Messina, Jo Dee - Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) Lyrics

If I won me the lottery
I'd dance naked in the street
With a top hat full of money
And you'd wanna get to know me
If I won me the lottery

And if I was a movie star
I'd sip honey from a pickle jar
In the back of my limousine
They'd call me an icon
And I'd be lookin' back at you
From the cover of the people magazine

I guess it's all for the takin'
I guess it's all yours and mine
My sister says I got to see it and believe it

I believe it
I believe it

If I am just an outside
I'm livin' in a trailor with a black and white tv set
If only I was president, yah
You know I'd paint the white house pink
And never have to pay the rent
If only I was president

I guess it's all there for the takin'
I think it's all yours and mine
My preacher says I've got to see it and believe it

I believe
I won't sleep 'til I've had enough
I believe
Won't sip my wine from no paper cup
I believe
Won't sleep 'til I've had enough
Until I've had enough

Delicious surprise
Now I do believe
Now it's there all the time
Inside I knew it all the time

Got me somethin' to believe in
But all I really want now is
A handful of salvation

[Repeat chorus (2X) (out)]

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Messina, Jo Dee Delicious Surprise (I Believe It) Comments
  1. KSWfarms

    I can say this version is better than the original. I can't stand the original's voice.

  2. Dean Woodward

    I came here just to see if somebody really had the balls to cover Beth Hart. This is just.... so white bread. Party country ruins everything. This isn't even close to good. Bye

  3. Rae

    This really is a 2005 MV lol

  4. Mizuka Young

    This song is awesome! And JoDee Messina did this so perfectly. I loved this. She has that real country voice and she looks like she's having a great time in the video. I honestly prefer this version over Beth Hart's but both are great. I just prefer this version more since it sounds more country to me and this was the best version I've heard. When Messina says "I believe it" I feel it more and she hit that note perfectly and I can tell she 100% meant it too and put more feeling and soul to it.

  5. Dylan Roberts

    this version seems awkward and very forced. Sounds like she's not really much of a fan of the song at all. Literally sounds like very lazy in parts of the recording. This was very awkward to listen to and watch. Anyone else feel that way?

  6. Lisa Miller Jackson aka Banta Widow

    JoDee Messina is awesome. I really enjoyed meeting her and talking to her.

  7. Danny NeSmith

    Good job; but the original by Beth Hart is so much better

  8. Miguel Cadete

    Yes she is!

  9. Lemming Lacquer

    Hands down, Beth Hart did this song a million times better. She gave the song soul and conviction. This version is bubblegum lip gloss generic country crossover that falls flat. The only upside of this song is whatever royalties Beth gets from this as the co-writer of the song.


    well beths wouldn't have even made it on the charts, this song at least had a chance and mader top 30, that is the business. good song hooks sell in any format.

  10. Jess Cunningham

    Jo Dee for President!! Thumbs up if you agree....


    Sure. Allways better than what you got now....

  11. Bob nagel

    Jo Dee, please get well soon!

  12. Rob McCausland

    I'd never heard this song until tonight, rewatching "Game Change." A snippet is used as McCain's campaign bus is seen heading out on the campaign trail. It was reminiscent, in that use,  of The Allman Brother's "Jessica" when it was used in "Field of Dreams." I don't know the work of this singer - nor the songwriter - but will now look into both! Thanks for the upload, and the comments!

  13. Kristen Skillen

    0:05 I thought those jeans said touch at first glance

  14. Simon Thomas

    Great stuff and enjoyed!

  15. Jerry Doucet

    No Beth hart's sounds like poop.... Guess I'm just to country

    Lemming Lacquer

    Nope, you just have really poor taste. There's no soul or personality in this version. The fact that it lacks anything of substance is probably the underlying reason people like this version.

  16. Krys Field

    the original by Beth Hart is still the best to me


    @Krys Field Oh yes, no contest at all! :)))


    @Jerry Doucet Beth wrote it
     and her voice and original version is hands down better. Messina puts way too much fake twang in it.

    Molli Hood

    Oh god. How did this happen??


    There is a reason she is a writer and not a singer, it was ok. JD brought to spit and polish this song needed. I would rather be a writer anyway and cash those royalty checks each year.