Metallica - Murder One Lyrics

One crown
Shines on through the sound
One crown
Born to lose
One man
Does not give a damn
One man
No excuse

Aces wild
Aces high
All the aces
Aces 'til you die

White lines fading
The iron horse rolls on and on and on

Hear your thunder
Still feeding back
Still hear your thunder
The man in black
Born to lose
Living to win

One fist
Hammers through the mist
One fist
Steady on
One heart
Die hard from the start
One heart
Beats its song

Murder all
Murder one
Gimme murder
Second class to none

Headlights fading
The iron horse rolls on and on and on

Hear your thunder
Still feeding back
Still hear your thunder
The man in black
Born to lose
Living to win

Hear your thunder
Still feeding back
I still hear your thunder
The man in black
Born to lose
No excuse

Till the end
Been living to win
Been living to win

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Metallica Murder One Comments
  1. Pablo Rodriguez

    The king of drugs 😂😂

  2. Александр Пушкин

    Lemmy!!!!!!!!!!!!! \m/ \m/

  3. Daniel Wofford

    Funny........I used to hate this song lol


    Absolutely love Lemmy...but I've watched Metallica peter off since September 26 1986 RIP Cliff thease guys suck anymore. Just stop.

  5. Hellsing's Pyre

    If the song was faster I would be a better tribute, also more bass.

  6. omh20

    Just a question why is the song called murder one?

  7. Anand R. Misir

    For Lemmy Kilmister
    Everyone take a shot

  8. M. Cote

    Pack of cigarettes... "Lemmy seriously harms you and others around you". Epic.


    I don't even like metallica, but I love this song. If there's a God he better have Lemmy with him!

  10. Kori Hoornstra


  11. LilPucci

    I listen to this song like 10 times at the day pls tell me im not alone

  12. gamma

    4:02 I am positive that is a vag slip on the Bomb, and to be honest, that’s a cool ass design

  13. Saray Norbert

    Wouldn't say this song and video helped me with sobriety....

  14. Drew Tatum

    A level of badass unreachable by many

  15. Serhii Kazantsev

    Metallica becomed a shitty overrated band after Cliff is passed away, kinda pop whining bitches, especially Het and Lars, Jason Kirk and Rob too polite musicians for say it to them. But Lemmy was a such unappreciated hero of bass and lyrics and always get through all shit happens to him over 4 decades with honor.

  16. Milutin Boskovic

    Ok,we know how Lemmy lived,but why,why cocaine in video? promoting to childrens?

  17. Tanjil Saad

    Saw Roman Reigns playing the Bass.. 😁
    Btw, RIP Lemmy
    What A LEGEND! ❤

  18. Squall Leonheart

    I wish metallica make a next album earlier then ten years.

  19. Brandon Lam

    We love you Lemmy! 🤟

  20. Santino Miceli


  21. sinem karaca


  22. sinem karaca


  23. My favorite songs and lessons in English

    So heavy!!!

  24. kelly stone

    Don't judge my friend cliff about being a hippy. Hollywood exalted the filthy image not me. I can't stop people from becoming inspired by the look of thier favorite music. Beatles. What do they know about hippies?

    kelly stone

    Sign it in blood. I left in blood.

    kelly stone

    Now I'm speaking in tongue like that and I can't handle it. Speaking in tongues means it can go any direction. It's not some syllaballic mess that no one understands. It's obvious and everyone can understand. But...what are they thinking about? What spirit is speaking to them? To translate any message to the point.

    kelly stone

    I'm left handed 4-26. As my dad 4-19 as my grandma 4-12 or 4-4 back then birthdays weren't on your permenant record. 3 southpaws in a row all diamonds.

    kelly stone

    It's heard like a stone left upon a stone.

    kelly stone

    And your eating ink. Lean on that apple. I will be left alone.

  25. kelly stone

    Vote on it if you think you cheated the garden of Eden since the beginning and dial #1 for an exact answer at Thanksgiving.

    kelly stone

    I have some nerve changing the story into some nonsense. I like it better before. The way we shared ideas of growing corn before the Indians became mean and scalped us like....scarheads. why that nonsense? Hmmm....ticket to the show. Price was over your head. And about thier land.

    kelly stone

    Enforce that. We have our reservations about going into ingine country.

    kelly stone

    Deal with a mark on your head. Your part of us now. It was a tribal tattoo of fire.

    kelly stone

    As John Wayne said, you feelin lucky pilgrim?

    kelly stone

    It doesn't show root?

  26. Victor

    wow. a cheap animation of Lemmy on a lazy Metallica song. beautiful :')

  27. slipshodpluto

    idk why but i laughed at 4:46

  28. slipshodpluto

    0:38 pause and read the cigarette box. Badass.

  29. STREET24000

    I made a spoof of this song and instead of it being a tribute to Lemmy it’s a tribute to Michael Schumacher


    Murder one (Michael Schumacher tribute)

    One crown shines on through the sound
    One crown, born to lose
    One man does not give a damn
    One man, no excuse

    Aces wild
    Aces high
    All the aces
    Aces ‘till you die

    White lines fading
    The prancing horse rolls on and on and on
    Hear your thunder, still screaming back
    Still hear your thunder, the man in red
    Born to lose, living to win

    One fist hammers through the mist
    One fist, steady on
    One heart die hard from the start
    One car screams it’s song

    Murder all
    Murder one
    Gimme murder
    Second class to none

    V10’s fading
    The prancing horse rolls on and on and on
    Hear your thunder, still screaming back
    Still hear your thunder, the man in red
    Born to lose, living to win

    Hear your thunder, still screaming back
    I still hear your thunder, the man in red
    Born to lose, no excuse
    ‘Till the end, been living to win
    Been living to win

    just a gilf gtu dont worry

    @STREET24000 nice

  30. Neesh Pines

    Damn Robert Valley is the man

  31. Joseph Dungan

    Oh god ! Please preach to me the gospel of our lord Lemmy! For there has been no prophet before that has spoken the truth! For the grace of Jack and coke has not been shared before thy god of Lemmy thy only rock prophet of our god our savior ! All man

  32. C caf

    Video klip ayrı şarkı ayrı güzel şahane 👌\m/

  33. David Raimundo

    This animation makes me wanna do speed

  34. OldSchool Gamers

    If you are not in tears after listening to this and watching the video, and generally feeling nostalgic for Lemmy, I fucking hate you. Bless your soul Lemmy ❤️

  35. Malestre

    3:50 Cthulhu ?!



  37. mehran

    That’s why MetallicA rocks...
    This one also remains in the history...
    Get well soon James

  38. Brandon Mulnix

    It's so hard to think that this album is 3 years old

  39. Goggle Squad

    Ok I'm stoned rn so i might sound dumb, but that sounds like immigrant song at 0:50

  40. Killers Eddie

    Say what you want to about Metallica but this is pretty fucking cool of them.

  41. Laurentiu Giuroiu

    Everyone, vote daily for Motorhead to get em in Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

  42. Candra X


  43. Albert Vasu

    Murder one?? Well we can murder Justin Beaver and bring back Lemmy

  44. andre luiz

    Unfortunatly metallica its finished

  45. Karga Çavoni

    This song needs to be played live.

  46. LostOne

    Legends make a song about a legend!

  47. Marc ramos II

    call me weak,what ever you want! this almost brings me to tears!

  48. rustyknife8623

    And tell me this is not demonized yet.

    Fuck Religion

    usually Music Videos aren't getting demonized

  49. Brian Bradley

    MOTORHEAD - METALICA - FUCKING SLAYER - AND - VENOM My introduction to Metal in the early 80s.

  50. Batuhan Doğu Alkaya

    heavy as fuck !

  51. IbeAwesome

    metallica's most underrated song. It's soooo good

  52. Kevin Rinke

    Unique guitar solo on the slot machine sound!

  53. Eagle Eye

    The start sounds like old metallica


    Eagle Eye - Yeah same chords used in welcome home sanitarium and fade to black

  54. Gay and proud member.

    You know what I say ? Either you murder the one who murders all or you murder the all

  55. Frozenblitzalphagaming

    that kirk solo is fucking terrible rest was amazing i love you kirk but what you doin here brah

    D.J FSOJ

    Frozenblitzalphagaming the solo is supposed to sound like a slot machine


    @D.J FSOJ hahaha

  56. Rdvlgg rob

    0:56 led zeppelin/immigrant song

  57. Ronald Shank

    Lemmy Kilmeister-The Ultimate Legend! You can actually see a lot of his influence in and on Metallica songs, especially this one! He lived his life to the fullest, he lived it his own way, but, if you think about it, he never judged anybody for living their own life the way that they wanted to!

  58. Andrew Gribanov

    Lemmi live in our Hearts!

  59. Calvin Metzger

    It pains me to know that 2900 people dislike this video

  60. Mojghh Fgghhj


  61. JFK

    Long live Lemmy

  62. Mevlüt Yaylacı

    Siz nasıl cami bombalarsınız allahını siktiklerim


    sen ne diyon aq

    Mevlüt Yaylacı

    @Bafnas sanane yarrağın oğlu


    @Mevlüt Yaylacı yav siktir git başka tür müzik dinle sen sana metali yasaklıyorum

  63. Stan Hunter

    omg dont watch this during no nut november

  64. Feo sin gracia

    Algún latino escuchando Murder One?

    Please no me dejen solo

  65. Sam Stairn

    We love u lemmy kemister rest in peace rip

  66. idfk

    God this song is underrated.

  67. 4oKa8o

    ничто нельзя пронести сквозь века и тысячелетия, кроме искусства. музыка - самая лёгкая ноша для времени из всех видов искусства. картины ветшают. скульптуры ломаются. музыка следует за поколениями сквозь войны и репрессии невзирая ни на что.

  68. The Fake Eric Mitchell

    I wonder why they never played this song live? This song wasn't bad at all... :/

  69. Al Pacino

    Holy shit this song is pretty fire

  70. sjoerd vandeneertwegh

    The riff is kinda like the imangrant song ps great song Rip lemmy

  71. Pink Juice

    This new shit is actually really good and I like

    The Fake Eric Mitchell

    It's not really new anymore

  72. ToxiKDragon 117

    I cry with this song :'c......

  73. 471ll4 BG

    You can always learn some history from metallica

    Nik Papag

    And sabbaton

    471ll4 BG

    @Nik Papag and maiden :)

  74. Kakyoin Noriaki

    This sounds like oldschool metallica kinda, like something off of black album or maybe even ride the lightning

    The Fake Eric Mitchell

    Not Ride the Lightning..... More like Load or Reload

    don't subscribe

    No I think it sounds more like htsd

    Daniel Moeller

    I grew up with old Metallica, and even though I did like Load and ReLoad, hated St. Anger with a fucking passion, thought Death Magnetic was okay, I think this is the best song they've put out since Enter Sandman.

  75. Sara R Aparicio

    Lars face lmao 🤣🤣🤣

  76. Вадим Цветков

    Фу, какая гадость, эти метамфетамины. Опиоиды - вечны!

  77. Vladimir Kharaustenko

  78. Johl Benedict

    Awesome rip lemmy

  79. Mario The Bandicoot

    “Lemmy will always be with you”

    -Obi Wan Kenobi

  80. Mario The Bandicoot

    Don’t forget RIP Fast Eddie Clark and Phil The Animal Taylor

  81. Mario The Bandicoot

    “Remember who you are”

    - Lemmy to Metallica

  82. Mario The Bandicoot

    Lemmy = Mufasa

  83. Mario The Bandicoot

    You don’t go to see Metallica and ask the fuckers to turn the music down

  84. Mario The Bandicoot

    Pisses me off that people always shit on Metallica even when they do something purely out of kindness and generosity. Shows how ungrateful a lot of people tend to be.

  85. Mario The Bandicoot

    Lemmy loved Metallica. He/Motorhead covered Enter Sandman. The one song people call Metallica’s sellout song.

    OldSchool Gamers

    Also they covered Whiplash from Kill em All. Give it a listen, it's amazing (way better than the original)

  86. john Vat



    Coming from a guy who listens to Otilia Lmao xD

  87. Epic Leaf

    Rest In peace Lemmy.

  88. G Birdo

    Metallica’s worst song. Riff is lame. I can’t believe I’m saying that about Metallica.


    G Birdo 3:25

  89. bassist panda

    Legends supporting legends

  90. Sariefudin Hadi Wijaya

    Saya kira lemmy akan bangga akan hal ini 👍

  91. Raptin 159

    Rock on in Valhalla Lemmy

  92. anticolor

    the best of the beast

  93. Theadore Bundy

    i hate Metallica sell out,,,JK they rock lol make my baby

  94. Misirable cat thats trapped in a jar

    so this song is about lemmy right?

    The Fake Eric Mitchell

    No, its about Santa

  95. Yo Yo

    1975 HawkWind

  96. Josh Theurer

    "Not Cocaine" btw

    Doom Bee

    Josh Theurer Lemmy was anti coke and heroin fyi

  97. Feelit

    For me this song is the best one of Hardwired. The tribute to Lemmy is awesome, but the sound of this track... Damn. I keep coming back to this one and I think this will become a classic.