Method Man - Commercial Break (Thotti Gotti) Lyrics

"This is Thotti Gotti from Thotti Gotti news reporting to you live from the Meth Lab
In breaking news: Donald Trump still ain't shit
In local news: a New Brighton woman is still not putting any respect on her box
Neighbors say she's been like this since she was a child
In Economic news: Niggas is still fuckin' the game up with twenty five dollar eights
Sources say the weed's trash anyway
In Music: People are still trying to pay for studio time with E-B-T
They do not accept it, please don't even try
In Sports: Marcus Browne has quit yet another knockout
For everyone who paid the hundred dollars for the fight, I hope you enjoyed the six seconds
And now, back to our featured presentation"

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Method Man Commercial Break (Thotti Gotti) Comments
  1. The Wu-Tang Batman

    Fuck them wack as songs in between mef's

  2. Wu-TangClan_ 3693

    Keemstar. I love meth and Wu-Tang