Metallica - I Disappear Lyrics

Hey Hey Hey
Here I go now
Here I go into new days
Hey Hey Hey
Here I go now
Here I go into new days

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer
Yeah Hey Hey Hey Yeah Yeah
Here I go into new days

Hey Hey Hey
Ain't no mercy
Ain't no mercy there for me
Hey Hey Hey
Ain't no mercy
Ain't no mercy there for me

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer
Yeah Yeah Hey, Hey no mercy
Ain't no mercy there for me

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear

Hey Hey Hey
And I went
And I went on down that road
Hey Hey Hey
And I went on
And I went on down that road

I'm pain, I'm hope, I'm suffer
Hey Hey Hey Yeah, And I went on
And I went on down that road

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear

Do you bury me when I'm gone
Do you teach me while I'm here
Just as soon as I belong
Then it's time I disappear

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Metallica I Disappear Comments
  1. Михаил Суворов

    На самолете Фред гитарист?

  2. Emperor Louis The Retard

    This song made Spotify into a Thing

  3. Cemil Özdemir

    2020 who is here..?

  4. Palie Bujang

    who still watching this in 2020?


    Love this song!

  5. cmwuscfan

    XPW anyone?

  6. Judson Christudas

    Probably my favourite Metallica song.

  7. Kenneth Ostrer

    This song is underratedaf. Loved it then love it now

  8. Trebor

    James looks so badass

  9. Bilberry Story Sketches

    Metallica Film T-Shirt

  10. EG LA32 LG/333/EXLA/JOSEPH'S

    I❤ Metallica and Warner Records . . .


    Better that anithyng drug!

  12. 3_asy_boi Reee

    Hurry mom lets get home before I miss mission impossible: metallica

  13. Carla Plazzogna

    Antonio Vidus

  14. Igor Polaj

    I love this chanel and this music

  15. Frisch Regen

    que buena esta esta cancion

  16. Noob Squad

    This is last song with Jason, it's SAAAAD BUT TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  17. Oisin Gillespie

    Cliff Burton be like:

  18. T - 800

    They should of kept james driving part till the end of the song. It's the coolest part and would go better with that part of the song.

  19. Sebastian Stefan

    3:45 the explosions are good snare sounds

  20. tab6496

    please Metallica, Disappear.

  21. pomezz

    Goddamn this song is crap! Cant really explain why I like it after all this years.

  22. Lucas G.


  23. Pacific Furious


    eli moua

    Lars jumped out of the window to try and escape his death.

  24. Naikey Reyes

    this is the song that my father plays

  25. Frisch Regen

    no toms included

  26. Natmanprime

    Greatest song and greatest video coincidentally happening at the same time

  27. ItsYaBoyKeko

    F R A T B O Y

  28. Javier Arias

    This is way older than 2006, what the fuck?

  29. thebloodhound 04

    Hmm... Yes

  30. Yrena Lantigua

    Do you thank me when I am gone?

  31. Yrena Lantigua

    Metal (iron , aluminum) my favorite construction material.

  32. Yrena Lantigua

    There is not mercy left for me

  33. Juana Badillo

    Kirk= Australia
    James = México
    Lars = Rusia
    Jason = tanzania

  34. burak ayan

    first time i listened to this song i was 12 years old, in 2006.
    this is how i became a metal head

  35. Emely Moon

    Cool song, also in 2019! Merry Christmas and a happy new Year, you out there! LG ..

  36. Niggolas Cage

    How dare you post links during lars's fall.

  37. BrunoCG

    James looks like the postal dude from Postal 2

  38. Jelo Mercado

    does this video get some idea from darude sandstorm?

  39. David Gusman


  40. Glen Doucette

    Good song

  41. Luis Callejo

    Que temazo de Metallica

  42. Daniel Palomares

    Gud naid locos .puro locos .. Yea

  43. Dystopia

    the best mission impossible song ever

  44. Goober Squad

    Dave Mustaine chasing Kirk in a airplane

  45. 1020Shane

    When im playing dead by daylight and im running Iron will, urban evasion and sprint burst

  46. Jak Mini

    hold the fuck on. why jump from the tower and that's it? THAT'S FUCKED METALLICA and corporate overlords. Just sayin. I was like yeah go go go and then he just jumps and done. wtf? f

  47. F B

    2000? I almost forgot this song. Metallica. Lol. Does anyone remember the clips that trl total request live released of this video. Fuck i am old. I remember a lot of s$$$ not a milliuemial. Never.

  48. Krzysztof Lenart

    Extremely powerful song that i listen every time with pleasure.

  49. sandra o_0


  50. Paul Navarro

    Ok I have billions of years watching this video and I realized this:

    At 3:40 Lars sees the destruction coming and starts running..

    Then not a lot later he jumps out of the window and the destruction only focalizes in the room where he was running..

    I Love Lars but I think that was karma saying" it should have been you, Lars"

    Kidding..its just piss poor effects..

    Cool vid tho except for that part..

  51. chilixification

    James is sexier than Tom Cruise

  52. Tanatta Jitpranee

    I never forget you

    Nut /thailand 21/11/2019

  53. Nurik Mamedov

    Metallica is legend!!!!!!

  54. Marcelo hack

    Bruh the english subtitles

  55. Conrad Phạm

    2:25 wait... They predicted PUBG?

  56. Luis Kern

    ...and never before or since has a band turned from being pretty decent to such a monstrous pile of laughauble crap.
    And people actually dig this bullshit.


  57. Ing. Daniel Canro

    An outstanding hit should never be forgotten! Awesome #Metallica

  58. Mario Xavier Morales Betancourt

    19 years for fuck’s sake.

  59. Diego Calero

    This band laughs!!!!

  60. Mike Buck


  61. Josef Swann

    Kinda sounds like "fix" by static x. The riff

  62. Nic Digby-Rogers

    What did James Hetfield say when his character died in Overwatch?

    Hey, hey, heyyy, ain't no Mercy. Ain't no Mercy there for me.

  63. Max Soroka

    Old good times

  64. Ryan Kaylor

    Love this song with the video...I can relate to every one of their torments

  65. Robert Sanders

    Mission impossible 2 brought me here.

  66. burak ayan

    master piece

  67. Armando Sanchez


  68. Armando Sanchez

    Arizona -.Utah

  69. Praveesh Prassannan

    James is voice is amazing

    Emely Moon

    Yes, I see that as well...!!! \m/

  70. SuicidalGrind

    If Jimi Hendrix was alive today this is what his music would sound like.

  71. Ruben Mineiro

    The funny thing is that I come often to listen this song when I have suicidal thoughts, and actually manages to keep them at bay for a while...


    I do that too, I don't know how but it helps

  72. Lovro Barbir

    1:11 Risotto, you defeat Boss while nobody had clue who he really is...
    Can't escape Aerosmith i guess

  73. jake malinak

    great times back then. listeneing to rock and metal, playing tony hawk, hanging out with Friends. love it.

  74. Mike guyver

    Fat Albert brought me here. Hey, hey, hey........

  75. Francisco Alonso

    Great times those! Please Metallica, come back to that rock style, like the album load. regards

  76. y e e t

    Lars' face just says

  77. russell zauner

    So you're telling me you're surprised that Metallica basically got raptured off to Tom Cruise special jam location.

  78. red dragon


  79. Josh Thornton

    James looks like he smells like shit

  80. Andrew Mann

    Post 80s metallica is all garbage. There was so much better metal and hard rock than this shit. They should have stuck to what made them original, than trying to make these radio hits. This is almost backstreet boys levels of cringe. Whats with they "heyheyhey" thing. Totally wack

  81. Jorge House

    This is the first sobg of Metallica that I listened to 19 years ago


    I guess...Metallica need a new drummer now 🤣

  83. Mikael Dume

    Tom Cruise In This Bitch

  84. Cat Failla

    I was on a flight coming back from Germany in 2000 and this song was on the planes music 'loop' ... I knew all the words by the time that flight was over.

  85. very droll

    A perfectly constructed metallic rock song. One song where they outdid the one band they said they felt were a notch or two above metallica songwriting wise: AIC

  86. Breysler Plata gomez

    Ese es el fin.

  87. Breysler Plata gomez

    Los códigos después de hay todo.

  88. Ivana Papić

    Anyone 2020? Hey, hey, hey.. ☻

  89. Dora_ puteshestveniza

    Who from 2019?

  90. Bgmn 69

    James looks P.C Principal in this vid 😂

  91. Bad Disturb

    Who listen to this 2019 I am I have always loved this song

    H Martinez

    Yeah actually I had forgotten about this song for many years and now Im in love again, Im playing it about 30 times a day... this is one of the songs for which I became a Metallica fan

    Bad Disturb

    @H Martinez same here I had this song stuck in my head I had to listen to it

    Spence Rides

    Sick song

  92. Nathaniel Ivey

    it has been 10 years ago today since the video has been uploaded to Youtube, still amazing \m/

  93. Your Tough Daddy

    Bong Da City puzzle

  94. nakamine1713

    They turned into faggots after the hair cuts, lol. Just listen to the lyrics.....sell outs

  95. TetrisShark70

    Fun fact: this song leaked on Napster before Metallica released it and that was one of the main reasons they sued the website.

    Stoyan Dimitrov

    @dale like Fucking amazing comment

    Emperor Louis The Retard

    And made Spotify into a thing

    Paul Den

    Free Napster was cooler than Metallica

    Eric Bussa

    @Paul Den eh...let's agree to disagree

    Paul Den

    @Eric Bussa

  96. Hero Jellyz9

    0:39 - 0:46
    That 7 seconds of the song
    Subtitles: Hey Raghu Owens Udipi me

    creeps the thing

    this needs more likes