Meredith Brooks - Sin City Lyrics

In this town of pain
You could be the lucky one
Fate turns on a dime
The only thing that will change
Are the lights when they get brighter
They replace the sun

Out the door, you get burned
And there is no way back in
You've got nothing
Snake eyes, the house always wins

A drowning man does not die silently
You can feel the final warning
And the black money follows
Through the veins of the shallow
Change the name to protect the guilty
You'll never leave Sin City
Where you are king

In this room of shame
You could sink this town
And breathe another day
The mirror faces you
You cannot look away
Blood is on your hand
The streets will be the same
Under your feet like quicksand
Touch the face where a kiss of hope can last

Ooohhh where you are king ooohhh

A drowning man does not die silently
You can feel the final warning
And the black money follows
Through the veins of the shallow
Change the name to protect the guilty
You'll never leave Sin City

Just one kiss from the shadow
Will be the touch of an angel
Just one kiss is all that you need
If you never leave Sin City
You never leave Sin City
You never leave Sin City
Where you are king

Just one kiss ohhhh-oh-oh-oh
Where you are king [repeat]

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Meredith Brooks Sin City Comments
  1. marcus ivery

    Snake eyes brought me here.

  2. David Fabos

    Your sin city gypsey like me why cool brain play any and other why real all. Adam real movie buster liker all future all like why did most? Space real only nice always like all consider real space even thing know talk music one all know. Link to know movie?

  3. David Fabos

    Why on solstice(Writers have) have real other song real not like her? Use new link with theory real all universe that one or? Language real like real diverse nice one real not. Homophobic women then men sense infidel not or Russia Irish most theory or tell them? Helpers guy second not theory outside still her second? Her and not and dance? Orgasm church go allot time PHD not go there? The burn before song why know hear did and country's hear theory nice if know what space change?

  4. Doug Koehler

    It is clear that this song was written from the script of the movie Snake Eyes. It reminds me of those James Bond songs trying to fit the title of the movie into the song. However here, she took the words during the middle of the movie and made them famous.

  5. StraightHugo

    Not on Spotify, going to unsubscribe it. 😎

  6. Angel Gonzalez

    For me, her best song ever

  7. Dunecigar

    By God... one of the most powerfully sang songs I've ever heard. Outstanding.

  8. marek s

    hi meredith i old ur fan, in thartday im 48

  9. marek s

    Cool, u r allways super

  10. Brittany Pirtle

    This song is terrible. The perfect ending to a Nick Cage movie.

  11. Franck

    So great song ! Thanks so much Meredith

  12. pap3rinik

    Snake eyes

  13. dmelilla

    Great Meredith, great song. From Spain.

  14. Leonard Hughes

    in honor of gary sinsie who ended his screen life at the end of the film.

  15. Mikhail Museev

    I love you.

  16. Carlos Flores

    thanks Meredith for this great song xD

  17. C pt Fox

    well, at least I got to be on tv.

  18. marek s

    marry u cant be think, please, i love u

  19. marek s

    hi sweety
    i love ur song, u r cool

  20. marek s

    sorry gays u like old music?

  21. marek s

    uy knows, remember color of the nights?
    same nice song

  22. Atticus Rex

    Thanks Nicholas Cage!

  23. marek s

    u dont cant ronoway

  24. marek s

    sorry i love thissong

  25. marek s

    i play my song

  26. marek s

    i love she, o boy i love u meredith

  27. marek s

    she is rock woman

  28. marek s

    hi meredith

  29. kao8855

    snake eyes! house wins!

  30. marek s

    shis good Singer, but very
    never mind\

  31. marek s

    u have nice song, but ar y proud woman, u hawe monky
    \obama is idiot


    Are you having a stroke or are you just an idiot?

  32. marek s

    shie is difrent, i love meredith, becose she beak , she is myself, sorry for my English

  33. marek s

    who have e-ail for meredith, i must write

  34. bartlomiejpi

    those snake eyes...

  35. allydea

    Oh, how I love this song! And how I hate "I'm A Bitch".. How is this possible?!

  36. FleurDs

    Snake Eye, it is.

  37. alphazombieelite

    SNAKE EYES! i love nick cage ^_^

  38. HartmanJan1982

    Utonulí neumírají tiše
    Můžeš cítit poslední varování
    Špinavé peníze padají skrze povrchní způsoby
    Klidně to nazývej jinak, ale chráníš provinilé
    Nikdy neopustíš město hříchu....

  39. Chandler and Co

    could you do Crazy-meredith brooks?

  40. chery041

    very nice song .. which genere is this ? .. country ?.. melo rock ? .. and is she a new singer ?

  41. Dunecigar

    But honestly... would we have it any other way. Our own self destruction is the single purist quality that we still hold within us since the apple was taken, willingly, from her hand.

  42. DrowningMan007

    If you want the tab write to me.

  43. Ryan Smith

    needs more views and comments

  44. Zac Cassidy

    does anyone know where i can get the guitar tab for this?

  45. Luiz Pereira

    the house always wins

  46. Stealth banning and comment ghosting is despicable

    Love the film (Snake Eyes, not Sin City) and song.

    Leonard Hughes

    Dedicated to the bad guy who was forced in this film major Kevin Dunn.

  47. Valdecir Kozak

    Música mto boa!!!

  48. Caner YILMAZ

    Sin Cityyyyy