Messina, Jo Dee - My Give A Damn's Busted Lyrics

Well you filled up my head with so many lies
You've twisted my heart 'til something snapped inside
I'd like to give it one more try
But, my give a damn's busted

You can crawl back home, say you were wrong
Stand out in the yard and cry all night long
Go ahead and water the lawn
My give a damn's busted

I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, sorry, nothing

You can say you've got issues
You can say you're a victim
It's all your parents' fault, I mean after all you didn't pick em
Maybe somebody else has got time to listen
My give a damn's busted

Well your therapist says it was all a mistake
A product of the Prozac and your codependent ways
So who's your enabler these days
My give a damn's busted

I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, still nothing

It's a desperate situation
No tellin what you'll do
If I don't forgive you, you say your life is through
Come on give me something I can use
My give a damn's busted

Well, I really wanna care
I wanna feel something
Let me dig a little deeper
No, man, sorry
Just nothing, no

You've really done it this time
My give a damn's busted

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Messina, Jo Dee My Give A Damn's Busted Comments
  1. Sabrina

    Haha. 110% best song ever 👏👏👏

  2. LaneKSwenson

    Those pants girl are just down right SINFUL! I mean horrendous in every way yet I love them.

  3. Tina Beck

    I love this song

  4. madison west

    Fuck you Ashley Nichole Woods i really hope you find someone who treats you like you treated me bye my give damn is beyond busted

  5. Amanda Zumwalt

    My ex is a dumb ass he was fucking playing us both the other girl too couldnt make up his mind so i let him have her and got divoreced and idc my give a damn is busted love this song

  6. Rose Page

    What I said to my ex-boyfriend it felt so damn good

  7. Kimberly Ritchie

    I normally don't like the new country movement but I like this song. My give a damn is busted for a lot of people in my life. I'm the type of person that takes too much then if they don't let up I finally give up after years of abuse.

  8. Greta King

    I've been there many times,,,
    And my give a damn busted...

  9. Dawn Morrow

    Requested reaction

  10. Kathleen Lucero - Pendergraft

    This is an old song but I have never related more to a song in my entire life!

  11. Madalyn Webb

    This is my damn theme song I swear lmao

  12. Mason Patrick Widner


  13. CAchic4God Sells

    My give a damn is busted too

  14. Unique Phoenix 8633

    My give a damn is really busted and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to fix it this time

  15. Domino Derval

    "...go ahead an' water the lawn!"

  16. william pugh,III

    dig it i like this the first them still diggin it.

  17. jerry metcalf

    You need a breakup song? No worry's, you'll evolve past it someday

  18. David & Cherene Immel

    Puts on a super live show!!

  19. Derek Porter

    Jeez she's damn sexy!!

  20. Brandon Koch

    Decade To myfamily they want to see me heartless they got me there

  21. Scott Buzard


  22. Joe Zingher

    If her give a damn's busted, why did she write the song?

  23. theresa bollman

    We should have seen a lot more of this great singer over the yrs.

    Marjorie Dickinson

    theresa bollman
    She has been fighting cancer

    theresa bollman

    @Marjorie Dickinson I'm sorry to hear that. It sounds like it must have been going on for a very long time. I hope she got or gets her miracle soon. Thanks for the reply.

  24. Mustang Ron


  25. John S Prince

    Life with a woman like this isn't a loving relationship, its a war. And then girls wonder why high value men will often only sell them a dream and treat them like a mushroom while playing the field looking for something real. The reality is that if your give a damn's busted, you're damaged goods.

  26. Kevin Cleveland

    What happened to this guy

  27. Geoff Adams

    So is mine.its not my give a damn.its my I dont give a fuck. What's busted is my i dont give a fuck. Why ?my best mate tried to kill me after he stole some royalty cheques. He also was doing my fiance.
    We parted on very bad ex eventually killed herself .no big loss here folks. Then the ex mate calls me to say that Loni .the love of my life had killed be honest I felt absolutely nothing.i said thank God for that.i dont give a fuck any fucked her you can bury give a shits busted. Loni she's your problem now you fuckin deal with it.

  28. Brandon Koch

    Decade To my mother for34yrs she put me threw hellwith shewished she had a girl,to be true full i wished my father was stil alivebecause he loved me like his son,never did i hear any hateful words come out of my father and grandfather the only person i heard bad shit come out of people 's mouth is june sthrol and june koch and now my mother

  29. kwantoon

    I guess people have forgotten that Joe Diffie co-wrote and recorded this song first. I'm not knocking her, but her version just doesn't have the same feel as Diffie's version. Just my two cents....

  30. BulgesMcCormick

    Dang, imagine trying to make a butter face like Jo Dee Messina a sex symbol after Shania Twain. What a Sisyphean task.

  31. Schneider Palcsik

    My give a DAMN was busted years ago

  32. Tara Hinkley

    Really like this song

  33. Dani Sullivan

    Oh yeah .😃🙆‍♀️

  34. Katheleen Waters

    I love this woman, and this song, she is singing about me.

  35. Christine Sell

    Another song dedicated to my sister!

  36. Nashvegas Grrl

    Oh HELL yeah.

  37. Melissa Huffman


  38. wzrubicon 1

    This is why I do not date or live with any woman. Women want to control everything with no self control. Just another cookie cutter country song about a woman who thinks she is all that.

  39. Tom Palmer

    My give a damn has been busted too. Go home ho'.

  40. Lovinsfun - er

    Isn't it a bitch that Bad only happens to waamen !!! Read the whining below boys .... How many Zillion$ in investments , houses , in physical swet 15 hour working days , cars , summer homes , kids , living celibate during the entire marriage becuz She's Always Too Tired To - except for when she wants to be taken out and Again Her tank comes home Empty , etc etc. etc. ..... have yous lost girls !!!! ?

  41. Robert Scott Wilson

    My gives damn busted filled up my head with so many lies let me dig a little deeper nah nothing sorry oh well

  42. Cheyenne Mathews

    To my ex bf who cheated on me multiple times, lied to me, threatened to end everything, and then begged for me to come give a damn is busted

  43. Guard Dog

    My 'give-a-damn' ain't just busted, it fuckin' disintegrated and blew away on the wind.

  44. Mountain Rambler

    If you're looking for Discernment this is not the place !

  45. Shane Creel

    From a man's perspective, every time a girl breaks my heart, it gets a little easier to say bye until it just doesn't faze me anymore. As I've found out, once a girl understands that I can masturbate with a whole lot less energy that it takes to put up with their shit, the relationship is over because they have no power over me.

  46. cornbreadthedog

    Absolutely shocked at how good this is! Thought that this was gonna suck but she's rocking it country style!

  47. Shane Beard

    I’m shanebearddj I’m biggest fan awesome music ever

  48. Darius De Valera

    Sei porca!

  49. Carol Gerds

    This woman is countries rock star. I love her so much!

  50. Cher Wisthoff

    I'm currently going through the worst breakup that I've ever experienced. He wanted to be in control of it all .. got called had names and all. I tried to be the best woman I could to him.. I feel that my world has hurt , broken, and in the worst pain ever 😣.. I poured my heart and soul out to him

  51. Bella Wright

    Men get Arse hole women too....women always playing the....poor me card.....

  52. Jo Wenninger

    You go Girl Thanks 💜

  53. AmericanTravelers

    Wearing so much makeup, trying to be young with them clothes on. Trying to rock out with her studio band. Push up bra. She knows her hairs not that color.

  54. pearl lee

    Boy, do I like this song. Sitting here with stage 4 cancer & non-medical complications. Guess how be many would sit down and talk about business with me in a honest way without exploiting me. Sorry folks but telling lies all the time isn't my thing

  55. Dana Hulon

    Yes mine too Jo Dee

  56. Stacey MacDonald

    This goes out to a bus driver that keeps trying to get back with me who is full of lies sorry bus driver but my give a damns buster I dont want him not now not ever.

  57. Michael Sorrentino

    still gives me chills..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Katlynn Gshinsky

    yeah why

  59. Georgia Dall


  60. Jennifer Dijames

    Jo Dee, Where have you been young lady?

  61. Michael Stratton

    Bottomline, you're a bad judge of character

  62. Michael Stratton

    She's hot,if she didn't give a damn, she wouldn't dress like that

  63. Bear

    I have always thought # 1 She is One of the most attractive woman in country music .#2 One of the most talented women in music and #3 This is one of my favorite songs .

  64. Luna & Lexi

    Good song but she's a lot younger and more inexperienced than Reba McEntier and she is a lotal copie. She needs to branch out.

  65. Megan Joelyn

    My guess...the dislikes are from guys!

  66. Carolyn Stone

    Not a fucking thing

  67. WE Hart

    what a dumb fucking song.

  68. Tammy Zeman

    That s why women don't ❤men are sad

  69. Thatonefpsgamer 13

    This is for aal the worthless assholes who say they will change and never do

  70. Kelly Starkey

    Only shared first song & should have been a mix of 50

  71. G Coffey

    This song is for a lot of issues:manchild/womanchild, family, job, the list is too long.

  72. Freedom

    In sending this song to my "dad" the day I move out of the house 😏

  73. Gearjammer

    That is one unattractive girl!
    Certainly not pretty.
    Can’t say she’s ugly.
    She’s just,...... very nothing.
    Not curvy, no appeal.
    Just a little below average in the looks department I guess. 🤷‍♂️

  74. Cloudie 831

    My God....that body😍So nice to see a woman w/ her original parts💕

    Meredith Wilson

    Nope not original

    Cloudie 831

    @Meredith Wilson
    Really? Cuz I'm talking bout body not face.

  75. Love Life Zen1

    Love this lady

  76. Mrsean Stevenson

    I can safely say that I have been feeling this way, Don't get me wrong I do care about people I just don't care much for people that stab me in the back with one hand and shake my hand with the other. I will work with and talk to people to try to work things out but if I sense they're going to do the same thing again then I just tell them nice knowing you, thanks for the lesson. Go ahead and cry it doesn't bother me anymore.

  77. deborah jones


  78. Diana Dobson

    GREAT VIDEO. 😊🤩❤❤❤❤

  79. Ronbo Nick

    I wrote a song That I believe would be a huge hit I need to get a hold of Jo Dee

  80. EddieG

    1 sassy song...

  81. Connie Daniels

    What's a giveadam anyway?

  82. Paeroa68

    Ladies when he wants you to take him back for the umpteenth time, just send him this message.

  83. Raven Whitechapel

    I always liked her when I got to say this her songs have absolutely no rhyme or rhythm

    KeKway Blaze

    They may not "rhyme" but they certainly do have rhythm.. A lot of her songs you can dance to.

  84. Daemon Skycloak

    Mines busted but about work. Lol I’m just like whatever I’ll show up and do my work but no extra stuff anymore if that’s how it’s gonna be.

  85. Venture Electronics

    Not much of a singer is you have to walk out on stage with your tits hanging out.

  86. Kelli Jenkins-Iles

    Exactly!!! ☮️

    Kelli Jenkins-Iles

    Thank you!!! ☮️

  87. Brian Bayer

    I love her red hair, and she is smoking hot🔥🔥

  88. Gijoe215062056 Ham

    How. And when. You gonna a stop messing with me to. I m spossed to have responsibilitys you keep screwing them up.

  89. Travis Krause

    I know that feeling about some women of the past!!!

  90. Jerry Thomas

    I always wanted to sniff her ham wallet

  91. Joseph Bailey

    Would someone please tell her she can’t dance..

  92. Evil Mofo

    Fake country

  93. Doris Kimbrell

    Jo Dee Messina is very beautiful and very sexy

    Dave Richardson

    She is very sexy no doubt , she looks sexy in all her videos , did u no she wears leather pants in one of her videos ?

  94. Jane Woods

    Mine too!!!!

  95. Janie Lee

    Hahaha if anyone really cared and actually helped others our world would be a much better place, but most people want to help themselves if they can cause the g8ve a damns been busted for years lol not taking the hackers number out and I feel like a number just saying if you can't or won't help me fuck off. Serious I've helped more than my share instead of helping myself and my give a damns busted lol

  96. Thomas Cavallaro

    give a shit wouldn't get played but hey it fits perfect