Meredith Brooks - I Said It Lyrics

Hold on now I'm slow to burn
I know you've been waiting your turn
I'm not giving in
It's just the time has come

You want it I said it You got it I meant it

I thought I had so much to lose
But I am no longer confused
You can't rush these things
And now I'm telling you

You want it I said it You got it I meant it

Love will tell the truth
Lovers can turn it to lies
I'd rather protect these lips
Then say another goodbye

I don't want regret from the past
To keep me from something that could last
You're the only one
Who solved the mystery

You want it I said it You got it I meant it

Hold on now I'm slow to burn
You're the only one
Who saw the mystery

You want it I said it You got it I meant it
You heard me I said it

Believe it
Now get it
You want it I meant it
I love you

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Meredith Brooks I Said It Comments
  1. Sudipta Ray

    Who's here 2020? Just me? Ok!

  2. Bimba Bimba

    2020 is coming...!!

  3. Jack Opulski

    This is a 1990s overload, I'm high on it, good

  4. Haley Maxwell

    Very under rated song !!

    cosme damiao

    One of best songs from 90s

  5. Raul Quirino valdez

    I ❤️ and miss 90s

    cosme damiao

    Let's go back to 90s

  6. Charles April

    It's been 14 years the first time I listened to this song and kept listening, I didn't know the lyrics , I only understood "I'm a child, I'm a mother and I'm the centre"! But now ... I've got to understand fully!

  7. Kssndr Cmll

    Came here 'cause of Taylor's playlist

  8. Juris Embergs

    Anthem of SAB.

  9. Blanca Martinez

    Taylor swift party

  10. Annika Wheble

    I love this song and her clothes style

  11. Alice Bantick

    My song he’ll yer

  12. Farnaz Darjani

    Aloha my love by Isabel brought me here 😊

  13. Paola Orellana S.

    Alguien en el 2019??

    León Sanav87

    Por aquí 😎

  14. Mahinda Githaiga

    I always thought Alanis Morrisette did this song

  15. bichita gomez

    I'm a bitch

  16. KoasterKing 205

    What Women Want brought me here.

  17. Emerson Gontijo

    Do que às mulheres gostam !

  18. Raymond Leonel Sosa Hernandez

    I'm here cause Im A Mess of Bebe Rehxa sounds like this

  19. The Spanish Inquisition

    Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition!

  20. 2019 CHAOS music

    So much a good songs

  21. Leads The Fallen Vlogs

    My sister said she loved this song just before she died of a drugs overdose at 16. She was also a mother to a 1 yr old

    The Spanish Inquisition

    Well done, want a cookie?

  22. nicholas ng sing kwong

    (Nicholas foulons and sarab  bastien) are amongst those who were damned

  23. nicholas ng sing kwong

    (DENADA KERRI ) is hell bound

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    (aigar) and ( maya ) from Egypt as well

    nicholas ng sing kwong

    (sandokan damaio ) as well.all torture butchers on power lunatics

  24. Andrew Ponomarev

    A man can do anything except what a woman can

  25. leesider

    Top tune

  26. Douglas Alves

    Que pena q ela sumiu....cantora de uma musica só kkkkkk

  27. Blueflower L

    bebe rexha plagiarized this song

  28. CALH

    She was 40 when this song was released. It sounded young AF

  29. Sasha Duh

    Отличная песня, классная певица! Приятное видео! Спасибо, что выложили его в Ютуб)

  30. bmfpooh

    Baba O'Riley intro!!!

  31. Chef CR

    Can anyone tell me how the women and man in this song is portrayed ?
    I need it please
    Thanks from germany

  32. Sarrah Cea

    All the while I thought it was Alanis. Gosh!

  33. M mortim

    A real woman not like these me too campaign sluts today

  34. Amy Harmer

    Anthem for my life

  35. doesnotcompute81

    Shabba Ranks called, he wants his beat back

  36. TheGrimReaper 55

    I literally just typed bitch and seen this

  37. InfiniteWonderz

    I'm a bloke, I'm a yobbo me best mates name is Robbo
    Winfield is me cigarette, i dress in flannelette
    Shearers singlet that is blue, throw in a few tattoos

    Ya know you wouldn't want me any other way

  38. Валерий Сычёв

    Привет из 2019 ))

  39. cristian R Dg

    When in 2002 you were looking for this song in Ares:
    78% Bitch - Alanis Morissette
    12% Bitch - Meredith Brooks
    10% P0rn

  40. Thoni Animations

    I will never heat this song the same way again after " Glee "!

  41. The King


  42. Alina Dronova

    This song resonates more with me now than ever before...

  43. Lourraine Cristiane

    Quem estar vendo em 2019?

  44. Abdullah Shikh

    I'm a mess... Bebe rexha...

  45. APRIL S

    I just realized, this whole time I sang "I hate myself today", instead of "I hate the world today", I mean tbh not like i lied.

  46. lncomprendidoHD

    October 2019, over here plz xD
    Thank you :)

  47. Hirthirt hirt

    Thats the time when it became fashionable to be bitch......

  48. Megan Grant

    My cousin was being a bitch so I play this song while she was being bitchy 😂.

  49. Tristan Dunnett

    Late 2019 listeners?

  50. Team Ariana Grande

    I❤this song
    Edit: thx😄

  51. Badcat


  52. sebas hess

    HEY, MY KOZMIK M......................

  53. leandro souza

    Love this Song! ❤

  54. Pvshka

    Anyone here from Hellsing abridged?

  55. Vanessa Padilla :b

    Sue Sylvester of GLEE??

  56. szeryfhl

    Fatkycznie "...bitch..."

  57. evilsonic9999

    i finally found this song! is the best song ever!

  58. gaming holic TV

    Since 2011

  59. nicholas ng sing kwong

    stasis music

  60. Cher Bee

    When u become a widow. . . !!

  61. eddie brown

    This song reminds my sweet dog i named her Biege...Then i sing This song for her "Im A Biege a doggy sweet sweet lover doggy"...


    that’s so cute !!

  62. Soledad Agudo

    Yo escuchandola en 2019

  63. raúl fortón

    La musica es genial pero lo que ella se transforma en el video está muy mal.las letras de la musica tambien

  64. alex jessop

    she looks like demi moore

  65. Robert Castle

    Brilliant unsurpassable lyrics .

  66. Ada Kunze

    My childhood...i love

  67. Tina Gratz

    Bin ich........

  68. ItgirlNique

    2019? Listeners

    Jinkstack S

    Who actually likes these comments?

    nevergymless lee

    @Jinkstack S You do

    Hyalophora Cecropia

    Dogs: Woof woof.

    Cats: Meow meow.

    Retards: 2019 anyone?


    Mel Gibson brought me here

    Arigna Guha

    2020 !!

  69. stadler tonon

    Crystal Reed looks a lot like her omg

  70. kelly crook

    every single word is me.meradith get out my head but I do it justice on kareoke

  71. Alejandro E


  72. Slakfocmsnvfgls

    She low-key looks like Isabelle Huppert...

  73. Carla A

    """by Meredith Brooks>>> LYRICS...
    I hate the world today
    You're so good to me
    I know but I can't change
    Tried to tell you
    But you look at me like maybe
    I'm an angel underneath
    Innocent and sweet
    Yesterday I cried
    Must have been relieved to see
    The softer side
    I can understand how you'd be so confused
    I don't envy you
    I'm a little bit of everything
    All rolled into one
    I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
    I'm a child, I'm a mother
    I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
    I do not feel ashamed
    I'm your hell, I'm your dream
    I'm nothing in between
    You know you wouldn't want it any other way
    So take me as I am
    This may mean
    You'll have to be a stronger man
    Rest assured that
    When I start to make you nervous
    And I'm going to extremes
    Tomorrow I will change
    And today won't mean a thing
    I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
    I'm a child, I'm a mother
    I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
    I do not feel ashamed
    I'm your hell, I'm your dream
    I'm nothing in between
    You know you wouldn't want it any other way
    Just when you think, you got me figured out
    The season's already changing
    I think it's cool, you do what you do
    And don't try to save me
    I'm a bitch, I'm a lover
    I'm a child, I'm a mother
    I'm a sinner, I'm a saint
    I do not feel ashamed
    I'm your hell, I'm your dream
    I'm nothing in between
    You know you wouldn't want it any other way
    I'm a bitch, I'm a tease
    I'm a goddess on my knees
    When you hurt, when you suffer
    I'm your angel undercover
    I've been numb, I'm revived
    Can't say I'm not alive
    You know I wouldn't want it any other WAY,,,,,"""""" Fonte: LyricFind Compositores: Meredith Anne Brooks / Shelly M Peiken Letras de Bitch ©""""""""""""" ++++++++++

  74. Carla A


  75. Constantine McDonough

    they don't make music today just like this....


    Stupid despatio or sth. Got like 6 billion views and these classic golden songs are not even popular!😭♥️


    That solo part starts and I'm like in heaven!♥️
    Love that guitar parts very much!♥️

  78. budsyremo

    I am a dude and love this song.

  79. gaming holic TV

    She is cool!

  80. Carolyne Patrick

    Oh my...I miss the 90’s music.

  81. Yared Pump

    Childhood 😔

  82. Márton Lukács

    I'm a cuck

  83. Patato girl

    Im a mess

  84. 小家大介

    Always great to listen!

  85. Hafizha Sarah

    Definitely I will be put this song immediately on my playlist then sing this song to my bestie, Andrew Garfield and Joseph Gordon Levitt.
    I told them I love them. I love their movies. Just like this song, it's kind of put smiley on my face. Thank you

  86. Bianca V

    Masterpiece 😍😍😍👌👌👌😃😅

  87. goku son

    I was looking for a song I csn put myself down to cuz I felt like a bitch today but instead im dancing lol

  88. Sira Burton

    my neighbors looking me weird since i sing this like a fucking psyco

  89. luli Moore

    2019 anyone? :)

  90. Michel Frank Araújo 16 years..Oh God I miss

  91. Andyr Rafael

    "It didn't work, it did not work..."

  92. Aimee Thomson

    ...a malebitch...flaunting your rejects

    Aimee Thomson


  93. Nontree11

    Thank you Lindsay Ellis for reminding me about this song.

    Robin Williams

    Lol she introduced me to it. And I'm now living for it!


    that 1 second excerpt from this song brought me back to the 90's, and just had to look it up again. im just here like all of you from the lindsay ellis video of game of thrones, lol.