Metallica - Spit Out The Bone Lyrics

Come unto me and you will feel perfection
Come unto me and dedicate
Come unto me, you'll never feel rejection
Come unto me and terminate
Remove your heart, it's only good for bleeding
Bleeding through your fragile skin
Remove your thought cause it's only for deceiving
Deceiving thoughts destroy within
Disappear like man was never here

Long live machine
The future supreme
Man overthrown
Spit out the bone

Plug into me I guarantee devotion
Plug into me and dedicate
Plug into me and I'll save you from emotion
Plug into me and terminate
Accelerate, Utopian solution
Finally cure the Earth of man
Exterminate, speeding up the evolution
Set on course a master plan
Reinvent the earth inhabitant

Long live machine
The future supreme
Man overthrown
Spit out the bone

The flesh betrays the flesh
Your man has had his time
We lay him down to rest
Machined the new divine

Stop breathing
And dedicate to me
Stop dreaming
And terminate for me
All meaning
You dedicate to me
All feelings
You terminate for me

Disappear like man was never here

Long live machine
Our future supreme
Your man overthrown
Spit out the bone, yeah

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Metallica Spit Out The Bone Comments
  1. Toxic Lucidity


  2. hershysquirts187

    This song rips

  3. ben eadie

    i won’t even ask what they were thinking with these hardwired videos

  4. jesedg

    Canibbal Courpse´s Scene

  5. Curtis Boisjolie

    Right on! sounds like metal 👌!thanks again for putting out something everybody's been waiting for 🤘.silly video though.its like that horrible Ozzy video LOL

  6. Nuran Çakır

    Coronaaaaa 💀

    Toxic Lucidity


  7. Burpo Stockings

    Me over the past 10 years: Metallica isnt even metal anymore...

    Me now:

  8. Beth Ternes


  9. Stormer 757

    if spit out the bone was on st anger...

  10. Jazen Williams

    better graphics then RDR2

  11. Adrian Martinez

    Metallica tiene videos donde aparecen virus y guerras al mismo tiempo y es lo que está pasando en este momento con la guerra y el coronavirus

  12. Wolf Greyhound

    Spit out the Bone has the same vibe as Damage, Inc.

  13. tyler watson

    It's like the drummer only knows one beat the whole album

  14. Lieutenant Nomad

    3:52 The Last Jedi (2017)

  15. Loren Chinn

    The drum track overpowers majority of the track.

  16. ͔.

    when your dog starts eating a bone

  17. Nicolas Nuñez

    Hetfield Master Riff

  18. Cartney84 Ian

    Metallica megadeath version lol

  19. Kwee XuanYuanYi


  20. Willgregg10

    Come unto me, you’ll never feel reject Shaun!

  21. Joseph Lewis

    That lady clapped those guards tho.

  22. Noodles_

    Never stoped listening to this song ever since it’s release. When you think Metallica has done it all, they come up with a masterpiece like this.

  23. MokkaCicc 4.0

    *Metallica and terminator crossover comfirmed*

  24. truewolf

    best on the album

  25. Инквизитор Project

    Mmmm.... red KKK?

  26. Rafael Prados Barbosa

    6:36 ''We are Borg. Prepare to be assimilatad. Resistence is futile.''

  27. Francisco Ochoa

    Check the meatmen....I'm gonna f u up song

  28. Anibal Avelar

    The red soldiers look like Imperial Guards from Star Wars

  29. Anmo Sakra

    It's probably the best song Metallica has released since the fucking Black Album. It's perfect from strat to finish. THIS IS FUCKING THRASH!!!

  30. Marcos Vinicius

    This Song is a fucking Masterpiece!!!!

  31. Marcos Vinicius

    Greatest of the albun!!!!

  32. papas fritas

    Soy el primer comentario en español 2020 cuántos Metallica familly presente 👍

  33. Fahd Raza

    now thats what i missed about you guys, thank you for being back..!

  34. Kenn ich

    Can anyone tell me about some Metallica songs that are close to the style they used in this? Thanks

    Másto Trawle

    All nightmare long is very similar to this song, fast and very good video


    Songs which are structurally equal or close to this,
    Battery(it's just very focking vast),
    -Dyers Eve,
    And Justice For All (this song is a bit slower though, still one of my fav)
    -All Nightmare long,
    -The End Of The Line,
    -The Judas Kiss,
    Helpless(a cover from Diamond Head)
    -Hate Train and
    -Rebel Of Babylon

    But really Spit Out The Bone is a song Metallica has never really done before. They have never really done anything like this so all the songs mentioned above are the CLOSEST to this song that I could find. Overall Death Magentic is underrated as most songs closest to Spit Out The Bone come from there. Just amazing song writing with lesser production sadly.
    Still 100% worth checking these songs out. Overall the songs with a - sign in front of them are the closest to this.

  35. Thomas McCarthy

    Better than the fight scenes in the new Star wars films

  36. elfo

    I wonder why the word "terminate" appears so often in this song

  37. Mandy Style

    Good faster heavy metal. Metallica is ready defeat Slipnot to faster metal.But this good song for Metallica in 2020🏞🏞☠☠☠

  38. J DH

    Este es vídeo es mejor que muchas películas de ciencia ficción que he visto :) i like it

  39. Dennis Brown

    Lars is still trash. I mean listen to that kick it’s ridiculous. He’s trying so hard on this album and it still sounds like garbage. The kick also sounds like the metronome track you lay down your other tracks too.

  40. Tears of Finality

    This is a good song live.

  41. MoltenCheese

    Is this the same place as Megadeth's Dystopia?


    Spit Out The Bone is measured at 168 bpm and Dystopia at 173.
    So It's almost the same pace


    @Toostig Oh no I meant the setting. the music videos look surprisingly similar.


    @MoltenCheese I read pace lmao
    My bad

  42. Jon Cleary

    4:17 gold. Metallica perfected

  43. Batu Certel

    1:36 Dr. Skull - Way Home

  44. J.B. Rios

    When skynet goes live

  45. JeSler GaRcia

    New world order ?

    Novus ordo seclorum!

  46. Matteo Marcato

    I can t believe that after soo many years they still making me handbang like a motherfuker!

    Matteo Marcato

    ahahah HEAD BANG....

  47. SupIt'sAshleigh

    5:03 - 5:44 Metallica meets Pantera

    Arian Serrano

    Lol true

  48. Patrick Handford

    Kept you waiting huh

  49. shanon klinger

    I hear some ST Anger in this

  50. NyBSfP —

    Mechanix before Four Horsemen
    Dystopia before Spit Out the Bone

  51. Ewan McInerney

    Long live machine!
    The future supreme!
    Man overthrown!

    Kirk lose his phone

  52. Sky 117

    This reminds me so much of megadeths dystopia music video

  53. zpardus

    As afraid as we are of self-upgrading machines surpassing us...
    is as afraid machines should be of self-gene-modding humans surpassing them.

  54. _Super_Retro_

    Whats crazy is what if machines really do take over , and this ends up being their National Anthem.

  55. Testere Necmi

    3:57 BEST

    Wonky Wallanby

    Fuckin boring. I'd rather watch paint dry.

  56. Saúl Ben Mohamed

    Spit out the bone:*Does a representation of a some kind of war*
    2020:*Probably happens a WW3*
    Me:I'm so fucking scared right now..

    Tim Mackie

    Saúl Ben Mohamed Did Trump (or the Iranian president) see this video and get ideas?

  57. Montana The Redneck

    Oh my god no one gives a fuck about raid fucking shadow legends. God damn

  58. Dorrian Stone

    I gotta say, I haven’t bought a Metallica album since The Black Album ended my relationship with new Metallica, But this is a solid tune.

    Wonky Wallanby

    I gotta say I haven't bought a Metallica album. At least this shit is better than master of puppets.


    @Wonky Wallanby Hold up

  59. L210 EPSON


  60. john hynes

    Best part was the huge red guy miming... Why did they show so little of him?

  61. noob killer

    3:56 shit looks like star wars

  62. john gillespie

    mediiocre nonsense.


    You have no taste nor knowledge about this so it seems lmao

    john gillespie

    @Toostig My big three are Slayer, Anthrax, And the Cavalera Brothers ( who really make it the BIG 5 For the immense amount of REAL METAL they've put out. ) . All still METAL\m/ I played tuba in my high school marching band. I partied with Robert in San Antonio at Ozzfest , awesome bassist. He shouldn't be playin' stupid songs about being afraid to go sleep. OO spooky! Whining about getting hard looks from people in cafes. Any band that has to resosrt to covers is done. I HATE BOB SEEGER AND SUCKTALICA!


    @john gillespie Jup indeed, cringe


    @john gillespie No pfp, no opinion.

  63. Revol. Nona

    It, they, won't. Man too precious. Not the bad stuff though 1🤺0

  64. BazzaMcgee

    This song is just amazing. Reminds me a lot of Master of Puppets. But the thing I love the most about this song is at 4:19, this part just gives me chills man.

  65. Snail Down

    This is what happens when we allow karate in the pit people

  66. Sarahi Gonzalez

    2020 :))

  67. Orion Aster

    We need a new album! Full album with all thrash songs!!!

  68. Kalil

    tr00 Fans: Metallica's not Thrash anymore
    Metallica: Hold My Beer

    Wonky Wallanby

    Hold my latte more like, this is milquetoast as shit.

  69. Chase Ashton

    Lars must have been plugged into a BATTERY (hehe)

  70. Jorge Zamora

    Robot god is fucking badass

  71. Zack the Great Drummer

    Once my friend was on the phone to much so I said man overthrown, PUT DOWN THE PHONE

  72. DeivisonNox

    All Nightmare Along Part II

  73. Robert Berlettano

    The drum.intro bit sounds like darkness imprisoning me ..all that I see .....!!!!. ..similar to ONE !

  74. Willgregg10

    Why is this song considered underrated? It’s the song on Hardwired.

  75. Yeeet Kings

    put at 2x speed sounds like death metal

  76. Ewan McInerney

    I love how the guy who gets zapped is actually called "Poor Bastard Who Gets Zapped" in the description.

  77. Zack the Great Drummer

    Fav mettallica song

  78. Ronaldo Thomé Júnior

    Rolling Stone: All Too Well is the music of the decade.
    Metallica: Hold my beer, man!

  79. Jse contractors Inc.

    This is the Metallica I used to know. that got my blood pumping.

  80. Denison Phillips

    Is this video clip a piss take of megadeths animation from the threat is real they they released a little earlier in the year. If so I don't think it worked! Its pretty crap .

    Gnome de Plume

    Shitty take bro

  81. Anna Lewis

    🤟🤟🤟🤟😝😝😝😝😝ROCK ON!!

  82. Anomitro Bhowmik

    Cant help but think that is song has a Blackened vibe to it

  83. The maximum predator fans

    Wwe 2k19???

  84. LEO420

    That’s the same bridge from dystopia

  85. Андрей Андрюшин


  86. P Sample

    Play this song on 2x speed, its great.

  87. Luke Robinett

    A Metallica song so great it makes up for Load, Reload and St. Anger. LOL

  88. bschery

    My favourite song of the entire album.

  89. MTZC guitar

    *Mom can we have 80's metallica?*

    Mom: no we have 80's metallica at home.

    80's metallica at home:


    The thing that was forced to turn into a song

  91. mvp bahtiar

    Put it on 2x and Jesus like a mg42 and they say that Lars is bad at drums

  92. Nikola Jovanovic

    This is what happens when Snake Plissken get in Matrix!

  93. NaRuToLD 93

    5:21 Epic Headbanging

  94. GNRIsMyReligion

    this video is the metallica version of dystopia and also lars commited suicide to his drum set


    oh fuck this sounds like if The Four Horsemen was made on Hardwired

  95. Adam Jamka

    can we have just good old music vids in the style of "One" rather than these hollywood copy paste bad edited and bad directed story videos come on man

    Gnome de Plume

    Cry more


    I think they could have taken this video to another level if they would have used some known relevant actors......🤔 Next time!

    (I know everyone's a critic)

    Song Rules! ☠