Metal Church - The Enemy Mind Lyrics

What will you say to me today
Tell me to do
You are the words lead me astray
But I'm on to you
Now that I've had some time to think
How it will be
I will not heed your whispering
All inside my head

You try to tear me up inside
Sometimes you do
But now I recognize the sound
Got plans for you
I know you'll always be with me
Can't go away
But I will keep your lies at bay
All inside my head

I hear the talking
Every day
I hear the twisted things you say
I hear deception
In every way
I hear the twisted things you say

All inside my head

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Metal Church The Enemy Mind Comments
  1. Jordan Diehl

    Jeff plate knocked this one outta the park! Great drumming!

  2. Me Against The World

    Creepy intro!

  3. Angel Puente

    It would’ve been better if the words were much more smaller

  4. MetallicMarco Lavalfest

    Chef d' oeuvre !!! Very thanx Kurt, Mike and Metal Church Family

  5. Mikeysam Popowich

    Hell fuckin yeah!!!

  6. themillarman

    old school and epic!!!! great album!!!