Meredith Brooks - All For Nothing Lyrics

I was walking down the street doing nothing
When she ran right into me and I was wondering
If it could be that she didn't see
But she spit that hatred at my face
I felt like I wanted to fight
When I saw her hungry eyes and broken heart
And recognized her pain
I saw it I know it and I walked away
Only love could save her anyway

I can't believe all the times that we bleed
That it's all for nothing
I will deny all the tears that we cry
That it's all for nothing

Sometimes I feel so confused when I look at us
And all we went through
After eight years of sharing every dream together
We don't even talk
Is that all there is
What we stood up for
Now we stand behind a million locked doors
And we can't even say that we'll be friends
Sometimes things just change and we don't know why
I don't think I'll swallow that kind of lie

I can't believe all the times that we bleed
That it's all for nothing
I will deny all the tears that we cry
That it's all for nothing

Do we all want to believe there's more to this
Than the lights just turning out

Now we gotta have a real conversation even if we don't
Know each other's situation
Who says we're powerless just because of all the injustice
There's still time to fight
You just gotta go you just gotta try
You're the only one that's standing in your way
Sometimes things keep changin' we don't know why
Don't think I'll swallow that kind of lie

I can't believe all the times that we bleed
That it's all for nothing
I will deny all the tears that we cry
That it's all for nothing

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Meredith Brooks All For Nothing Comments
  1. Casey Brown


  2. ss tall Toby

    I found a sentence at 0:53 that describes me so well

  3. Randi Gordey


  4. Paulina Tymińska

    Gemini's anthem 😂🤘

  5. Esta Dewberry

    Esta dewberry Sims Burke cook for concern ❤️❤️❤️

  6. krystal floods

    For years I thought this was an Alanis Morisette song 🤦🏼‍♀️ (not sure how to spell her name)

  7. Mericon Herrera

    im a bitch😂😂😂

  8. Steve Ivey

    She must be a bicth because she singing about her

  9. Aileen Deloy

    I went here after Martha Hunt posted something on her my day hahaha

  10. Ana Martinez

    Im here because of Taylor Swift 😂

  11. 우간다 사람하니씨

    Am here after Taylor swift Birthday playlist... who is with me

  12. Martin trejo

    Led Zeppelin

  13. Phillip Wells


  14. Phillip Wells


  15. Phillip Wells

    Take me transparent as I sm🖖

  16. Phillip Wells

    Inocent n sweet... I don’t envy anyone

  17. Linda Gonzales

    Yea, and now I’m old. You have porns in your fingertips. Twenty four years still believing in you. Still nothing for me and you.

  18. Teresa Tester

    26 and this shi* is still my jam! 🎸

  19. Chris Cabeyo

    Heard it in a series orphan black right now and ... I do not feel ashamed.

  20. Justine holmlund

    To my(abusive,cheating,asshole ex husband)hey...look babe,it’s a song about you!! For response about that.🤷🏼‍♀️😏

  21. Tasty Donaut

    Germanys next topmodel

    Sie singts😂

  22. Sequoia New

    This is me .....

  23. Lauren Barrow

    My ex just called me a bitch so listening to this now and makes me smile 😂😂😂

  24. Jamie Sturgell


  25. Alice Bantick

    that's me all over

  26. K Mar

    No your a mistake cropped out! 💔 you're welcome Wednesday❌😘 signed O! 💪🙃 Go back to the trash!

  27. Sam Davis

    I love this song it makes me feel so many different ways although I can completely agree with everything she says except being a mother😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  28. Eboni Jones

    I'm a 15 year old girl who listens to a lot of old school songs

  29. Multifandom Couples

    Why can’t music be like that still ...

  30. Mike or patty Rhoades

    Well Hello! You never met Me ha!!!! and I will never be kind all the time OK!

  31. Judy Sherry

    I have pumpkin pie and a fat cheese cake with 🍒 on top!

  32. jennifer g

    I love this song

  33. Mario Bošnjak

    Bi Polar Anthem

  34. Sophie Wulfe

    Sue Sylvester did it better

  35. Sharon Bowen

    So true keep it real 💯😎

  36. MetroLifeMedia69

    This was uploaded on my 10th birthday.

  37. Rita Marja-Helena

    💎 Yes! Pure diamond!

  38. Mihaela Devic

    It is me 100 % love this song

  39. Potato Bunny

    Fun fact the chrous was sampled for im a mess by bebe rexha

  40. JBPole

    Listening in November 2019?💓

  41. 江ノ島盾子

    I wasn’t around in this time period, but I can understand why people would be nostalgic about it

  42. K Mac

    basically describes every woman

  43. Amy Leen

    love ur seasons can't stop watching

  44. Midnight Harmony

    Isn't this song just called 'Bitch'?

  45. doesnotcompute81

    Same drums intro as Mr Loverman by Shabba Ranks

  46. Qualified Idiots

    Ah, a female empowerment song that makes me Want the woman more, and not any other way.

    Adam Johnson

    Yes I was wondering why there isn't more song's like this 😧

    Qualified Idiots

    @Adam Johnson Because to be a strong woman now adays, you need to be unlikable. Otherwise you're just seeking positive male attention.

    Adam Johnson

    @Qualified Idiots There's still good women today but it's certainly harder

  47. Yessi Cervantes

    Jii b.c. bu

  48. Melissa Denton

    This song so speaks of who I am an today tomorrow and for the rest of my life! It is what it is... But dang walk a mile in my shoes and take it all in I guarantee no one would LIVE, SURVIVE, OR FIGHT as hard like I have! So yeah it's me and it will be me! Even more when I get my life back and upmost respect! Not being Ignored and guinea pig!

  49. allsoftware2008

    Yes I knew you are a bitch... But a singer?

    Adam Johnson

    Savage 😂

  50. Dan Eli

    I dedicate this sing to the women

  51. amazingwolfy 4321

    I love Meredith Brooks

  52. Debbie Renfro

    I listen to this song all the time

  53. Blood Angel

    Bitches love cannons

  54. Idwal Phillips

    So true

  55. Ace O Spades

    I repeat. It did. Not. Work.

  56. Ten Armurk

    mark anthony a madlad

  57. Sam G

    So me still in 2019

  58. Yesenia Salinas

    I sent this to my ex bf before blocking him after he reached out to me😆😂

    Adam Johnson

    Scared he might reply with some truth bombs?

  59. TITCH Glitch

    Haha my partner calls me bitch all the time, so here you go honey here's my song to you... enjoy. X

  60. Keaton Gabel

    I always tell my dad this is one of my older sister’s mood song.

  61. Dark Star King

    Girls: "This is TOTALLY me!"
    Guys: "This is TOTALLY my ex-girlfriend!*

  62. Hafizha Sarah

    My official anthem when I watching any kind of Andrew Garfield's movies especially The Amazing Spider-Man series. I swear if I met him I will be sing this song loudly in front of him.
    "Eh what do you think, Andy?"

  63. Ellie Price

    Sue slyvester sent me here...

  64. Annie Tikivik

    Wow! love it ! Memories

  65. KAR!MOLA

    Ultimate femenist song 😁👍

  66. Fallish Amber

    Anyone born in 1991 that still listens to this and makes their friends listen to this? 28 years strong!

    Heather Blake

    Same here

  67. Olivia-m _k Tarantola

    Totally me 100%.

  68. abbiejoa

    the song is just called Bitch and that's the biggest mood

  69. Hugh Jones

    0:05 "b-b-b-baybeh you just ain't seen nuthin' yet...."

  70. kristina niemeyer

    I despise F Book!!!! This is so much more fun giving people anonymous advice and ideas😎

  71. Yasmin 61

    Coming from Kennedy Walsh lmao

  72. Ben Melman

    I'm Meredith Brooks' son. What does that make me?

  73. Sherry Love

    This is sooooo me
    Me you and all the others
    Bless you all...girls
    We are what makes this world go round ❤❤❤

  74. Ciara Scarlett

    I'm a bitch I'm a nice bitch if I want to be a bitch.

  75. Jose Japitana

    Am really the "NOTHING IN BETWEEN" 😁

  76. Kickrocksboy1111 Sharp

    I claim this, and MiNOT BI POLAR.

  77. Lecia Coronado

    October 2019


    whos still watchin Oct. 2019!!?

    Kirsty Basnett

    Me a m8 of mine said this is me thou & thou

    Spoopy Skeletons


  79. l.a

    ok but 2019 and still???

  80. kristina niemeyer

    Like it or not I have changed so husband done mean a thing with you FINALLY DIVORCED HIM LISTENING TO THIS SONG!!!!! thank goodness

    Adam Johnson

    In a civilized society you would be stoned

  81. Jade Francesca

    Here because of Mel Gibson.

  82. Sam Jones

    You dont like it fuck off an Leave me alone go ahead keep it up I will leave for good I only kept coming back cause if kenny or I'll put pics on today I dont care u compermise or done an it will be your fault again cause u won't compromise

  83. BastardOfTheUniverseMusic

    sociopath/BPD anthem... If it weren't for the "I do not feel ashamed" I would get it. The lack of empathy or even a basic sense of remorse for how traumatic of an experience it is to wind up in a relationship with one of these types is what I can't seem to reconcile. It seems that they are self aware of their inability to deal with emotions in a healthy way, but yet they often are fervently unapologetic to a point where they will end a relationship overnight and never talk to you again before they man up and just say sorry. And that's if they haven't already manipulated you into somehow having to apologize to them for themselves being assholes. Mindboggling stuff. Are they soulless? Or are they so bad at dealing with the the consequences of their own actions and emotiuons that they would rather destroy a friendship/relationship, and vilify the other party in the process, than to deal with their own personality flaws like a human? With some degree of empathy and self awareness of the external effect of their ways. Its a mystery to me. I've dated two females over the years that were clearly BPD and both of them so abruptly and violently ended our relationship in a moment, in a clear attempt to avoid the real problem. Both experience had me thinking I was losing my damn mind at the time. Like truly, this cannot be really happening....? i'm rambling

  84. CBU2221990

    This is officially Alucard’s theme.

  85. Vanessa Kasstastrophe

    Le titre c'est juste "bitch"

  86. SaveTheDramaForYourLlama

    Well, the I'm a bitch part is accurate...

  87. iren fahile

    black and white soul

  88. amaze cat


  89. Christopher Wilson

    That’s me ......😛

  90. Helmi

    who's still listening this in september 2019?

  91. Anonymous YouTube Account

    Why do people keep saying Alanis Morisette sings this?

  92. Caoimhín Benjamin

    Imagine a guy singing this. Still stupid?

  93. Lord Aamer

    Alright, turn it off, turn it off!

    It didn't work.

    It did not work.

  94. James Hoh

    You have no hard liquor but r made upright.

  95. Krysten55

    This sounds like Alanis Morissette...

  96. Krysten55

    Who heard this on "What Women Want"?

  97. Emmann Baul

    hello 2019