Metallica - Am I Savage? Lyrics

Run away, the past will bite again
No matter where you dwell
Here again, a captive of the howl
Welcome back to hell

Faithful, as the full moon is rising
Beauty and the Beast are colliding

Sharpened edge touch liquid flame
Deepened seed soaks angers reign
Arching back, shape-shift derange
Father, how I watched you change

Am I savage?
Scratching at the door
Am I savage?
I don't recognize you anymore

Tooth is fang, twisting under skin
Foul tongue, black breath
Snap inside, the Beast about complete
Soon infects the rest

Faithful, as the full moon is rising
Beauty and the Beast are colliding

Sharpened edge touch liquid flame
Deepened seed soaks angers reign
Arching back, shape-shift derange
Father, how I watched you change

Am I savage?
Howling at the door
Am I savage?
I don't recognize you anymore

Inheritance, the past has bit again
The next heir of anarchy
Stretching skin so far beyond belief
I feel,
The ever changing, you, in me

Am I savage?
Scratching at the door
Am I savage?
Howling evermore
Am I savage?
I don't recognize me anymore

Anymore, ha ha ha
Am I savage?

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Metallica Am I Savage? Comments
  1. Wolfof Anarky

    Am I Savage?
    No James you are table.

  2. Andy Godin

    Adam Savage?

  3. Kirk Wah pedal


    How to basic irl

  4. Fahd Raza

    great tone.. loved it, and again very true picture of our lives . thank you guys

  5. jaymz

    this song is so underrated

  6. Alan Lloyd

    This song is definitely one of the better songs on an agonizingly average album.

  7. Alan Lloyd

    The chorus chord sequence is one of the highlights of the album called "Hardwired....... So what?"

  8. Alan Lloyd

    Is this a sequel to "Am I Evil" ???

  9. prowlermadman

    Piece of shit!

  10. Kevin Rinke

    Love that laugh towards the end! Evil Hetfield laughs never get old!

  11. Berkay Öner

    That's so cool man

  12. 3asyboi Reee

    No you are not savage

  13. Jim Shoe

    Some riffs in this song stolen from megadeth.

  14. Lote Best

    No one:

    Me: little stranger things vibes


    Hope I'm not the only one bumping this daily

  16. MarkVink77

    Vcs são os melhores top a música

  17. Hansel Pratts Laguna

    Awesome metallica

  18. Axel Ninjago

    Man, that breakdown is S I C K

  19. Axel Ninjago

    2:13 Chill bruh

  20. Talisson Henrique

    Música fodaaa

  21. senyoret Core

    "Master of puppets is the last album of Metallica wich is good" Change my mind

    We have to thank Metallica for keep doing nice music and listen more than old stuff


    Why should anyone change your mind? You are perfectly entitled to your opinion/choice of music. As long as you don't impose them on others forcefully.

    senyoret Core

    @JaGuaR chill dude, it was a meme

  22. Kasperr

    2:20 James?


    “I don’t recognize you anymore”
    Said everyone parent to their kids during and after puberty.

  24. someone

    no you are evil

  25. hmpz36911

    Touches of Seasons Of Wither

  26. Matías Sanchez

    This isnt am i evil

  27. multiestonian

    6:15 Almost hit my head, cause it's soo HEAVY!

  28. Frozenblitzalphagaming

    recycling that phantom lord riff i see

  29. Andro kos

    When you eat 3 vitamin gummies insted of 2

  30. Loyd Adrian Pasaje

    Listen to this song in Eb (drop) and it sounds very LOAD/ReLOAD.

  31. WaffenWaffle

    Hot fucking damn I keep coming back to listen to that breakdown riff. Probably the heaviest possible thing you could play on a six string in standard tuning.

  32. Starting _Rumors

    😍😍😍 that riff

  33. DGZV

    Bass is so Savage there!!!

  34. stratogate steins

    0:35 trust?

  35. Alexander Molchan

    Черт, за этот трек я готов Папе Хэту поставить Памятник при жизни!!! НАСТОЛЬКО ГЛУБОКО этим треком он ПРОНИК в мою никчемную жизнь... Thank you very much, Het!!!

  36. Serban Untu

    4:17 Best Riff on the whole album.

  37. cougar knife

    This is a masterpiece. Get well James we are with you!

  38. P. O.

    Love it. Love James. Get well.

  39. Jose Valles

    What's the message here?

  40. Kirk WAHmett 89

    The breakdown/bridge and ending is absolute destruction. Didnt expect from modern met. Kinda reminds me of thing that should not be and my apocalypse ending riffs. Also, its in E standard. Proves that you dont need low tunings to have balls of steel. Also, that solo is basic, but fits perfectly. Makes me wanna punch someone in a bar.

  41. Film Beast Productions

    Is this a Megadeth song or?

  42. Andrew Marllon

    Mano, não tem como não amar esse álbum. Só música de qualidade!

  43. Максим Михайлец

    Люблю METALLICA!!!

  44. Rhod’s World

    I prefer this to hardwired

  45. Ryan

    Therapist: Don’t worry Heli-Robert isn’t real, he can’t hurt you.
    Heli-Robert: 5:07

  46. Im From HUNGARY

    yes i am:(

  47. Karol Szczepanik

    0:52 what the flip is this zoom lol

  48. Chrishimoto

    Rob looking monstrous

  49. Kridix 89


  50. yan carvalho

    égua do caralho de riff bom pra caramba 😎

  51. LMTR14

    2:34 WTF

  52. Will Grello


  53. OthMan

    his wife is kinda hot

  54. Razzle35-_

    No, you are the table

  55. Tots

    Who came from the wwe wrestle mania 2017 triple h and Seth Rollins promo?

  56. Santiago Jaramillo

    Hey guys! please play this song in a concert ... help this savage soul haha

  57. Ultra Shakhtar

    Am I cabbage? :D

  58. Raimundo Lagos

    Please play it live!

  59. lilscrappyylott

    I'm guessing this guy's name is Kyle?

  60. Pistolshrimp 777

    5:15 oops wrong note

  61. Dhruv Vikazz

    4:18 Broke my neck Headbanging

  62. Jack Hawthorn

    The am i savage music video is brilliant.

  63. TK0 BRO

    4:17 shreddery mcwankerson

  64. jake jeiku

    I expected "yes I am" after am I savage....

  65. Gibson Gold

    The breakdown riff is so tight.

  66. Lubię Lizać Deski

    He has turret

  67. ozan emre canan


  68. ozan emre canan

    Am l savage

  69. ozan emre canan


  70. Vitor viviani

    Am i sausage?


    Wrestlemania 33 Rollins vs Triple H Promo

  72. 和Gabriel

    desde que o Metallica iniciou essa nova fase, essa é a a melhor obra deles, pqp que música incrível

  73. Forck

    4:09 when you eating dinner with the fam and fucking Kirk Hammett shows up out of nowhere

  74. Forck

    Obviously an allusion to of wolf and man, but also a song about an alcoholic, abusive father.

  75. Andy Godin

    Adam Savage scratching at the door

  76. Tomversal

    3 years on I still listen to this thinking "Metallica is back"

  77. Carlos césar Cruz Jiménez

    Este tipo de canciones aburren. No necesita ser tan larga, además no es thrash. Por canciones como estas los últimos discos de Metallica se vuelven tediosos. Comenzaron bien con Hardwired y Atlas rise, de ahí en adelante el álbum pierde consistencia volviendo a ese sonido insípido del Load y el Reload una vez más.

  78. PunkMahyem

    Who's here after wm33

  79. Con Joe

    That's dudes blanket wife has a nice pair of bangers🤘

  80. Psyberius Black

    That riff going into the solo and outro 🤘

  81. Flamestar320 power to the people

    James's laughter at 6:17 is awesome!

  82. Kappeler

    Dave Mustaine in 1983 be like "Am I fired?"


    Yes i am!


    fired for whoopin a dude who beat on lars

  83. alfa adam

    totally boring

  84. Todd Balmer

    Thrash metal🤘🤘🤘

  85. Alex86 Alex86

    He's surrounded by npc's

  86. Erik Smoot

    What a (Load) of crap God I can't stand Metallica they need to go away and retire!! Just stop already fuckin' weak lame after the black album it's all down hill!!

    B C

    Ok boomer

  87. I’m a Metalhead

    Lars looks like a homeless man that you see in every streets of New York..

  88. whitewolfen68

    The Fucking Groove is Outta this World!!

  89. mark emmo

    the daddys of hard rock,rock.or metal.this is one of their best albums.

  90. kostheod

    Am i savage ?
    Maybe if you are evil

  91. DAVE 34

    This is savage🤘👹

  92. Elsoxi

    if i will be a wwe superstar this will be my theme for sure

  93. Silent Knight

    I searched the word table and this came up.

  94. Dialogue with the Stars

    Imo this song has the best riffs on the entire record. You mofoz know the ones I'm talking about.

  95. Solo Lane

    that riff is so heavy

  96. RecklessViper

    Still fucking got it..

  97. John Mejias

    Seth Rollins vs Triple h Wrestlemania 33