Messina, Jo Dee - Love Is Not Enough Lyrics

Sometimes I have to tell myself to keep on breathing
My heart is not believing you're gone
I try hard to remind myself time will do the healing
'Cause right now I'm not feeling all that strong

Everything's a memory
And they're taunting me
Just one simple thing
And I'll break down and cry

Why I wanna scream it's just not fair
Pray to god I didn't care
I wanna turn back time
Turn back time and have you here with me
I want to find someone to blame
But sometimes life gets in the way
And it doesn't care how much we love
'Cause sometimes love is just not enough

Oh we took a chance we gave it all we had and couldn't make it
It didn't work for all the times we tried
No matter how we loved, it seemed the odds were stacked against us
Now we have to live our separate lives

Well I'm not ready yet
Too much to forget
Oh it still feels like
A part of me is dying

[Repeat chorus]

Sometimes love is just not
How come love is just not

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Messina, Jo Dee Love Is Not Enough Comments
  1. Melissa King

    Speaks so much to me

  2. christa work

    i miss u cody god y did u hurt me y do i still love u y me

  3. Pierre Bourquin

    écoutez la playlist, tout est excellent et rien n'est à jeter; le niveau musical " top "les musiciens " pur Nashville " des pros!! compositions guitares superbes...

  4. Unicorn2461

    Never thought I could cry so much to a song

  5. TiAmo4life

    This song leaves me breathless every single time