Mest - Cadillac Lyrics

It's Friday night
What's going on tonight
I'll see her later on tonight

But now it's time to roll
This somber state is getting old
Well I never do what I am told
So now we're gonna roll
And now we're gonna roll

With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac
With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac

We order another round
My girl's nowhere to be found
I hope she gets here soon before I'm fallin' down

Cause now I'm all torn up
I feel like I might blow up
Then I get word my girl's showin' up
So now I'm gonna roll
And now I'm gonna roll

With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac
With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac
With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac
Self control knowing right from wrong is what I lack
Top down seat back
Rollin' in my Cadillac

Top down seat back wi wi wi wi with the
Top down seat back wi wi wi wi wi with the
Top down seat back top down seat back top down seat back
Rollin' in my Cadillac

Rollin' in my Cadillac
Top down seat back wi wi wi wi with the
Top down seat back seat back seat back
With the top down seat back wi wi wi wi wi with the
Top down seat back top down seat back

With the top down seat back rollin' in my Cadillac
Self control knowing right from wrong is what I lack
Top down seat back
Rollin' in my Cadillac
Top down seat back
Rollin' in my Cadillac
Top down seat back
Rollin' in my Cadillac

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Mest Cadillac Comments
  1. Yasemin Sky

    I always get this strange feeling when I listen to tracks from my early teens. A much simpler time. I loved this band. ❤️

  2. Olie Enclosures


  3. Robert Soley

    ro(o)llin in my skootr shack

  4. Alex Poplawski

    Everyone in this feed Mest just came out with a new album today first time with the original group since 2004

  5. Leon Del solar

    I am a 17 year old skater teenager.

  6. Matheus Santana

    Brazil 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  7. Carlos Méndez

    2020 anyone?

  8. Charles Duboño

    MX Superfly 😭

  9. dstrtdabortion

    This is a parody right

  10. Faceless Old Woman

    Oh shit, it's probably been 10 years since I heard this song. This blasted open a bunch of memories. This was my fucking jam back in the day!!

  11. DjNude2010

    This is terrible.

  12. Mauricio CV

    First verse: actually written by a bot.

  13. Ricky Hunt

    Sad the lead singer used to be a nazi

  14. Johnny Says

    FSU didnt finish the job....

  15. Nick S

    His head looks like a cow..... It can't be unseen

  16. Chris Lawson

    It might just be me but the drummer looks like the guy who plays guitar for New Found Glory

  17. Haitian Sensation

    I can imagine people pulling up to house parties blasting this song back in the days

  18. isaac selander z

    Fun song, cringey music video

  19. Mr Brayans

    Esto lo escuchaba el 2001 con blink 182,Off Spring y Pennywise LML

  20. Jason Ventura

    This is terrible in almost every way. High school was not a smart time for me

  21. Aly Anne

    Saw you open for Reel Big Fish tonight in Seattle, you guys were fucking fabulous! Thanks for a good time! 🥰🤘🥰


    Aly Anne I just saw them in Portland they’re sick!

    Lindsey Bullock

    I saw them, bowling for soup with reel big fish in salt lake city on 8/1!!

  22. David Chicago

    Still rockin' this style of dressing.

  23. iNZANE0ne

    Bassist has great taste

  24. Mesty Boy

    Can't believe these bikini girls are probably moms today ...



  26. Mark Uncapher

    Who is still here in 2019?!!!

    Isaac Montoya

    I just discovered, I must have seen it once but don't remember. Thank you YouTube and thank you Ice Nine Kills for feat the singer 😉

    Nick Young

    Hell yea!!!

    REDDOGG 24

    Never left

    Grandmaster Gray Jedi

    Mark Uncapher me🔥

  27. Somedude77

    Weird song

  28. Big Rig69

    0.11 hey mom

  29. Eduardo Santos

    conheci a banda agora ,gostei pra krlh !!!

  30. Lord G

    Bunch of white hick trailer trash..supremacy my ass

  31. Room 217

    Holy fuck this is so bad. Gonna totally listen with my Top up, seat back, window up with zero crack.

  32. Adam Sheema

    tbf the song is pretty catchy, its the video thats awful

  33. ScreenChat

    Suddenly I don't want a Cadillac

  34. Grant Wiley Esq.

    I must've missed this. The album with Jaded was pretty good. This is terrible

  35. DnL

    musica toptop

  36. quietriot

    Confirmed for Groezrock 2019 🎉

  37. Nate the Strangest

    Ice Nine Kills brought me here 😍

  38. Dexter Sauer

    To all the people who say this song sucks than you have been living under a rock bcuz I’ve been listening to this kind of music since I was born and I’m 17 yo

    Kurt Lamprecht

    Dexter Sauer that’s pretty sad...

  39. Big Joe

    I wanna kill them.

  40. Nicolás Fanta


  41. El Grone

    Thank for played in Guadalajara
    It was awesome

  42. Lynwood Lynwood

    I just saw them live , and I want to die forever


    Jim Bean
    They still play?

    Lynwood Lynwood

    Sunforged Yeah, it was ass

  43. Duzk3431

    Dont care, i still listen to this sometimes.

  44. Dtyler5603

    I don't know wether to hate how silly this is, or love how catchy it is.

    Kurt Lamprecht

    Dtyler5603 err, realize that it isn’t actually ‘catchy’?


    @Kurt Lamprecht It is to me, but that's just opinion. It's gonna differ naturally

  45. Ezekiel Reyes

    Hey everyone! Mest will play at Warped Tour on 7/21! Hope you have fun!!

    Kurt Lamprecht

    Jonnie Scissors ew. Get a life.

  46. R230Tuner

    Please kill yourselves.

  47. Mark Kart

    Mx superfly

  48. Doug Dimmadome

    These dudes are from my hometown. This guy I used to be cool back in HS is the singers nephew.

    Kurt Lamprecht

    Doug Dimmadome clearly the schools in Blue Island did as bad a job with you as they did with the band...

  49. Amelie Lovato

    I know every single person in this video and some of them are my family. If you are hating on them you are practically being a horrible influence of a child. Also it will show that you are less mature then me which is obviously pretty sad soooo...

    Kurt Lamprecht

    This is the lamest comment I have ever read on the internet. Tell your cousin not to kill anyone else...

  50. Tom Holt

    still a great tune haters!

  51. gil健

    わしの青春 ありがとう

  52. InjustenyMoviiez

    fkn love the way they're dressed! dickies are awesome!

  53. membersonlydave

    i'm just a kid and life is a nightmare

    FreshLite 02


    Story of my life man

    Pat Fink

    Just hang on. It gets worse:

    Triple A

    woke up it was 7
    waited till 11

    Konstantinos Zazas

    2020, pop punk can't die

  54. Kynan's Music

    Ok this band wasnt as huge as blink or simple plan or NFG but they still were fucking rad and put pop punk on the map!

  55. Jessietail

    With a fisheye lens, you don't need to know how to rap or skateboard or do anything well!

  56. jamdwhi

    Absolutely atrocious. No. Just no.

  57. M. Bones

    How the fuck are you guys gonna use my initials and not give me any royalties???

  58. They_Call_Me_ Pebbles

    Teen Wolf

  59. Joshua Lopez

    not all there songs are like this omg. this is their only song that has the rap style part.

  60. Based Pepe

    The definition of mallcore.

  61. Bruno Burga

    Almost all the pop punk bands has a fatty in the group.

  62. larry dude

    best blink 182 song

  63. Scout Playz

    they have changed

  64. sweatshirt.e

    When i was playing Fx Superfly this was lit. Those were great days man, no school no responsibilites i was playing ps2 and swimming all day.

  65. Andres Ramirez

    This band was pretty cool. Im 14 again!

  66. Noam Dahan

    Teen Wolf

  67. bellqmy

    what pants is the singer wearing

  68. Molly M

    this song was in the good charlotte obsessed era of my life

  69. francisco villalba

    Good Charlotte´s new song sounds like this in the intro hahahahaha

  70. Yung Martyr

    And the main riff to this song sounds like the chorus to the anthem by good charlotte

  71. Yung Martyr

    This nigga almost has the x haircut

  72. HarryMason6969

    Why was this my favorite song when I was 12?

  73. Chris Faith

    imo they were really good until they went on to a major label their self titled was better

  74. All My Best Friends Wear Turtlenecks

    The drummer has more talent as a male stripper as the whole bands does as musicians.

  75. Buffy

    Everytime I hear this song the only thing that comes to my mind is th image of Alex and Jack singing the first verse on straight t dvd 2 lmao

  76. Bern

    Lol mest fucking sucked

  77. BIOHAZARD - R - US

    I wanna know why this song is different from the album version

    Kurt Lamprecht

    BIOHAZARD - R - US why think that hard about it?

  78. afbl0055

    All Found Bright LightsのSEでちょくちょく聴きに来てしまうぐらい最高

  79. Sadpants McGee

    2005-2010 was the period where I took a break from listening to music. This trash was why.

  80. Арина Милкович

    Солист такой красавчик😻😻😻😻

  81. Victor Medeiros

    He sings it's Friday NIGHT
    What's going on TONIGHT
    But the sky above him is as blue as an angel's cradle
    Is that a metaphor?


    the fact hes rhyming 'night' with 'night' like three times in a row is ok though?

  82. yumemu1

    This is so early 2000...

    Captain Rupertikjakmos

    Which is a good thing


    2001 to be exact.

    edu dead

    Damm i feel so old now

  83. Filippo Tollon

    puro sangue tollons

  84. gustv

    Can somebody explain me what is he doing at 0:34?

    Sadpants McGee

    tryin to b-boy


    Sadpants McGee he's pretty good

  85. John Zeidman

    What a horrible song lol

    W i s h m a s t e r

    I know, I got made fun of for Listening to Slipknot , by a buncha kids that liked this when I was in 6th grade

    Kurt Lamprecht

    W i s h m a s t e r despite their bad taste, they weren’t wrong about slipknot...

  86. Wilson Vasquez Cotrina

    bravazooooo , !!!! la parte del remixxx ! Punk pop 2000

    Gianluca Ramirez

    de que país eres?

  87. cardigansarecool

    "It's Friday night
    What's going on tonight
    I'll see her later on tonight"

    Such a way with words. Like a modern fucking Shakespeare.

    David H

    cardigansarecool simple mind..simple pleasure

  88. Ryan Chapman

    That's Young MC of "Bust a Move" fame doing the scratching wearing the Cubs jersey.

  89. Ryan Beet

    Why do people say this song suck? It's catchy and fun to listen to

    Sadpants McGee

    Shitty, rudimentary music. Poorly-written, repetitive lyrics. Out-of-place record scratching. Need I go on, or is that enough?

    chris leske

    +Sadpants McGee like every piece of music on the radio nowadays? Yeah, agreed

    We Remotely Low

    Catchy doesn't equal good. Just admit it's awful. I love Simple Plan's first album. I'll admit that's awful as well.

    SXBLDGBLX Official

    Amelie Lovato damn at first I thought you were kidding but telling from your last name.. omg

    Yeah I don't understand why people are so salty about this besides the silly early 00s CA sk8 kiddo concept of the song. I really love this. Has sick riffs and killer melodies. Mediocre? - Yes. Shitty? - Never. Good song? - Fantastic. Some asshole compared them with Rebecca Black but he's a tool. Just doesn't understand it. This never gets old and actually I bought a few of their albums because of this, which got me like other songs too. I've listened to many songs out of many different genres from modern jazz to grindcore throughout history but still it's one of the most favorite songs of mine. In the beginning I didn't know the band but as soon as I figured out the artist of this song I found myself at the record store. We didn't have iTunes or Mediafire back then. Mest is a great band. Thank you for writing this jam Tony. Tell your dad about that. ;)

  90. GOYU

    Who is this black beast?


    It's a reference to the American classic film Starring Michael J Fox. Teen Wolf.

  91. opochicotay

    this is garbage

  92. KillboyMetalhead

    I just threw up...bwahahaha

  93. benbelgam

    "Mest" is Dutch for "manure". Don't believe me, ask Google Translate.


    he got the name from a beer slogan. "millers best"...Mest


    That's pretty fitting actually

  94. Matthew Roberts

    Mx superfly got me here for the ps2


    Matthew Roberts best game so much fun took 50 hours to get first in 250 horse lol. Beat 100% many unlockable bikes and characters.

    Kelton Canada

    Matthew Roberts same I was going through the playlist on YouTube I miss that game

    Euca Fox


  95. Franco Molina

    que buen video!

  96. Marco Diaz

    This song stabs my bad mood XD

  97. Mike Lindberg

    HA - So bad