Method Man - Cradle Rock Lyrics

All the children come into the light...
[Sample of "Bright Tomorrow"] There will be...

[Chorus/Intro: Left Eye and Method Man]

Rock a bye baby from the rooftop
When the guns blow, your cradle gets rocked
When the earth quakes and the sky starts to fall
Down will come emcees, fake shit and all!

[Verse One: Method Man]

On top I be the show shot
The bomb drop
After shot blow your bumba claat to smithereens
Time stop, flyin' guillotines
Commin for your flock
What you mean you spilled the beans, ay?
Black out and thought I seen pop
Lazer beam glock
Whats a bird to a brother with a flock, wha?
They got some nerve
To even try and shit a turd
On John J, flap a nigga gate
With the wordplay
Hot Nik shoot you with the gift
Its your birthday
God hatin' ugly in the worst way
Fuck 'em like the Earth say
From first day I survey the hassle
Death knockin at your door
In the Big Apple
Meth rotton to the core
Shackle, in the sound castle
The doungeon, with vermin
In the form of emcees determined
To step foot on God soil
Not knowin' that these egg heads come hard boiled
And heavy handed
The aliens they just landed
And you in the way
Overthrow these niggas planet
Independance Day
Felons, get split melons
Homicide buck niggas get the buck with pelets
Johnny 5 take it worldwide
As long as I pledge aligence to the Dark Side
I'll never die
Who ya know with a flow like this?
Bring em in
What clan you know blow like this?
Bring em in
Take that nigga (that nigga...)


[Hook One: Method Man (Left Eye)]

The sound of gun birth put the foul in this earth
(foul in this earth)
You can't fake plannin' from the
?Mack Control Theories? (Mack Control Theories)
Murder in the first bring 'em back down to Earth
(back down to Earth)
You niggas don't hear me, prepare for the worst!
(prepare for the worst)

[Verse Two: Method Man]

Times gon change, nuttin will remain the same
Million dollar broke niggas still fucked up in the game
Make me wanna choke niggas shittin' on my name
Tuck your chain I approach nigga Go Against the Grain now
?Hit the standin' brain? now
Die Hard fan call me John John McClain now
Snake vs the Crane Style
Death to the enemy, Wu brother number one
The centipede, trouble some
Send 'em all to Kingdom Come
Sun still shine one
Time for your crooked mind
Drunk off of cheap wine
Son I'm in the street crime
Every word, every line
Got juice very fine
Turn me loose on mankind
Detionate the land mine
Funk gets me goin' now
Never sell, never sold
Live by the code now
Never tell, never told
Darts I throw
Like Clyde with the finger roll
Clut shots an what not
This is where the buck stops
Still can't eat and y'all still cant sleep
I eat up my ?self? as presidential emcee
Wu-Tang killa bee
The bee high facility
In love with the blunt smoke
Even though its killin me
Bad vibes fillin me
With thoughts of conspiricy
White Water scandals with Bill Clinton Hilary
Too hot to handle
Well put together to dismantle
Fucka, you heard me?


[Hook Two: Meth]

Excuse me as I kiss the sky
Catch me when I fall son I'm too young to die
Me and Lefty, that be the Eye come test me
If you don't know, you never know me
Boost the birdie



[Outro: Left Eye]

Ayyo, I got 360 degrees of self, that's mind body and spirit
120 degrees a piece
We gon' break it down into simple terms
That's nine nigga nine
Highest level of change
It's too many niggas sittin' on they ass
waitin' for shit to just happen
Shit just don't happen
Gon' fuck around a miss a buck
If you take away the negative, make room for the positve
Thats addin' and subtractin' on the real
Niggas betta learn they math
Cause if my calculations serve me
Correct I'ma fuck around and have all this shit
I'm on yo ass nigga

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Method Man Cradle Rock Comments
  1. Ron Dolo

    Darts I throw. Like Clyde with the finger-roll. ( if y'all don't know what that means. Or if you don't get it. Then stop listening now. Come back later on in life)

  2. 8Dark Knight4

    "Blacked out and thought I seen Pac"

  3. Donald Pace

    This shit was slept on like Rip van Winkle...what u know

  4. Pookie Fitzgearald II


  5. Aaron Creagh

    no truth. It's SCI-FI

  6. Ignacio Bermudez

    2004, was 14 years old laying in my bed at night bumpin' this album, listenin' to it at night made it so much more obscure and so much more insightful. WU-TANG IS FO' DA BABIES!

  7. Kssili Amine

    I discovered to this album when i was 11

  8. Sean Mulholland

    Mind control theory, it’s not a theory -MK ULTRA

  9. Jaworski Middleton

    Artistry exercise.:

    Even the darkest day's fade away, so even I have misbehaved, ol as hell looking young, a three hundred sixthy °degree change of chance's or turn around never hurt the sound, then life is found....
    Has anyone seen a Champion Sound lately?...

    In the study of lyrics.:

    That is hop hop,
    Of Honestmen/etc...
    And associate's...

  10. james mckay

    I like MEF world

  11. Silence Records

    100% FIRE!!!

    Jaworski Middleton

    Social memo.:

    I am only commendable....

    In the study of apprenticeship.:

    Of Honestmen /&/ wtc...etc...
    And associate's....

  12. Gloomsoul

    Drunk off of cheap wine, son I'm into street of the coolest lines I've ever heard.

  13. Michael Underwood

    “ Turn me loose on mankind”...

  14. Jay Scott

    The Great Meth!!!!!!!

  15. Chris 61982

    These egg heads come hard boiled!

  16. Black Brown

    Left was mad hood but I love her vibe r.i.p baby

  17. Nicolas Rodriguez

    Slap a nigga gay with the word play...

  18. John Serna

    Seen , saw, saught

  19. Meto2 M

    Suena bien

  20. Sankt Pauli Hanseat


  21. David Dassa

    Yo meth has flow ill as F* - Classic


    Rza production...the best and GFK clientele

  23. John Serna


  24. John Serna

    word frase

  25. John Serna


  26. John Serna

    blood clot

  27. John Serna

    saliva we share

  28. John Serna

    gilitin we all have

  29. John Serna

    freedom independence day

  30. John Serna

    done so

  31. John Serna


  32. John Serna

    practor I hear it

  33. John Serna


  34. John Serna

    no crimes will be tolerated booster

  35. John Serna

    1 mil 2 mil work

  36. John Serna

    my bike

  37. John Serna

    the real 2019

  38. John Serna

    2000 to 2019

  39. John Serna


  40. John Serna

    I am not even out dated no crimes will be excepted grounded for how long what do I have to do to have a family should I forget

  41. Edvaldo Santos


  42. The boi

    2:30 He based a song of that on 4:21 The Day After, called Presidential MC

  43. James Soria

    Drop the mic

  44. bembel sehro

    Back in the days i was 15 Used to sit in my Treehouse sind smoked my ass Up to that Album. Memories. Thanks god for my good taste in music^^

  45. Nitty Andrade

    Classic! And Timeless! My Meth Tical and Lefty 😎🎤🎧 #Hiphop
    Rest in Paradise Lisa !!!! We miss you FOREVER

  46. John Serna

    Skull tombstone

  47. John Serna

    Graduate fuck it 2000 x


    R.I.P Left Eye

  49. wizkid8205

    RIP left eye RIP Prodigy

  50. Ayesha Karim

    I like this track.

  51. Demetrius Powers

    dis still my shit

  52. gabr ielka

    booom! killer tuune

    the PS4 family

    nyc rock a bye baby

  53. gradie roberson

    im from Texas and Meth wrecked this

  54. Fitness king 10304

    John John MacLaine now

  55. john dane

    booster sing that jamaican verse?

  56. Lenon Thavede


  57. 8Dark Knight4

    Best MC of all time ghost rider aka method man. Mad people have copied him and wutang. Shark bitches!!

  58. Mia Clark

    I'm dead Lisa's rap was too funny

    Just Born

    Mia Clark she spitting math

    Leslie Taylor

    Mia Clark She always kills me

  59. Ryno Scheepers

    OoOoOoOh how this shit just put me on a HIGH

  60. LMNT 115

    "All the children come into the lie" Fuck Method Man.

  61. Saint Joseph

    RIP Left Eye

    8Dark Knight4

    Yes RIP. Beautiful she was,too young too soon.

    Krush Lennon


  62. Mucko Djubre


  63. Dean Overton

    Do i detect a homophobic slur in the track "batty boy"

    Lazaro Bautista

    slap a niega gay with the wordplay still relevant in this day!


    Big deal.

    Jaworski Middleton

    Get off dean for mintue; originality is everthing, before their is with this natural originality in the error of that age bracket they still due and thought us the (way/how) to live it....etc...
    Music is my story, it choose to speak....
    Consultation.:(J.M.=Fallen from Grace.)
    J.M.=Jaworski L. Aurthurr Middleton, or Trinity Mason.
    Power to the trinity.
    Good business can make or break a good day.

  64. Fabrice-Makengo AkA Morphis

    who the fuck did this heavenly spiritual beat?

    Kawhigh Leonard

    LB Da Life Bringer

  65. cyborgdata

    holy fackin' shit. both 10/10.

  66. maurillo diablillo lujan

    pure love !!

  67. Mr.Calculus/TheUnBiasedDude

    This is pretty good.


    But it is mad slept on tho. That number should be millions more & mentioned, at least once.

  69. toadstyle101

    Since when do record sales make an album, or to be more specific a Hip Hop album? I'm taking underrated as in when dudes say what their top 10 or even top 25 Hip Hop albums, I can honestly say I've heard Tical 2000 in their list. Do u think these multi platinum artists today are any good, cos they sold a million records? Naa, they just got good promotion. Most of their music sucks dick as far as I'm concerned.

  70. jackie wilson

    underrated?it sold 2 million copies

  71. danny porras

    dam ...uaa...dam hot shit i can smell it

  72. danny porras

    shit hot i deaf if its old

  73. bboyarrow

    hi! I was wondering if anybody knows where I can see the lyrics of the part before the last verse? The part that is in Jamaïcan! I know this is Jamaïcan cause I understand some of the words but not enough to get it all. I'd really appreciate if somebody that understand it all could post it or send me a link! it seem impossible to find it anywhere! thanks

  74. thisistedwells

    @toadstyle101 totally agree

  75. Ivandro Carvalho

    WTC forever baby !

  76. Cmonnsonn

    @Kidd9741 matter of fact.......this is joe buddens on here, aint it? boy get off this computer and get in the studio. hahahaha

  77. Cmonnsonn

    @MrTommylotto WORD UP, son.....ignorant kids dont know any better, bro. 2 busy wearin leggins

  78. Cmonnsonn

    @kidd9741 you dont think that ive listened 2 joe's music??? stop it, fam. EVERY1 has an opinion and that right 2 have 1. Joe is the weakest link in slaughterhouse and AGAIN, meth will eat son's food. name 5 dope budden tracks and i'll name 10 to each 1 from meth. respect your elders and get off your moms laptop b4 she gets off work, bro. word up. LOL

  79. MrTommylotto

    @Kidd9741 why are you talking about joe lame ass buddens.This is the GOD Meth's song. .Show some respect peasant!!!!

  80. Kidd9741

    @Cmonnsonn I dont think you've listen to joe budden's you really shouldnt have an opinion on it.Both are ill.I'd say they're about equivalent because i've listened to both guy's music.

    Jamie Simms

    Kidd9741 fucking yeah right that bozo is garbage and boring to fuck

  81. ahmed atef

    always loved him

  82. MrKing8050

    @561buRnz407 it wasnt underrated cause of the sales, they thought it was underrated cause they never acknowledge this album as a Wu classic

  83. MrKing8050

    this song is proof that Big Sean didnt invent that pause stop flow

  84. Cmonnsonn

    Peep Shadowboxing w/GZA....buddens got canibus syndrome= lunchroom battle rapper w/no song structure.....f#!* outta here

  85. Cmonnsonn

    folks buggin talkin about buddens >meth....tical got a CATALOG joe got 1 song AND meth still goes in lyrically! 2day's crowd has no clue. word up. Son is eatin Joe's food.


    Cmonnsonn Please tell em

  86. Cmonnsonn

    @cheddahT Lol..... dig that