Metallica - Remember Tomorrow Lyrics

Unchain the colours before my eyes,
Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies.
Scan the horizon, the clouds take me higher,
I shall return from out of the fire.

Tears for remembrance, and tears for joy,
Tears for somebody not this lonely boy.
Out in the madness, the all seeing eye,
Flickers above us, to light up the sky.

Unchain the colours before my eyes,
Yesterday's sorrows, tomorrow's white lies.
Scan the horizon, the clouds lift me higher,
I shall return from out of the fire.

Fire, fire, fire, fire

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Metallica Remember Tomorrow Comments
  1. HALİL

    Lars abi biraz lüzümsuz ataklar kullanmış ama olsun Metallica candır, güzel cover.

  2. Πέτρος Φραγγόπουλος

    Maiden's is better

  3. le nem

    vive la france Λ_Λ
    ( 'ㅅ' )

  4. chris van allsburg

    Metallica’s covers are masterful

  5. Agris Alonderis

    There are only so many singers who can sing this song and until Hetfield doesn't drink his voice off (however, it would be interesting to hear him singing like Lemmy :D)

  6. Yoan Penchev

    Metallica did it better than Maiden... I LOVE both bands... but... my opinion

  7. Matheus Costa

    A versão do Maiden tava um lixo por causa do viado do Di'Anno, daí vem o Metallica e nos salva! Up the tallicas!

  8. Anna De Piano

    Acillatem snaf,ekil x siht dnab,metallicology and nothing else matters,jamz,kirk,burton,jason,lars the best of metal,the very best of the best.acillatem,metal up your ass

  9. octavio lobinho

    Uncle acid was best!
    My opnion

  10. Stat Man

    Lars really knows how to f*ck up a great song.

  11. Sigifredo Jimenez

    Fine cover of Iron Maiden

  12. Treysir Voltz

    Ckeckout godsmack doin nothin else matters

  13. David Tutssel

    Another song ruined by lars

  14. Eridania Alvarez De Los Santos

    Iron Maiden?

  15. Alessandro Orlando

    This is only shit. Di Anno with Maiden rule!

  16. Alessandro Orlando

    Metallica has only one God. The Dollar


    las 2 mejores bandas del metal , METALLICA & IRON MAIDEN !

  18. jc cloud

    No. Just ..No.

  19. Vann Jonquin

    I love Crowbar!! This old cover is timeless!!!

  20. toby 333

    80's Metallica would've done a WAY BETTER cover of this Maiden song,this fucking sucks,what the hell happened to this band they can't even do someone else's song good anymore.

  21. C P

    This song was on Maiden Heaven btw. Idk why you have hardwired cover here.

  22. Fabricio Conde

    This cover is fucking awesome, every instrument is played flawless (including the drums, you Lars haters) ,:^)#

  23. G G

    The lyrics are boring

  24. Enter Sandman

    It’s the fans who keep whining and comparing which version is the best ever. Instead, enjoy the hell out of it. Metallica has no issues covering a song to any legendary band and they did cover son many songs back in the day. When you’re humble you appreciate how others influenced you.

  25. Francisco Manjarrez

    the last "fire" scream... james fucking hetfield lml

  26. kostas kolomitroushs

    Actually it sounds like a 2016 song, except from the guitar bridge.It's Hetfield's singing and the rhythm section I think.

  27. Fabián Álvarez

    Hacen un cover y les sale mejor que la original. 🤘🏽. 🤘🏽

  28. Carlos césar Cruz Jiménez

    Que bien le salen las baladas a James Hetfield.

  29. Michael F. Bender

    Metallica needs to upload a Topic version of this song!

  30. Freak Punk Fuck Rotten

    🤘Solo METALLICA puede sacar un cover verdaderamente importante un excelente tributo a IRON MANDEN 🤘

  31. vic stesh

    3:57 the four horsemen 😂

  32. Admir Zehic

    Great cover,but orginal is little bit better

  33. Aris Gtr

    best song of album

    Enter Sandman

    Aris Gtr this is Iron Maiden’s song that Metallica covered it before their last album

  34. Larry198 c

    Valderrama! Are you related to the ex Colombian goalkeeper? 👍

  35. Liveto Fishforever

    I'm ready for another Metallica cover album

  36. Jason Barbush

    there are days when these album cover images seem like a reality like a nightmare and horror movie in real life. i'm cool with it though.

  37. Yennick Poriau

    a little too cold for me. Certainly, it is executed to perfection but the choices that have been made will never have the same quality that made this song a legend


    My complaint about it(and the other covers) is thst it misses the depth of the original. The parts where it goes pamparampamparam just blends in with the rest, while with maiden it really stuck out.

    And the bass was louder. And there were less retarded snares lol

    Enter Sandman

    Storiaron i sum it up to that you can’t stand Lars.

  38. los vlogs de T thomas

    Good iron maiden cover!!👏👏👏

  39. Lords Ulrich

    20 first seconds sound like Creeping Death

  40. Dennis Rees

    For the love of god i want to punch lars and his shitty overpowering drums this sounds like shit

  41. Robert D.

    I had NO idea this was a cover. It was one of my favorite songs from the 3-CD set I bought at Walmart 3 years ago. It just sounds like a song they'd write and perform.

    Jacob Daugherty

    Hey... It's a cover

  42. Billy The Red Knight Gamer

    Metallica doing Maiden 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  43. Logan lewis

    For all of you maiden fans out there sorry but this is a better cover

    Ben Keane

    Yeah that’s where you’re wrong buddy

  44. emil

    the only problem is drums

  45. Trenton Lambert

    ive yet to listen to this album but I just learned about this cover 3 seconds ago

  46. mohammad khalessi

    This is one of the best!

  47. Saud Ansari

    This is great ....but the original is amazing,it has an atmospheric sound that is hard to explain , that sound is unique to the whole album

  48. Carrot Queen

    Iron maiden did it better :)

  49. Bedros Gesaratsi


  50. Lord Doom

    Awesome Cover!

  51. Damien Darlington

    Great cover..... Nowhere near as good as the original though!!!

  52. Mario Kess

    Metal can never die! Ommmmmm!

  53. dangwhoa

    James needs to stop wiith load style singing

  54. Rebecca R

    Hoy adiós gordos come bollos de la ciudad.

    Rebecca R

    Otros somebody to love. Antes que se hagan ilusiones los come bollos

  55. Faith Wilds

    Been really busy last couple years...... Love the album...... I still have your 1st edition demo from elcerrito days... Glad to see you bring back the old school shit...... Bob Rock play himself out.... Glad you got someone new......

  56. Safwan Raad

    Iron Maiden❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


    EXCELLENT cover

  58. juanfrancisco guerrero bayon

    Is one more version.Say me? Nothing

  59. Let It Be Known

    An influential heavy metal band covers an influential heavy metal band

  60. Miguel Gutierrez

    Grande metallica ctm🤘🤘💀💀💀

  61. eljolto 2

    What a great way to finish their last album

  62. Housam Abbas

    sometimes cover is more powerful than original , and metallica forever

    Hussain T

    Housam Abbas
    This, but for Opeth

  63. Stu draco

    Put the IM drums back in and its a straight winner. Those guitars are great.

  64. wasiq omie

    The essence of rhythm of the original song is obliterated.


    I like this only problem is base ain't up hi enough like the original iron Maiden one but overall fucking amazing song


    I like this only problem is base ain't up hi enough like the original iron Maiden one but overall fucking amazing song

  67. Vincent Orcuilo

    Great job

  68. daniel gregory

    i think this is a mark of respect by metallica to maiden and thats that ;-)

  69. NorCalMX3

    I am a hardcore Maiden fan. I've seen 3 venues headlined by Maiden, I've been to zero Metallica concerts. I breath and die Maiden needless to say. But I must say, this cover DESTROYS the original. My only solace is the fact that it wasn't originally sung by Bruce.

  70. FccRuinedAmerica andtheentireworld

    Drums are just too much(loud and more central than they should be), and not to mention they suck anyways.

    David Tutssel

    Drums are awful.

  71. Death Loqd

    Up the irons !!!

  72. Brad Kowan

    I wish maiden would re make this song

  73. JamesLR

    metal kings covering the gods of metal \m/

  74. Pablo Leroy Jerez

    The only song, along with Lords Of Summer, that I like from this album. I hope I get to like the others someday.

  75. DaVeAhUjA

    Una chingoneria MetallicA haciendo covers! Siempre los mejora!

  76. Rubenmauricio Bastiasuribe

    LA mejor banda para hacer cover

  77. ItsDustinM8

    I hate to say it, but metallica cant be true metallica after Cliff died. Sorry guys, you guys are still one of my favorite bands but this album wasnt all that good. Spit out the bone was a masterpiece though I will say that.


    ItsDustin M8
    That song isn’t close to being a masterpiece

  78. Forest Of October

    Sorry Maiden this is the best version !!

  79. Karen Dankert

    Would be good if it was their own, but I feel it steals the mysterious sounds of the original

  80. Sandeep Ahire

    Kill the fuckin snair drum

  81. t0ko

    Bring on Garage Inc 2!

  82. Carlos Markez


  83. Michael F. Bender

    Metallica should upload this to their channel. Love this cover!!

  84. Pablo Mat Perondi

    Horrible, worst maiden cover ever

  85. The Judas Chris

    Badass \m/

  86. WarheadTV

    tbh Crowbar's version is the best one over all, but this also a very good one as well, being a more updated version

  87. Iraklis Panagiotopoulos

    Finally, my favorite song played by my favorite band.

  88. Mitchell Hogg

    Anyone who thinks this holds a candle to the origibal clearly doesn't understand music...

  89. Tormentor Flores

    Metallica shouldn't have been cover this song

  90. Kurtis Merrithew

    Don’t really like when different bands do other bands songs. But this is really good. Iron maiden is my favourite band and Metallica is my second and I love this song from both bands but hate to say Metallica dose it better. I think if this song was made for Bruce to sing it would have done better with iron maiden then what it did.

  91. Pinochet

    Iron maiden is good, but metallica is god!

    Shaggy Rogers

    Pinochet but Motörhead is alien x

  92. Jas D

    This fucking song, it’s so good

  93. ShadowZero80

    Awsome cover! Too bad the mixing/mastering suffers from 'Death Magnetic' clipping (my poor ears!).

  94. ADI MAX

    I don't know the original song but i can already tell this is way better ! :D METALLICAAAaaa !

    Jason Tracy

    Fuck no


    The best thing about covers is it exposes other bands the way a mixed tape did in the 80s. Finding new bands is easy now. Think about how slow music travelled before mp3.... Oddly Metallica tried to really screw up music sharing... Now look. Full Albums all over YouTube... Available for download anywhere

  95. Nico Braun

    A good cover, but nothing beats the original.

  96. Nikkolas Gage

    This album restored my faith in 'tallica

  97. paul molina

    Buen cover metallica 🤘🏻

  98. Gerard McElwee

    This is trash, of all of the covers I've heard of this classic (Uncle acid and the deadbeats, opeth and anthrax) metallica fucking butchered it.