Merle Haggard - Narration #1 Lyrics

When Jimmie Rodgers first sang California Blues he'd never been to the
golden state. He wrote and recorded the song in October 1928
He always dreamed of touring California but tuberculosis kept him from
making such a tour. Most of Jimmie's in person performances were in the
area from Texas east and it was in this area that he knew the railroads and
the railroaders and the bums that road the rods
Jimmie had a special feeling for the hobo
And he was always good for a touch by one of the knights of the road
He knew their problems and he knew them well
For Jimmie had hoboed many of the main lines himself.

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  1. In the Company of Magic

    Thanks, Link

  2. Mike Wright

    Gary Don Clark
    Was my best friend. We would drink bud lite an listen to this. It was a happy time.
    R. I. P Gary!!!!