Messina, Jo Dee - Who's Crying Now Lyrics

You know you tore me up
You really wore me out
I swear I cried so much
That I nearly drowned

You were on to her
And I was on my own
Now it's you who calls
And it's me that's never home

Who's crying now
Finally figured out
It could have been forever
Who's crying now
Knowing it's too late
To get us back together
I'm finally free
Back on my feet
It sure ain't me
Who's crying now

I've lost a few more pounds
I'm getting back in shape
If you could see me now
You'd do a double take

I'm shakin' off my past
I've got a whole new groove
I'm even back in love
But baby it ain't with you

[Repeat chorus]

Who's lonely now
Who's sad now that I don't miss
The love we had

[Repeat chorus (out)]

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Messina, Jo Dee Who's Crying Now Comments
  1. Andrew Longenecker

    Loveee this song so truthful

  2. John Ziganto

    This song really inspires me! I love Jo Dee's music!!!