Mest - Last Kiss Lyrics

Forever, I'll wait here
Well, I don't know what it is you see in me
Cause I'm everything you won't believe
I'm certain you're not
Wish you'd just stop and walk away
We'll do our own separate ways
Cause it's too late
I just can't stay

Stare at you as you slit my wrist
And as we share our last kiss
Hold me as we die
Empty bottles to deal with this
Pictures to reminisce
Hold me, say goodbye

The darkest night's now solid black
As I see it there's no turning back
We chose this path now we can't walk away
Cause it's too late
I feel the blood falling out
I hit the ground
It's all gone down

Stare at you as you slit my wrist
And as we share our last kiss
Hold me as we die
Empty bottles to deal with this
Pictures to reminisce
Hold me, say goodbye
Hold me as we die

Memories gone by
Yesterday's lost in time
We left them without a clue
I thought myself without you

Stare at you as you slit my wrist
And as we share our last kiss
Hold me as we die
Empty bottles to deal with this
Pictures to reminisce
Hold me, say goodbye

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Mest Last Kiss Comments
  1. Slippy Jones

    Mest was much more than a pop-punk band....

  2. Slippy Jones

    This is possibly the darkest pop-punk song EVER. It's about a mutual suicide and the empty bottles are because he didn't die.

  3. Aspera

    are they (group members) still togeder?

  4. Kaitlyn Znam

    Kills me every time I hear this song to remember a promise I broke.... :/

  5. nhà đất

    I love this song so much I fangirl every time I hear it <3

  6. Andrew Necci

    Kinda weird to me how many people in the comments section of this video don't seem to want to admit that it's a song about a suicide pact.

  7. Alleah Clemmons

    i didnt know what happen to them because i just got into them i look it up and well ok cool singer

  8. Missy757Sinny

    You're not the only one! :(

  9. nhà đất

    I don't think it scary I LOVE THIS MUSIC and franky I'm the one who showed you this song XD but hey have you seen the way I dress? so of course I'm changing my personality and look and taste of music so meh I don't care who judges me I'm me and I know this song may be about suicide but it's still a good song but meh who cares? I come here to listen to music not look at the meaning.

  10. _Stardusttrooper_

    I will admit , it's a good sounding song , even though this isn't my type of music (: Although , from what I get with the meaning . . . It scares me xD Again , good song though !

  11. Max Leveillee

    @NujuonRS Its French for "Title"...

  12. Joni Schwalm

    @Rukia991 im with u

  13. Rukia991

    I love this song followed By Kiss me, Kill me they're just so damn good

  14. Abigail Shiner

    @MUNKK3YY prove it works. then ill do it

  15. Zehpanda

    Say I want to be a vampire 3 times and say how long you want your fangs to be post this to 3 other videos then look in the mirror

  16. Abigail Shiner

    2 people are heartless, and walked away.

  17. Abigail Shiner

    call me pathetic but this song actually made me cry. it reminded me of my boyfriend who died in a car crash...

    Wilfred Van Der Wiel

    Stay strong. Even after 7 years

  18. Sarah Jayne

    The 2 people who are dead inside can be together and embody this song.

  19. nickonoodle1

    I love this song but I think it should be labeled triggering

  20. Indira Baez

    lover this song so much

  21. Leta Etter

    think of the song as what you want it to. you can take the lyrics litterly at there killing themselves or u can see it as her killing him.

  22. Killjoy641

    every awesome song

  23. randyortonrox786

    your name reminds me of John Morrison :o...
    just saying :P

  24. Smashedpotatoe

    i really like it

  25. oshikuru09

    this almost sounds like something the used would make

  26. Prokaryote7

    This is one of the best made videos that I have ever seen posted on youtube, I really enjoy listening to this song while looking ow you put this together(:
    Great job thumbs up -Mandy E

  27. Amanda Skylerr

    Amazinggggggggggggggg - <3

  28. Brananana

    Možda ovo nekad vidiš..
    Volim te <3

  29. captainabrhamlincoln

    Could these lyrics be more cliche?

  30. lemondale11

    ive listened to this vid everyday for the past 3 months xD most of these views are probably me xD xx epic

  31. LittleWeirdo04

    @elementsoul43 I dont take it as that I take it as they have died romantically. Thats what I get from the chorus.

  32. Missy757Sinny

    @TheLadyHeavenly This record has been released in 2005.

  33. Daniela C.

    Mest Is Cool! I love mest Forever

  34. wolflover221

    i have been listening to this song for 3 days help me

  35. Savannah Nippi

    i like this song and all others from mest !

  36. laineyy

    my heart just skipped a beat,.

  37. Alex Cadieux

    I Love This Song of Mest :D

  38. Julia sidebottom

    ♥♥♥♥ love it

  39. Missy757Sinny

    It seems like it.

  40. notMiceElf

    In the song is it like saying, they both killed each other?

  41. Jennifer Cisneros-Elias

    dis is mii favorite song by mest =)

  42. jokersgirlfriend45

    this song is awesome!

  43. ssdrakess

    pliz give me a link to where i can find the mp3 for this song thx

  44. Ariane Molsberry

    thank you for making a lyric vid :D you did a great job and this song and band are amazing :3

  45. Dan garg

    you have a good taste in music

  46. Missy757Sinny

    This is for sure one of my favorite but I can't chose The One I like the most. It's too hard...

  47. Marlena Dorit

    They should get back together.
    This is my favourite song by them.

  48. Missy757Sinny

    It sucks that the band broke up....=(