Mest - Days Turn Tonight Lyrics

Where do I begin?
And how do I start again?
Am I the only one who talks?
Around no one's listening...

When will I ever learn?
Will I ever get my turn?
When we've lost it all
Sometimes is all we've got
A break from reality is all I want...

I'm sitting here staring at blank walls
It's not that I don't care
Just feel I've seen it all
Take me away to the day turns to the night
Then feel things in there'll be alright
I'm gonna lose control again
So take me away

As rusted days come and go
The past is all that I know
The pain inside I won't show
I'll swallow the fear inside of me

Is this is all I got
somewhere along this life I forgot?
What I want?
what do I want?


It is not that I don't care
It's just I'm sick of being here
Surrounded by the thoughts of yesterday

I wish you could feel the way I feel
Sometimes I question: 'Is this real?'
All these memories feel like a nightmare!
And I'm stuck down here!

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