Messina, Jo Dee - Stand Beside Me Lyrics

He left me cryin' late one Sunday night outside of Boulder
He said he had to find himself out on the road
I guess when love goes wrong
You've gotta learn to be strong

So I worked two jobs and I moved three times
I ended up south of Memphis workin' down in Riverside
I may not be so lucky in love
But the one thing I'm sure of

I want a man that stands beside me
Not in front of or behind me
Give me two arms that want to hold me not own me
And I'll give all the love in my heart
Stand beside me
Be true don't tell lies to me
I'm not lookin' for a fantasy
I want a man that who stands beside me

I didn't expect to see him one hot July morning
His hair was longer but his eyes were the same old blue
He said, I've missed you for so long. Oh baby, what can I do
I said, I want a man that stands beside me
Not in front of or behind me
Give me two arms that want to hold me not own me
And I'll give all the love in my heart

It's hard to tell him no when I want him so bad
But I've got to be true to my heart This time

I'm not lookin' for a fantasy
I want a man who stands beside me
I want a man
Who stands beside me
Stand beside me
Stand beside me

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Messina, Jo Dee Stand Beside Me Comments
  1. Saigen Rose

    If real men out there could only truly grasp this concept of this song my god, life & love would be so much easier. But never, no

  2. Brian Searles

    Very under appreciated song! One of my all-time favs of the 90's! Always gave me a certain feeling when driving down the highway. Can't explain it.

  3. Kristen JustKristen

    God,...she makes Boulder Colorado sound so sad.

  4. baby girl

    I miss this real country compared to the crap today they claim is country

  5. marta nika

    she is one beautiful lady

  6. marta nika

    great song everyone needs someone beside them not in front of them nor standing behind them but beside them that is what everyone needs I know I do .

  7. Aaron Burton

    This is my jam! Timeless...

  8. Heather Balfour

    2019 still love this song

  9. Kristen JustKristen

    Great song, ugly actor...Guess not everyone could land Matthew McConaughey. (Trisha Yearwood, Walkaway Joe) you're welcome 😉

  10. Melissa Fridley

    What an old school singer she is. Thanks for the music and memories.

  11. darcy burlingame

    That song is true

  12. David Kennedy

    This tune was written by a man.

  13. Anthony Gonzalez

    I love this song because I have now found my soulmate and she is standing right beside me.Ginger i will always love you.

  14. Olaf Elsbeurry

    As my time wonders on i still need a lady that'll stand beside me

  15. Shay B

    Don't know how tf I came across this years ago. But after the first listen I was hooked. Black girl who loves Tupac was walking around singing Jo Dee LoL. And I don't care, still love this and other country songs. Thankful for whoever broadened my musical tastes💕

    Tawana Tubbs

    Lmfao! I'm a white girl who loves Tupac AND Jo Dee! Girl...this is for US ❤ All the broken hearts & bs.

  16. Christina Chadwick

    This song goes out to parks.

  17. Linda James

    And My Baby Sister ❤️🙏💔

  18. Linda James

    This reminds Me of My Mama ❤️🙏🙏🙏💔

  19. Brandi Lester

    She says it all

  20. Lisa Bryant

    This song has been speaking to me lately I want a man that stands beside me 💙💖💖💙💜

  21. Jerred Morris

    I remember this song from when I was a kid. It's just one of them that brings back good memories. I wish I could go back to then. Riding in the back of my grandma's truck. I'll forever miss that woman.

  22. Duke of Norfolk

    To me , this song is an anthem of a very good, emotionally healthy, grounded... extremely wonderful woman who was with the wrong man. And you hope that she finds herself with a man who actually deserves her, A man who will stand beside her.

  23. naquiyankee

    Am I the only one who thinks that Jo Dee Messina is so underrated? I think she deserves better

    Jennifer wellman

    naquiyankee You’re 100% correct

    Brian Searles

    Most definitely!

  24. Purple Kitten

    You've got to LEARN to be STRONG!

  25. Mary Jean Mcglone

    I love the song

  26. skycubphilly

    Still loving this song in 2019. 😍😍

  27. Veronica Contreras

    Lyle your officers should get a refresher course in ettiquite..

  28. Lijaskurzeme

    This could be the song of my life........
    And I survived. May 7 2019.

  29. His wife his babyJ his wifey babyJ baby J

    That's all I ever asked

  30. chelsea stewart

    The song is my life but one thing I'm sure of is I WANT A MAN TO STAND BESIDE ME.

  31. mario medina

    i ll give my life 4 love for a women

  32. Ragin Cajun

    This song will spin the heads of the independent woman today lol

  33. cyn 76

    Sometimes we're meant to stand alone...with the angels watching over us and surrounding us 😊😘😉😎😍😑🤨🙄😏 anger, sorrow, laughter, fear, love...hell its life!!! Better to live it then to remain an empty bottle behind a locked door or chasing rabbits down holes and losing yourself...truth comes from God the true and only healer of the broken hearted... he's the only handyman I need

  34. Thomas Boswoth

    All guys should listen to this

  35. Ben Oltmanns

    This is one of my favourite songs!

  36. Harley Hickok

    Amazing singer I love all of her songs.. I listen to her to all the time

  37. Jennifer Delay

    Right dam right

  38. lori fettes svetovich

    Yes you sure did
    In someone else's arms
    Now u looking for me
    Keep looking you lost our life's future in the arms of your bfs girl
    Swallow that

  39. saviour chembe


  40. Izda Bomb

    "You gotta learn to be strong"......

  41. LEXY Green H

    This song speaks volumes to many women it is a way to most ladies hearts. Jo Dee sounds so beautiful singing it. She is also very beautiful.


    one of the best country hit of alltime

  43. Betty Collis

    Love this song . I miss Jo Dee I hope her health is better.

  44. Thomas T


  45. Juanita Buron


  46. Jennifer Dijames

    Jo Dee where have you been?

  47. B NOYB

    I wish I had that too.

    Joshua Cephas

    Bitch no one cares

    B NOYB

    @Joshua Cephas. What a fucking party crasher you are, kiss my ass!

  48. Riogi

    Thank you for all the wonderful songs, Jo Dee. I'm still enjoying each one.

  49. reddoggod1969

    I love JoDee but she has some of the most cliche' videos.

  50. Daniel Benson


  51. Divine Katalin

    Tochey ladies, great song !

  52. Rick B.

    Beautiful red hair and eye so green they could kill you !!!

  53. danceballetacro

    She is such an inspiration of integrity and doing what’s right even when it’s hard

  54. Duke of Norfolk

    I have always been a huge fan of hers! I adore all her music, but this song is her masterpiece! She is truly an amazing lady!🌹

  55. Michael Collier

    This song is one of the best examples of feminism in country music. Unfortunately, you don't hear that much on the radio these days. All women are good for now is sad break up songs and entertainment for drunk men.

  56. Purple Kitten

    I love this song! 💙

  57. Benjie Fields

    Every man should listen to this song

    Rick B.

    Benjie Fields you sure got that right !!!

    Monica Quinonez

    It won't happen..

  58. Jamie Ormiston

    awsome song please come down under rock on

  59. Felicia Goodrich

    Gosh my favorite by her!!!

  60. Jennifer Gilchrist

    My husband emotionally abuses me I have no love in my life. He never loved me.

    Crystal Hudson

    Well I hope you left him I been there they are not men if they hurt you or your feelings.. Someone always cones a long better

  61. A Smith

    Oh...what a so under rated great!

    Hailey Marchand


  62. Miguel Cadete

    I miss this

  63. Stacy Fletcher

    She has such a beautiful SOLID voice!

    SB129 Rome

    Stacy Fletcher i would say my favorite video of hers is im alright cause of the fact she had leather pants on in that. I just love her music it's all good, almost every guy I met had a huge crush on her like me haha


    And still is!

  64. UFxCandle

    One of the greatest country artist,and songs EVER! Every good girl deserves a good man.

  65. A Smith

    Would LOVE to find him...

  66. Mark Creech

    I just love her voice, the way it cracks under control

  67. Nikea Gouff

    All the older videos have so much more meaning to them.

    countrygirl country musiclover

    Nikea Gouff the newer videos of today have just as much meaning

    Black Chevy

    Nikea Gouff I completely agree with you.

    Katie Trimue

    right? they all had a story.

    Papa Thesaurus

    Katie Trimue assuming you’re all associating the new MV’s of today’s era with those mumble raps, could rather you elaborate? Most of the new MV’s today contain just as much meaning with oldschool, or might even contain more. Who knows? Do your research before you blatantly label today’s MV as “meaningless”.


    So true!

  68. Nikea Gouff

    One of my absolute favorite songs.

  69. Mario Medina

    I want a woman to stand beside me

    Nina Marie

    Stand beside...not in front of or behind me!!

    nativerose nativerose

    Hope you found her

  70. Jon Wright

    this will always be a classic. to bad country has took a leap outside of country. pop diva bs... it's embarrassing to this level.

    countrygirl country musiclover


    Black Chevy

    Jon Wright Amen to that! The '90s truly was the last good decade of country music.

  71. K RDP

    Damn listening to Jo Dee Messina Reminds me why i Love her and Reba Mccentire so Damn Much

  72. Cyndi Loar

    Me 2 a good one than heck one

  73. Jon Wright

    Miss this real talk . this is real music. Something that could give you chills ..

  74. Cuaux

    Great voice !!

  75. Billy Clinton

    Love me some Jo Dee! Sorry to hear about this cancer diagnosis-you'll beat this horrendous disease!

  76. Courtmillett94

    Literally saw her three hours ago at spencer fair in mass she's incredible and beyond beautiful and strong love that she's from mass

  77. Courtmillett94

    I'm seeing her next week at our local fair so damn excited

  78. Karen Darke

    What is she doing these days? ??? I absolutely love her voice

    Ann-Marie Watkoskey

    Karen Darke look up "bigger than this" just Wow!

  79. Tammy Jo

    i finally have this

  80. Erin Squire

    Now that im older I relate so much to it then i did but now i get it n agree!

  81. Aura Hinojosa

    oh my gosh I love this song I can listen to it all day long over and over

  82. Michael Basdeo

    One of the top singers-- beautiful song



  84. Support4MySingers

    Can't believe I forgot about Jo Dee. From 1998 to 2000 she was all over CMT and I loved her songs. Never bought an album though. Was reminded of her last night and bought her greatest hits off iTunes. Missed her songs and voice.


    Support4MySingers she was one of my favourite singers at that time and I bought "I'm Alright" with this song on it. Great gem :)

    Samantha Angell

    I owned all of them and REALLY need to find them...


    She actually debuted in 1995 with heads Carolina tales California offer debut album

  85. Abby Matson

    I just went through a break up and my mom told me to look up this song....this really describes my situation and I love it

  86. kathleen chambers

    One reason I loved this song (as a younger person) was because she mentioned Boulder and I'm from Colorado myself.
    But these days I love this song because of the message it brings.
    I am so glad that I found that guy in my fiance.

  87. Gym Style

    Jo Dee is one of the best concerts I have ever been too. I totally recommend seeing her live.

  88. Kathy Leigh

    great song..I'd stand beside her any day

    SB129 Rome

    Kathy Leigh. What is your favorite video of hers ? I like her im alright video and her other vid do you wanna make something of it

    cool chic

    I like the i'm alright video too

  89. jarmyvicious

    My wife loves this!

  90. Spirtual Gangsta

    her voice is so beautiful💜

  91. sarah D.

    She was such a good singer. I would throw her cd in the player, turn up the volume, and drive...

    Angel Visions

    was? She still is!


    Very true....

  93. Michael Croteau

    I married one.

  94. Ashley Coates

    she was my idol growin up

  95. Daniele Ferraz

    muito boa a música 😥

  96. John Hoover

    a number 1 hit in 1999.

  97. wilson0213

    Look at these brainwashed commenters

    Kifayatullah Khan

    wilson,a person is brainwashed in one way or the other!!