Mest - MDMA Lyrics

I woke up with her standing over me
She said 'I'm sorry but I have to leave
'cause this ain't what I want
I need more than what we got
But I'm holding on
I just keep holding on...

My dear, my angel
Turned into the devil
There's a thin line
Between love and hate
Headed for the bright lights
Dreaming of the good life
With her name on the marquee
She lost her honesty
And I lost my angel
I lost my angel

Just a little girl with big dreams
And a little bit of honesty
Always hopes her life would be more than what it seems
Cause small towns makes small dreams
And this ain't what she needs
She says 'You'll carry on'
She says 'You'll carry on'


She is taking on the world
And I am wondering if this
Will be the end of her
As she faints into greys


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