Messina, Jo Dee - You Were Just Here Lyrics

I woke up at 5 a.m.
Hearing your voice again
But it was just the TV
Coming from the other room

Your half empty coffee cup
Is sitting right where it was
I almost moved it last night
But it didn't feel right
It's too soon, it's too soon
It still feels like

You were just here
You were just holding me
I was alright
I never would have believed
That you'd go away
That you could just disappear
When you were just here

The calendar on the wall
Doesn't miss you at all
It still says you'll be there
With us all on christmas eve

The picture you hung last week
Keeps staring back at me
There we are still laughin'
Like nothin' ever happened
I still feel you in the air
It's not fair, it's not fair

[Repeat chorus]

I reach out and you're not there
But I still feel you everywhere
No matter how much I try
Or how hard I cry
It still feels like

[Repeat chorus]

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Messina, Jo Dee You Were Just Here Comments
  1. Vicki Lopez

    My Blue was literally just here with me. I still cant believe he is gone. My heart is so broken, I feel cheated and defeated, he was my soulmate, we were finally starting our life. He asked me to marry him...This hurts so much. ITS NOT FUCKING FAIR!!!!! I WANT MY BLUE BACK😫😭

  2. Katzenliebchen

    This song puts him right back in my heart to overflowing tears.

  3. Kris Landon

    This song makes me cry every single time I hear it. So beautiful, and definitely something that EVERYBODY can relate to in one form or another. <3