Metallica - Human Lyrics

Don't you leave me, Father Time
Take me with you
Tell me, does your sun still shine?
Come squeeze the world and drip it down my throat again
Down my throat again... woooah

You got to breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for Air
Breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for Air

Touch me so I think I'm here
Skin my senses
Barely breathing
Minus Human
Please squeeze the world and drip it down my throat again
Down my throat again... woooah

You got to breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for Air
Breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for Air

You got to breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for Air
Breathe, man, breathe!
Coming up for!

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Metallica Human Comments
  1. Lara Roncato

    just tattoed this song, love it, so underrated tho

  2. Daniel Moraes

    Cadê o menino Luquinha????

  3. Gabriel chapel

    cruz and credo, chega arrepia bicho!!!

  4. Redstache Zach


  5. Βασίλης Δημούσης

    Fuck this song gives me better goosebumps even than master of puppets

  6. heathenbreathinfire

    One of my all time regrets for concerts never seen is definitely this one!! Similarly: Cliff Burtons era (though I was too young unfortunately), and Layne Staley Alice in Chains.

  7. Nico 01

    One of the best performance in heavy metal history

  8. A Y

    The best frontman ever. No one even come close.

  9. Minecrafter202

    I was honestly super bummed they didn’t play this again at S&M2

  10. Περικλής Σίμος

    Jason's playing with his fingers. Rare moment

  11. Michael Gedies

    Man James is incredible in this bit...

  12. Rick Grimes S5

    Shame this song wasn't played on S&M2!!!!!

  13. Mariano Sinito

    Always loved Minus Human waaaaay more than No Leaf Clover.
    So heavy and dark, James really killed it on the vocals too, though No Leaf Clover's lyrics send shivers down anyone's spine.

  14. fokktor

    The biggest sin of Metallica is to leave the best version of a song out of the album.

  15. borodiss

    Ah, Minus Human, also know as "Thorn Within but very angry"

  16. Pubtomfoolery

    Who else is prepping themselves for S&M2??

  17. SatanicalEve

    According to Jason this song was a tribute to Kyuss and Fu Manchu

  18. Mr. Vega

    should've been played at S&M 2

  19. Stanzb

    I was really hoping they would play this at s&m2 but they didn’t, hopefully they play it at the second performance

  20. Misha Stone

    Rest In peace Michael Kamen.

  21. Antonio Carrasco Martínez

    1:53 autohet

  22. Antonio Carrasco Martínez

    so gr00ve mAN

  23. OneDayOfPiece

    Let's all hope this gets played Friday and Sunday 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  24. Rodrigo Cassimiro Scheidegger

    Essa música é foda demias Metallica é foda

  25. mazscsu

    That is one hell of a killer groove that Lars laid down here!

  26. xGerman10x

    The intro is too much for my body.

  27. Erhan Gökmen

    Looks like strings players very happy with Metal band. 😃 I am waiting impatiently to S&M2 😉

  28. Michał Adamczyk

    Wonder if all other instruments were tuned in drop as well.

  29. Oguzhan Sari

    this is the best of best start of a metallica song

  30. Ryan King

    Back when Metallica was heavy

  31. Max Lu

    Metallica’s always been good at the slow, heavy asf, chugging riffs

  32. Christian Tims

    One of my favorite tallica songs- so underrated.

  33. Li Designer

    OMG JASON !!! VOCALS 2:15 A W E S O M E

  34. Guitaripod

    Sad but true 2 🔥

  35. Ayman Hazim

    thats where Dream theater took their riffs lol


    I don't know what you're talking about

    _stares nervously at the Dark Eternal Night outro riff_

  36. Unheard Official Chanel

    What is the tempo of this song ?

    Unheard Official Chanel

    @A_Beluga Whale thanks.🤘🤘🤘

  37. baronffreak


  38. Whisky Warlord

    Forget about all the others, *THIS* is the *most* underrated Metallica song.

  39. Neptuna

    Most underrated metallica song ever, change my mind

  40. AJ John

    James looks so young omg!!! They all look so young wow!

  41. Nicklas Denhus

    The best of the short numbers.😉

  42. Aussie Metal Garage

    You know why they dont play this song anymore live? Because of all the fuckwits that bitched and moaned how the S&M album sucks thats why

    A_Beluga Whale

    no its probably because the songs sound relies so heavily on the orchestra


    @A_Beluga Whale I believe the same. Hopefully we get to hear this song again this weekend 🤘🤘

    A_Beluga Whale

    OneDayOfPiece I agree it’s one of my favorites

  43. Ramses Bruy perez

    Orchestral death metal

  44. Andy Godin

    very very cool words. Actually this is the tragedy of all the times and all the ages.... Unfurtenatelly. But still life's going, right Het ;^)

  45. Trio Fantastico

    Its coming back babyyy!

  46. said aliyoon

    You got to breathe man, breathe
    Coming up for air
    You got "Tabriz" man, breathe
    Coming up for air
    Love from Tabriz, Azerbaijan, Iran

  47. rockstar450

    That riff is fucking FAT!

  48. Alexander Ip

    Anyone from Stickdeath Sticktallica

  49. reza panda

    I wish james still had this voice , damn ...

  50. Aino Bredtved

    I LOVE this song

  51. jimmie anguiano

    This album came out 20 yrs ago. Metallics a S&M

  52. Luis Triviño

    JASON :)

  53. Mark Thomaidis

    The distortion guitar entry at 31.5 seconds......I just cant get enough of it....

  54. Layne Barger

    JASON!!! 🤘🤘🤘

    Jason king

    Dude you alllwyas comment!

  55. Denzel Fordham

    Check out my cover of this 🤟🏿

  56. Joseph Rose

    We are brothers Timey, -Timey, Timey, And You Shall, not, not , Shall not Pass, The Lendgend of Sleepy hollow.

  57. Adrian Gwozdz

    Magnificent entrance of Jason !!!

  58. Andy Werner

    Was all about having fun hanging out

  59. rvsaraiva

    This song is the epitome of heavy doesn't always need to be fast!!!

  60. Nelson Perez


  61. Perkele

    Jason's vocals are fucking epic

  62. TyDie85

    Damn I miss jason's backing vocals. He was a perfect match for Hetfield as far as I'm concerned.


    it's a shame that he doesn't continue with his solo project. Had a lot of potencial ;-)

  63. kill joy

    Was this song ever played live again?

  64. Bedo Calaway

    Jason's smile at the end just like mine when the song ended 😍😂

  65. MalpacaMusic _

    anyone else think this song has such a black album vibe?

  66. Petr Havlát

    underrated zet perfect

  67. sonzato

    Guys....1.25x Speed....

    Mark Thomaidis

    Nope, love it at normal speed.

    Red Rooster

    It makes the dam that river of alice in chains lol

  68. Gary V

    What if I told you -Huaman was better than No Leaf Cloverf..... (he died)

  69. Thot Slayer

    This song reminds me of Load's Ronnie, also underrated

    Егор Алексеев

    It feels this way because of wah-alike effect on voice and trembling giutar. Sounds great

  70. jaymz

    this is so heavy

  71. Sázhe M. Epifanne

    Great song

  72. Yasin Yiğit

    Damn Jason's vocals dude. masterpiece...

  73. dodgeman250

    Its too bad jason left after s&m, I think they wouldnt have ever put out st anger.

  74. timothy Franche

    Planning to do a cover of the intro of this oin garage band app .. Gl to e

  75. kostas konstantakis

    Way better than No leaf Clover....

  76. SheenaMurrayVEVO

    1:04 - Right....what comes next.....hmmm, keep playing this power chord over and over

  77. Andy Werner

    The concert was all about having fun with it .... good video

  78. mariela de cuba


  79. Andy Werner

    Music wise the concert I think was about everyone having fun with it ..... sorry not good at explaining things ..

  80. tea virus

    now dat Jason's backvocal... that's the spirit


    Doo doo doo doo doo.....BWAAH!

  82. Ruben ASDF


    Don't you leave me Father Time
    Take me with you
    Tell me does your sun still shine
    Come squeeze the world and drip it down my throat...oh yeah
    Down my throat again....woooah

    You got to breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for Air
    Breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for Air

    Touch me so I think I'm here
    Skin my senses
    Barely breathing
    Minus Human
    Please squeeze the world and drip it down my throat again
    Down my throat again.....woooah

    You got to breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for Air
    Breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for Air

    You got to breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for Air
    Breathe man, breathe!
    Coming up for!

  83. Serious Arrr

    This can leave dream no more to the dust..

  84. Sean Prevatt

    THIS shit is heavy metal

  85. Ștefan Dobre

    Does anyone know the meaning of the lyrics? Or, at least, what you think it's all about?

    Michael Rigney

    Ștefan Dobre First verse: Sounds like a guy on his deathbed
    Chorus 1: Bedside care telling guy to relax
    Verse 2: Guy enters afterlife and pleas with someone for universal knowledge
    Chorus 2&3: Someone who was already in afterlife (maybe God?) telling Guy to relax
    Very basic take but that's what i got. Weird how listening to a song you liked as a kid will give you a different mental depiction later in life.

  86. Guilherme De Melo Nunes


  87. Peter Grundy

    what happened to this song?

  88. Shane Bryan

    How I wish they had followed through with the kind of songs like this No Leaf Clover and even I Disappear instead of St Anger big change in sound and quality of the songs in my opinion. Bring on the hate!

    Max Otto

    Shane Bryan

    That isn’t an unpopular oppinion.

    Some songs on st anger were salvageable.

    Namely the title track and some kind of monster.

    Could have gone into a new album along with this, no leaf and disappear

    Егор Алексеев

    It would have been manured much more than st anger was. I disappear and no leaf clover consist of way more pop sound that previous albums (load and reload) which are thought to be the most mainstream lps of all Metallica discography. They would have definitely got more popularity than they have now but it would be a profit for a METAL band

  89. lambo2208

    Awesome song!!!

  90. Farty

    Its just called Human. Not minus human lol


    But it's more fun to call it "Minus Human". :)

  91. DoctorWoohoo

    0:41, 0:48 & 0:57.
    I just love seeing how much the symphony players, all seasoned musicians, were enjoying all the Metalli-chugging. Warms the pitch-black cockles of my glacial heart.
    Thank you, Micheal Kamen.

    Luis Segura

    1:52 the Timbal guy it's really into their moment


    @Luis Segura I died with this comment HAHAHAHA

    Joshua Cooney

    They're doing it again!!!!


    Ecstasy of gold with Ennio Morricone 🤤

  92. A340/330

    nasty and naughty riffs coupled with heaviness , i can relate that is so Metallica

  93. james ellen

    so fucking heavy and dark as hell

    Digital Surfer

    Actually it's the heaviest 'tallica shit. That and The Thing That Should Not Be.

  94. miguel cardona

    i have the cd of this concert c:

  95. Carlos ernesto León aguilar

    nothing else matters

  96. Coltallic

    Imagine Seattle '89 James singing this...

    Lars's Wig

    Give my ovaries a break man. They're already overstimulated by the James shown in this video.

    H. E. M.

    Nah I like his mature voice here. His 89 wouldn’t match up well.

    Jake Figge

    Nah, this James is better.

  97. Batu Certel

    2:20 that smile... going with busses you know the stories man

  98. HeavyRaiden

    This was supossed to be in St. Anger, but it seems that it wasnt.

  99. ScaryBarry

    A band needs to do a cover of this without the orchestra.

  100. Pickle Barrel

    i love rob but jason had the emotion and vocals

    Richard Camps

    Pickle Barrel agree with you all the way.

    B C 08

    Jason's vocals sucked, guy. always did

    The Good Guy

    Lol. Compared to Rob’s utter shit...