide mission crime vision finger itching from a scope view position

  55. Anonymous Anonymous

    This album is an overlooked classic. Meth shined thru the whole album. Still sounds fresh today. He beasted thru this whole album. The production was on point too

  56. Lemon26

    That grimey NY hip hop classic no coast can beat East coast period idgaf what anyone says

  57. AlexAutomatix84

    To the youngins ....

    Respect the Iron lung , ya hearddd

    cee gwola

    AlexAutomatix84 💪💪💪tell em again G

    Ruben Ramirez

    Hahahahaha hahaha hahaha

  58. Neverstar-X

    This is real hip hop! This is something I can jam to.

  59. Michael Underwood

    The best mef album...

  60. Jesse Borsheski

    Meth and streetlife are a deadly duo


    PLO STYLE....

    JeOneSeven V9

    @MrFaDookie 🤣 Streetlife is true rap

    PS Gamer

    Meth and red is better

  61. Kerem Öztürk

    N.Y.C. BPP Soldier Method-Man Ticalien Stalion Iron Longe East-Coast Richmond Equalizer its appertizer like riser! Wu-Tang $4$ Ever Generals like phenomens bizer! Peace and Shoutouts to all Wu-Tang Members and Soldiers!

  62. 23srod

    I fucking brought myself here.

  63. Love Yah Love Yah

    when Brothers were Brothers and we didn't take no crap and we didn't wear skinny jeans shalom


    All praises to the most high

    cedric lashar

    Shalom....baggy jeans and tims

    John Doe


  64. glyde69

    Classic. Probably the 45,654th time I’ve listened to this song in my life. Lyrics up top all clapped up smh

  65. John Serna

    Out here out ware

  66. don proph


  67. Eric Brooks

    Streetlife is that guy!!!!

  68. peter gambardella

    Met Method up in the Bx one of the coolest dudes out there.

  69. Juiceboy

    One of my favs by method.

  70. Eli Cordero

    Method Man is one of the dope lyricists

    Dennis Stenbrock

    The dopest flow-monster on the planet :-))

    William Bennett

    Banks, Pun and Budden tied and newer Meth and Jada tied

  71. Ayesha Karim

    I couldn't believe what Method Man said on this record.

  72. paige y.

    heh I feel to young to be here but thanks dad for listening to this in the car 😂

    El Bee II

    paige y. Don't lie.


    Streetlife is nice AF on the mic

    Sean Mulholland

    KEONALANI on of the best

    Sean Mulholland

    Hes never had a bad verse ever

    luis soto

    Ive always looked for his albums

  74. Calvin Hobbes

    Meth should have made a video for this but I guess they dumped a lot of money into judgement day

  75. Rene Gonzalez

    Method Man is Lyrical way better than Joe Budden that's #Facts 💪💯

    John Duff

    Haha no question on that one tical is a legend.

    John Doe

    That'll be a good battle! Burdens ain't no slouch, but Meth is too gritty and gonna get straight to the point, facts!

    Eduardo Rojas

    Rene Gonzalez, FACT'S

  76. Ra El

    My fucking shit right here. Used to bang this shit yo

  77. Jamar McDaniel

    These youngins don't know about this... Lol Wu Tang Forever

    Timbo Sliceee

    Worddddd up


    These youngins are lost eternally...

    Ocean Blue

    Wym I love this shit along with Dre and a few others and I’m a youngin

    Juan Galeana-Rojas

    I'm a youngin and I love old school hip hop all day every day

  78. TYLER Teamer

    Method man is so dope man this is 🔥

    This album has so much replay value

    Brendan M

    TYLER Teamer best album by him for sure

  79. TheKillahAkASuperP

    Classic shit, got this album in 2002 or 2003, fuck that parental advisory sticker i was like 15 when i bought this.

    Now everybody just throw your hands in the......(phone rings)
    What the fuck?
    Peace - who this?

    Love this part lmao!

  80. Jabbo

    If you're here cuz of Cory then you a 90's baby and above...

  81. Two Cents

    Real NY hip hop

  82. be real homie

    Cory guns brought me here...

    William Smith

    that freestyle is one of the best ive heard in a while


    Where dude go?

    90s RAP

    How so?

    Chevy Avila

    Method man brought me here...

    Sheldon Everything

    Welcome to the dark side youngin

  83. Nikolai Vutasherkov

    I was here before the Gunz freestyle on Funk Flex

    Deshaun Brandon

    its light bub motherfuckah

  84. Weird Title

    method man def brought streetlife into the eyes of the public with this album

  85. Chad Hamilton

    OMG THIS THAT SHIT !!! we gotta kill the mainstream

  86. R Z


  87. TindoufandNirriti

    és nem marad más, mint üvölteni

    . Átok

    Idegenajkú rapperek félre! :DDD

  88. mortif

    im from PuertoRico &
    another wu'banger was my nature... hated by unknowning K'@7$.... stilll banginhg'em... dead cuz im alive

  89. Steve T

    How could anyone dislike this classic banger?

    Dawayne Allen

    Because they corny ass don't respect meth in the first place.. probably young..

  90. R Armstrong

    Part man/Part Fly...Handle my B-I/Stay on my G-I/Fat Like Jo...Dope!

  91. R Armstrong

    Streetlife murks this out...#IsisLyrics #MicTerrorist

  92. MumblzDelusional

    2 Beasts!!!

  93. mentlinc

    "Hot Nickle, private eye 1 pistol, aimin at ya brain tissue " something about how he says that

    Michele Cavagna

    Something about how he says almost everything! ;)


    meth's delivery on every line on this entire song is just ridiculous. and in doing so, he completely overshadows his homie streetlife's probably best verse ever

  94. Eric14 Bishop




    Deshaun Brandon

    jacked 100%rock on

  96. SC Assault Ninja

    Feel It In Your Chest...?

  97. cartmangreko

    fav track of the record. respect to True Master for this beat

  98. Marloes Harleman

    Ha ah ha, dikke beats.. yezzz Lyrics are the baasz..