Metallica - When A Blind Man Cries Lyrics

If you're leaving, close the door
Not expecting people, anymore
Hear me grieving, lying on the floor
Whether drunk or dead, I really ain't too sure

I'm a blind man
I'm a blind man
And my world is pale
When a blind man cries
Lord, you know
There ain't a sadder tale

Had a friend once, in a room
Had a good time, but it ended much too soon
In a cold month, in that room
Found a reason, for the things we had to do

I'm a blind man
I'm a blind man
Now my room is cold
When a blind man cries
Lord, you know
He feels it from his soul, yeah

Yeah yeah
I'm a blind man
I'm a blind man
And my world is pale, yeah yeah
When a blind man cries
Lord, you know
There ain't a sadder tale

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Metallica When A Blind Man Cries Comments
  1. tonton inbas

    What a cover ! Keep on rocking !

  2. Revolver Dolls


  3. battledroid_217 PRO

    Holy crap this is beautiful!

  4. Christian Mcleod


  5. Lynn Sagriff

    Ironically, even though Blackmore played the track with wonderful feel, he hated it and refused to play it live. However, whilst it was recorded in 1971 during the Machinehead sessions, and contrary to a lot of alternative views

  6. Vyshak lep666

    Hear original Ian gillan ♥️♥️♥️

  7. Joe Doe

    0:26 when my mom leaves my room


    Only Deep Purple !

  9. Impossibru

    What it took to make Lars use a ride again.

  10. ninoeltigre

    And now im crying..

  11. HGbriel

    haha there had to be a "YEAH" at some point

  12. Kikkervisje Ramon

    The acoustic version at AWMH was even better than this.

  13. Kourosh Behrokh

    I believe Metallica 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻👊🏻👊🏻👍🏻

  14. Carlos Silva

    Fucked with this song. Deep Purple is much better!

  15. Pedro Terán


  16. Felipe Rodrigues


  17. oana felicio

    James, what an artist you are!!

  18. Fred L.

    I love Metallica but Hetfield‘s voice isn’t even in the same league as Gillan’s

    Agris Alonderis

    Hetfields voice is in his own league, no one else in two notes can impersonate 20 emotions

  19. Zia Ahasan Rana

    True Confess.....

  20. Pedro Terán

    Terrible and Hetfield sounds like a fuel on the hill.

  21. Austin Bryant

    love this song

  22. Anastasis Belitsos

    The best song of this album

  23. je suis MARCO

    Can't even reach half the feel of deep purple.
    Nice try though

    Ethan Beltran

    je suis MARCO It’s not supposed to have the feel, it’s their version

    Hangar18 Megadeth Fan

    @Ethan Beltran Terrible cover though!

  24. The Wrench

    I'ts like a Deep Purple?


    It's a cover

  25. Svetoslav Borisov (SLAVE)

  26. Svetoslav Borisov (SLAVE)

    Very very sad, very very bad!

  27. Vic

    Great Cover.. Deep Purple and Metallica.. Both Versions are great!


    Fuck off... What a fucking shit is this??? Deep purple has to stop leave this beautiful song on hands of this bastards the dollarica band... Fuck them... Metallica are dead...

  29. Ridz Azuerai MediAEvent

    I can feel Ecstacy Of Gold there.. great cover!

  30. LogicalUpload


  31. David Tutssel

    Even lars couldn't ruin this one


    Idk, those fills didn't cut it for me

  32. Carmona Crafts

    They still sounds AWESOME!

  33. Esteban Carballo

    I never heard this before, and also did not know it is a cover song from Deep Purple, I like the song, kind of sad but the bluesy sound is cool

  34. Alex Kessel

    Super.... Different...Deep Purple..y big sentiment. ...and memory...but... Metallica... amazing.

  35. RoseGold Lari

    james sings with auto-tune?!?!?! what's next? metallica doing a trap song?

    Sam Peake

    I don't hear any auto tune

    Mohamad Shaxi

    There’s no auto-tune. You’re just deaf!

  36. Patrizio babalini

    Merda allo stato puro

  37. Vural Baba

    I'm sorry but i don't think a blind man can cries with this cover.

    RoseGold Lari

    anyone would cry from this horrible cover

    fitt Rege

    Supposed to be a very sad song. They blew it.

  38. Axxem

    I actually kind of like this more than the original


  39. Juan Antonio Jaschack

    To all of the Metallica & Lady Gaga Fans that said this cover is great. You should hear Ian Gillian and Friends singing this song.

    You are 100 percent dazzled with the comercial flashes that put Metallica where musically does not belong.

    Henry Noone

    And justin bieber's fan as well.

    Octavio Borri

    "You are 100 percent dazzled with the comercial flashes that put Metallica where musically does not belong." Juan antonio, have u ever heard metallica?

  40. PinkFloydiano SC

    Puta som mas com uma bateria peasima.

  41. DJ Hobby

    This is so fucking good. Slow boil to start, set the scene with some of the best mellow Kirk noodles ever and some spot on drumming.Play with that goodness for a few minutes. Then the turbo kicks in around the 3 minute mark and METALLICA fucking shreds this song. The drums, the bass, the rhythm guitar, the whole fucking band kills it! The power of the ending gives me goose bumps. Some of the best Metallica ever!

  42. yadig jamesgang


  43. tasos vougiatzis

    Metallica its time to retire
    Its sad

    Nate Fontana

    tasos vougiatzis Huh?

  44. Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    I remember when these guys used to record amazing covers. Now the vocals always sound like Hetfield's doing a Glenn Danzig impression as a joke. And don't even get me started on the drumming.

    nikos cholopoulos

    I suggest you hear Ronnie Rising Medley cover to check whether Hetfield can still sing or not

    Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    @nikos cholopoulos it's called "studio magic"

    nikos cholopoulos

    @Mauricio Hernández Díaz in the same was studio magic back in the day as well..when they released those amazing covers as u said

    Sathish GH

    At Mauricio hemàndez - I found your same comment (Copy/Pasted) in another youtube video LOL!!! I was amazed !!!!

    Sam Greenwood

    Mauricio is just taking the piss, he is just upset because he cant notice good music, it doesnt matter how you sound, as long as you have emotion in the way you sing.

  45. Jerry Lopez

    No doubt the Deep Purple original is so much better but this is a worthy effort from everyone except Lars. A true narcissist Lars is! Dude, let us hear Trujillo's bass please???? It's one of the reasons why Jason dumped Metallica! Lesson not learned. Turn your overplayed drums down dammit.


    Problem with this comment:
    Yes, Lars' drums is played loud in this song, but it really isn't his fault. Remember, the people who produce the drums are idiots, look what they did to DM or St. Anger. They both had really good songs, but the production was awful. Thankfully the drums sound way better and cleaner then both of those albums. If you're deaf enough to not hear Trujillo's bass, then sorry but you may need to check your ears, or you just have the volume way too low. I can hear it perfectly fine, it's loud as it can get. This isn't death magnetic or AFJA where you really can't hear the bass only except really really small parts. They fixed the bass here, and you can hear it. Also, Jason didn't dump Metallica. He wanted to leave, not dump the band itself. He even said it himself it was hard for him to walk out that door.


    Jerry Lopez what? the bass is very audible lol get some better headphones or speakers. Drums are loud but that’s just metallicas sound

  46. Paulina Antone


  47. Раиль Абдулганиев

    how bad lars plays

  48. lukat93

    Yuck. Better let madonna sing

  49. Alessandro Oliveira

    Bateria péssima. Mas o resto ficou bom

  50. Stevie James

    Sorry Metallica but this is dreadful on every level, you absolutely destroyed a classic. Deep purple man, some things should be left well alone and this is one of those things.

    Ps. Lars man, have the good grace to admit you lost interest in playing drums nearly 30 years ago and leave them alone, its embarrassing. Please!

  51. Vedder Vett

    If you're leaving, close the door
    I'm not expecting people anymore
    Hear me grieving, I'm lying on the floor
    Whether I'm drunk or dead I really ain't too sure
    I'm a blind man
    I'm a blind man
    And my world is pale
    When a blind man cries
    Lord, you know there ain't no sadder tale
    Had a friend once, in a room
    Had a good time but it ended much too soon
    In a cold month, in that room
    We found a reason for the things we had to do
    I'm a blind man
    I'm a blind man
    Now my room is cold
    When a blind man cries
    Lord, you know he feels it from his soul

    Nancy Righetti

    Awesome never heard this song before

  52. Eme Cba

    Como se me pasó esta canción? Que cover! excelente version, la voz de Hetfield es hermosa en esta version

  53. xcyclone51

    This cover is so underrated... I love Hetfield’s voice in this one.

    Mauricio Hernández Díaz

    You must be tone deaf.

    Robert Williams

    It's good, but the vocals are better are the original.

    Mr Griff

    @Mauricio Hernández Díazironic statement,clearly projecting.

    ferhato com

    @Robert Williams It's hardly possible to outmach Gillans voice

  54. gustavo marques

    It's really a good cover. In my opinion it's the best remake from Re-machined

  55. francisco questo

    Sow god reallyyyyyy

  56. nos4atu357

    Nice try

  57. Lars Xoca

    Cómo siempre Metallica haciendo lo mejor de lo mejor, sin ninguna duda van a dejar un muy buen legado

  58. Francesco

    Pretty different than what they’re known for. Still pretty fucking good not gonna lie.

  59. John Ranisonn

    som magnífico

  60. Don Octer

    kirk hizo mierda unos de los solos mas belos de este tema creado por blackmore , que se dedique otra cosa .... mierda de cancion y mierda de solo.

  61. Don Octer

    a piece of shit , fucking kirk him destroy the most beautiful solo by ritchy blackmore .... die kirk and you piece of shit solo

  62. dara zargaran

    Such a great cover

  63. bill Gabert

    Besides being a great metal band, Metallica can cover any great or average song and make it great

    THe Unforgiven

    Loverman 😍😍
    Turn the page 😍😍


    @THe Unforgiven Am I Evil.

    David Tutssel

    Fuck off it's not an 'average song' it's a fucking classic and always has been.

    Maestro Vadaak

    @David Tutssel
    "[...] can cover any great or average song [...]"

  64. Josep G.

    Despite Mr. Blackmore never likes this song, other artist have appreciated it and have put it in value

  65. Luis Ferrer

    viva metallica

  66. Luis Ferrer

    Me encanta

  67. Mert A

    If you're leaving, close the door
    Gidiyorsan, kapıyı kapat
    I'm not expecting people anymore
    Artık insanlardan bir şey beklemiyorum
    Hear me grieving, I'm lying on the flor
    Duy beni kederleniyorum, zeminde yatıyorum
    Whether I'm drunk or dead I really ain't too sure
    İçsem ya da ölsem gerçekten çok emin değilim
    I'm a blind man
    Ben kör bir adamım
    I'm a blind man
    Ben kör bir adamım
    And my world is pale
    Ve sözlerim solmuş
    When a blind man cries
    Kör bir adam ağladığında
    Lord, you know there ain't no sadder tale
    Lord, bilirsin burada daha hüzünlü bir masal olmayacak
    Had a friend once, in a room
    Bir defa bir arkadaşın olsun, bir odada
    Had a good time but it ended much too soon
    İyi zaman geçir ama sonu çok yakın olsun
    In a cold month, in that room
    Soğuk bir ayda, bu odada
    We found a reason for the things we had to do
    yapmak zorunda olduğumuz şeyler için bir sebep bulduk
    I'm a blind man
    Ben kör bir adamım
    I'm a blind man
    Ben kör bir adamım
    Now my room is cold
    Şimdi odam soğuk
    When a blind man cries
    Kör bir adam ağladığında
    Lord, you know he feels it from his soul
    Lord, bilirsin bunu ruhundan hisseder.

    try 10

    dog what the fuck

    orhan çilingiroğlu

    Im not expecting something from people dememiş direkt insanları beklemiyorum demiş

    Totally Legit

    Bazı çeviri yanlışları olsa da emek var, teşekkür ederim


    @try 10 what's your problem?

  68. anima

    Taiel puto

  69. Yes_I_Am_A_Table

    Lars is clearly overplaying in this record... that kinda throws the lyrics and music to the back side... and that's no good

  70. Alvaro Higino

    Lars messed up this song.

  71. bat trap baby

    omfg lars used a ride?????

    OC Jones

    Spooky_ bat_queen whoa that's crazy


    Have you ever listened to metallica?


    DiamondDude007 yes... he doesn’t even have a ride in his kit he only used one in the mid 90s


    @Harmonic but why listen to garbage albums


    Meh... Purple way better.

  73. Paulo Morales

    La versión de Sambora es muchísimo mejor.

    seba buffa

    Paulo Morales K

    antonio martinez

    Buena, no mejor.

  74. christopher valentino

    This cover is amazing. Especially after hearing the remake of Smoke On The Water which to me is the WORST REMAKE I’VE EVER HEARD.

  75. Davi Gomes

    Lars always spoiling the song...
    The bass what makes the difference on the verse, we can't hear

    joshua wilson

    Dude don't criticize ...lars is the best and no one can be replaced for him and also the bass is perfect and the voice is also great.... I think u have a problem with hearing.... Please consult a doctor or get good speakers... And stop bull shitting about Metallica...

    Sir SpookyBones

    @joshua wilson Lars is a great song writer but his drumming hasnt improved one bit. He should be practicing more instead of settling at average

    Salvatore Perez

    I'm pretty sure Metallica did this song with CLIFF. THEY JUST DIDN'T WANT US TO HEAR IT

  76. Gravity

    This is one of the very few times when a cover is just as good as or even better than the original.


    Nah not this time, it's great but nothing on the original. Disturbed do excellent covers, and Gary Jules' cover of mad world is better than the original but that's all I can think of from the top of my head.

    Jesse Pinkman

    the original one is much better bro.
    try listening to that again.

    Stuart Munro

    This is terrible...... screwed up this track

    fitt Rege

    Nah. Its terrible. This song is supposed to be a very sad song based on its lyric "....there ain't no sadder tale ". Metallica just fucked it up by making it sound like just another commercial song. Hate the tone of that drum.

  77. 29 Straws

    I have never heard this side of heitfeild, I love it so much

    Morgan Moses

    @YaBoi Stoky I think he deleted his own comments 😂😂

    Aug Snow

    Been out for years dude

    Samuel Mayston

    There's a bit of this Hetfield on Garage inc. on tracks like Astronomy (though I can't't remember the original artist) and Bob Seger's Turn The Page, two of my favourite Metallica songs :3
    I recommend them


    Aaron Ryan that persons a fucking idiot

    Artem Maksymenko

    @Aaron Ryan That's even better!

  78. Let It Be Known

    Feeling all gooey inside and shit

  79. Moodlonger

    Оччч хорошая тема , одна из лучших

  80. the nerdy guitarist gameing

    James is a fuckin angel

  81. Alexandre Andrade 522


  82. George Tsopotos

    At last they learnt how to cover a classic rock song,after having KILLED rainbow,Black Sabbath and Blue Oyster Cult!!!

    Nate Fontana

    They did great Sabbath covers wtf are you talking about?

  83. s_e_a_n666

    Oof hitting the feels

  84. Jake Mayfield

    This is such a good song. Metallica 4 Life!!! 🤘🏻😈

    Gesha Dimitrov

    Jake Mayfield It is a deep purple song

  85. Raymond Apodaca

    First time I heard this I just it had a good 70s vibe and feel.

    Baldur Aviation

    Because the song is from the 70's

    Angelo Kruizinga

    Deep purple

  86. I is mr teff willard da 1

    love it man

  87. robot4qbu

    amk evlatları death magnetic te niye böyle mix yapmadınız orospular

    ss d

    sakin kral

  88. Joel Marioni

    sad song

    yadig jamesgang

    Deep Purple Cover. They did it justice.