Meredith Andrews - The River Lyrics

Everyone is broken and in need of a savior
So He came and was broken for the marker,
For the shamed
Still our eyes are blinded by the culture,
By the lies
We cant see that were filthy, we're fallen
And so dry

But He invites us
Can you hear Him say
He invites us
Hear Him call your name

Welcome to the river
Come drink come away come find your very life
Welcome to the river of God
Where your brokeness is washed away

Everywhere is the sorrow
And the pain of empty living
You can see it, look in their eyes
All the hopelessness of the world
But look closer He is right there
In the midst of every fear

Living water is the offer
Restoration is the call
And He invites us
Can you hear Him say
He invites us
Hear Him call your name

Welcome to the river
Come drink come away come find your very life
Welcome to the river of god
Where your brokeness is washed away

Welcome to the river
Come drink come away come find your very life
Welcome to the river of God
Where your brokeness is washed away

Find your healing
Find your freedom
In the river of God

Find your healing
Find your freedom
In the river of God

Your healing here
Your freedom here
In the river of God

Your healing here
Your freedom here
In the river of God

Welcome to the river
Come drink come away come find your very life
Welcome to the river of God
Where your brokeness is washed away

..washed away

Everyone is broken and in need of a savior

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Meredith Andrews The River Comments
  1. school work

    This is a beautiful song! Praise God! :)

  2. catlover111able

    My high school years song had it on all my Ipod

  3. Yousavedbro Heaven Bound

    thank Jesus Christ for Your heart of Worship be not ashamed in the midst of his perverted in Wicked generation allow Jesus Christ to influence you and not this fall in the world.

  4. Felix Eugenio

    This muisic Open my heart to God

  5. Xavier Mateo

    BV jkgkk

    Xavier Mateo

    I haveuzuuou. I CThjNiinn

  6. Xavier Mateo


  7. The Cause of Christ-Children Of God


  8. Glenn Hubble

    Magic Christian Singer and Song

  9. BigBudde & BooBoo

    Awesome song! I'm adding it to the playlist "Best Worship Songs"

  10. Bristine Mayo

    So much this all song of Meredith andrews is my favorite from I was a child until I'm grow up

    I will so much I love your song

  11. Ediverto Miza

    q tes bgenial

  12. Raimundo Ray

    Parabéns que Deus abençoe

  13. Valiant Freedom


  14. Brian Whalon

    Awesome. So much feeling in this song. How beautiful is our Savior.

  15. Lisbeth Aracena Perez

    is good

  16. Natalia Lira

    How to play this sooong? pleeease

  17. martin durkin

    Luminous and faithful Meredith... She is God's light in the dark. All things through Him.

  18. Maurader1

    Psalm 34/18-19

  19. Kala Turner

    All things are possible with Christ

  20. kokuto pan


  21. Silva. G.B.

    crying with this song 😢

  22. Annette Huneault

    awesome song

  23. Debra Johnson

    So beautiful Thank you Sweet Jesus....

  24. cai1000

    this songs got me crying again....... This song has Gods Spirit on it

  25. Kadian Clarke-Williams

    Jesus says he is the fountain of living Waters. whoever drinks of this water will never thirst again!!!

    Angela Harris

    Our living hope!

    Xavier Mateo

    Kadian Clarke iiifjiivm

    school work

    Amen! :)

  26. Chládek Julcsi

    wow. this is beauttifull

  27. Trying to Love God

    I have a friend that really needs to be at church. Please pray for him to consistently come to church. He's really special to me. And it's really special to him. There are factors in the way

    Zwy Zwi

    "Dear Heavenly Father, we come to you today to pray for this young man that needs your love. Show him your love, oh Lord, help him find the light, for we are weary, stumbling, and in need of you, we need to accept you. In Jesus's name, Amen."

  28. radioactiveKev

    God is amazing

  29. Esther Sefu

    Wow! Welcome to the River, and wash away all your brokenness. He invites us❤
    This is her best song ever! It's deep and so inspirational! the instruments, the vocals, the lyrics and last but not least, The anointing on this woman!!!❤all Glory due unto the Father. God has got amazing vessels out there!!!❤

  30. Guilherme pimel


  31. colsome miah

    "blinded by the culture and the lies"...still Jesus sends at the door (of your heart) and knocks hoping you will open it and let him common and break bread together Revelations 3:20

    Isa Aviad

    Amazing message a couple of weeks ago. Read the gospels and see that He said ... "Whenever you do this in remembrance of me THERE I WILL BE with you." Wow. Remembering His death and resurrection is a powerful experience.

  32. Sunny Moore

    o,m,g I love this song

  33. Kapil Merchant

    D, In the river of God, I found you, and I'm not letting you go away. Please don't even think of it, my love

  34. cai1000

    54 people need to wade in the river of God

    Xavier POPix my


  35. Juliana Pace

    6/28/15:  So, He told me to get up again this time to write down a dream.  I walked into a room (The River playing by Meredith Andrews), I felt the Power of God fall on me as I laid my right hand on a head (muted faces surrounded us on all sides.  Then I awoke at 4:??, I saw the rest but don’t remember until it was after 5 and I’d laid there trying to recreate the whole dream in my mind wanting to fall asleep again and have more of the dream.  I remembered the song at first but then forgot, yet as I got up I remembered it was playing and the phrase in the song that was playing when I touched the head was “Where your brokenness is washed away.”.

  36. Bledar Xhota

    wonderful song,all songs from meredith are perfecte.

  37. FuzzyBearGaming Destiny


  38. Kathy Baugher

    Everyone should listen real good to lyrics. With god all things are possible, I am living proof. Lost half on my'r-leg 3 years ago and I am not giving up on Ice Skating to the glory of God. 
    I have changed with the Holy spirit inside of me. God gets me through everything every day of my life.
    Trust in the Lord as with him all things are possible.
    Kathy King Baugher

  39. michael essilfie

    I'm not gonna lie, this song is by far the most inspirational song I've ever heard



  40. Ivan Ruata

    Nice voice and melodious

  41. Brenda Garibay Nocelotl

    ♥ it!

  42. Dorusse Rébecca

    très beau chant

  43. Ashley Dain

    Hajj dude eo3 owvep😈

  44. Jesse Reyna

    Pretty song and voice. Love my Lord deeply. Thank you Lord for saving me by your amazing love and grace. Amen.

  45. Adna Silveira

    Deus abençoe sua vida ......

  46. kapilmerc

    Our eyes are not blinded by the culture, they see more, because of it. The rest of the song is beautiful

  47. Diana S.

    This song is so inspiring and it reminds us that God is with us!

  48. PsyRon TV

    I love this song.

  49. naomi Kang

    the more listen to this song the more it is graceful.
    He invites us, can you hear him saying, he invites us, hear call your name.

    Welcome to the river of God~~

  50. Jasmine T

    my favourite song from her!! <3

    paul meier

    do you know Amy Grant ??

    Jasmine T

    @paul meier Yes i do and i enjoy her as well!, Keith Green is one of my favorites

  51. marisaelizabeth uhlmann

    amo esta canción, es de mucha bendición para mi vida!

  52. Nami Best

    Such a nice lyrics!

  53. Chloe Welch

    Best song to Dance to ever ;) x

    Barbara Bonhome

    I totally agree with you, I praise dance and I already see the dance steps to it.

  54. Dayelin Navarro

    He. Invites u to drink from his living water,come if you are broken or need healing,or just plainly need something ,someone to help them fight their way through the world we are living in!
    Welcome to the river!!!!

  55. Stanley Flowers

    i really like this song a lot becuse it give you a peaceful feeling.

  56. David Delisle

    I've been playing a lot of your songs on U-Tube. I see it spred like fire and that's  a good thing. don't let the world take you when your rich and famous, we need you..OK then.

  57. David Delisle

    Our father must Love you very much. you've built a bridge of praise for those of us who cant express so beautiful our Love for him, the son the beautiful one. and so I bless you and may the good Lord bless you and all that is yours. there gifts to us. thanks..

  58. David Delisle

    Meredith, your beautiful, your band and players are beautiful, and no mater were it takes you, you've already taken me. thank you beautiful one. all of you. never stop.

  59. kapilmerc

    Beautiful sentiment

  60. barry christiansen

    love to love very much. !

  61. william manz

    beautiful song!!!

  62. StrumstickJoe

    Psychosis (from the Greek ψυχή "psyche", for mind/soul, and -ωσις "-osis", for abnormal condition or derangement) refers to an abnormal condition of the mind, and is a generic psychiatric term for a mental state often described as involving a "loss of contact with reality".
    I think reality is what science and observation can show me. I think religion is a loss of contact with reality.
    (I post on YTub and other places to warn those who listen of the lethal danger of religion.)

  63. StrumstickJoe

    I would never be angry at something that doesn't exist, Ryan - you answered your own question (which was rather a stupid one).
    It is a fact however, that the religious often make this weird supposition that atheists are angry at their imaginary god - and I think that it is their inability to understand that the universe is without a god that makes them assume that atheists must be angry at 'him'.
    Talking of insanity: I would like you to think on this; I'll send you a definition; read it.

  64. Ryan Thomas

    if you don't believe in Him then why are you so angry at Him? you shouldn't be angry at someone who supposedly doesn't exist. that's actually a sign of insanity. lol this 15 yr old's doing better than some of the adults on this video :3

  65. StrumstickJoe

    I am not averse to recognizing and acknowledging a good voice; even if I disagree with the lyrics.
    Incidentally, I would be the first to agree that the religious canon of music certainly has a huge number of the best tunes.

  66. Ryan Thomas

    no the last one

  67. StrumstickJoe

    There were three comments (in parenthesis) - I'll take it you mean the first...(?)
    I happen to like most kinds of music - that's all - but I was just explaining that I have no hate for anything, and making an exception for that weird bad-poetry-talk-stuff. (I went off-subject)
    (Incidentally, it is my view that religious music has a good record of tune-writing - it is mostly the lyrics that are excruciating)

  68. StrumstickJoe

    I used your word 'sin' metaphorically in answer to you; I don't actually believe in it.
    It is a confection of those who need guilt in order to chastise themselves.

  69. StrumstickJoe

    Ah Ryan... Pascal's Wager - the old favorite!!
    I'd better believe in god and heaven 'just in case' had I?
    So, right! On judgement day (always wondered whether JD takes place the day I die, or the day your kindly god brings the world to an end with is final act of vindictiveness...? Long wait?) I will be able to stand before 'him' and convince him that I was always a true, grovelling follower, yes? he will 'let me in' and I can grovel for ever more?
    I reject your god and holy ghost, utterly.

  70. Ryan Thomas

    was that comment in the parentheses directed toward me?

  71. Ryan Thomas

    those aren't sins. they wern't caused by a PERSON. they're tragedies. and okay. i understand that you don't understandthe word of God, since you're not a believer, but please don't make false judgements about something that you can't possibly understand. and if i'mwrong, then fine. i've lived by good morals, and a good set of rules, and i've lived a godly, healthy lifestyle. but if you're wrong, you're doomed to a life in Hell for eternity. just think about that for a bit.

  72. StrumstickJoe


  73. StrumstickJoe

    Hi Ryan, one of your posts to me doesn't appear here...? Anyway...
    "don't you DARE misquote the bible. using it to prove a point other that the one God intended is the worst sin anyone could possibly think of. "
    No, Ryan, not the worst; the worst is the slaughter, by starvation, aids and other fatal plagues, that kill 1,000 kids under 5 in the third world every bloody HOUR!
    Now THAT's a sin!
    I deny the holy ghost, btw - in addition to your other 2 gods: the creator (hoho!) and the undead one.

  74. StrumstickJoe

    The only things I hate (apart from rap;-)) are the things that are endangering the well-being of mankind (and the other species).
    Your faith is just such a thing.
    One day it will be marginalized along with astrology.
    (Good-looking girl, btw, & good voice - it's just the sycophantic lyrics that are crap.)

  75. Ryan Thomas

    so, in regard to your hatefull, and unneccesary comments, please just

  76. Ryan Thomas

    i have this on repeat

  77. kapilmerc

    River of God, wash me away

  78. StrumstickJoe

    Thought I'd repost ndzoko's comment, because it got voted down by people who can't bear to read anything which questions their extremely fragile faith.
    You should try reality for once; the bible is full of violence and blood. You follow a blood-cult.

  79. StrumstickJoe

    Don't you just love your bible?..
    Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire, inflicting vengeance upon those who do not know God and upon those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus. They shall suffer the punishment of eternal destruction and exclusion from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his might...”
    2 Thess 1:6-9
    ….vindictive, murderous
    Abraham - human sacrifice... jc..human sacrifice. Genocide, misogyny, rape: Iron Age brutality. Lovely!

  80. StrumstickJoe

    Pretty, intelligent-looking singer - but what a load of sycophantic crap she's singing!
    Why do people invent this fawning, guilt-ridden, comfort-blanket stuff? We live in the 21st century - and yet people still want to listen to the fables of the Iron Age!
    I'll tell you something - if we can't shed this nonsense and start working the real world out, we're going to head straight for the bloody armageddon that these idiots yearn for!
    Reason and enlightenment.

  81. StrumstickJoe

    (There's no god!)

  82. Waeel bin Ahmed

    Love it :)

  83. crazy4Jesus316

    Love this girl right hurrr

  84. Ruth Erazo

    Well, we, the Bible and Christ believers, are so human as any other person and we don't know God's plans for our lives, we live by faith, and one more true fact is that I believe in God and that all His judgments written in the bible are true, and happens to me that when I read the Bible, my conscience is confronted to the "good and pure" character that I want to have, and I suggest you to judge yourself, if you like how you live, then, you should stop of judge what the others believe.

  85. Daniella Catuzzi

    agreed! & the baptism of the Spirit. w/o it, the church is POWERLESS, & operating in the flesh, & often in the demonic. yikes!

  86. Daniella Catuzzi

    wow! u say u no the mind of Yahweh? u no His motives? Isa 55:8 “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways,” declares Yahweh.
    Isa 55:9 “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts. Mic 4:12 But they do not know the thoughts of Yahweh, nor do they understand His counsel. Job 40:2 Shall he that contends with the Almighty instruct Him?

  87. Daniella Catuzzi

    i was that "innocent" who suffered ALOT as a child. it was NOT the Almighty's doing. evil men did it. they did not no better, they were prob doing what was done 2 them. that's all they knew. i FORGIVE them & i bless them. not bc they deserve it. but bc i am forgiven 4 SO much more, & bc my Heavenly Father LOVES me :D yes, i have asked y He allowed it. i haven't gotten an answer YET, but i am not angry w Him :)

  88. Jimmy Mac

    Just because God knows in advance doesn't mean He made the choices for us!!! But hey not everyone gets it. You can rationalize and try to make sense of God knowing everything and seeing our lives like a painting on a canvass but it won't happen!!! Some things even what you believe has to be received by faith.

  89. J-sta

    bro before you make such a comment confidently, I suggest you read the book. rather than go around with what you heard from some half knowledged, or else you also will be the same.

  90. DancingOnTheStars

    No, no, those words are yours. Not God's words. If you don't believe, then you don't believe. I'm not making you or anyone believe I am not saying I disrespect other's beliefs or I hate people who are not Christians just because I am a Christian and others are not. I am just saying That I BELIEVE IN JESUS CHRIST AND PROUD OF IT! So please stop disrespecting my beliefs just because I KNOW GOD IS REAL. I am not disrespecting yours or anyones just because they are not Christians.

  91. DancingOnTheStars

    We need God because without Jesus I know I would be lost. I have been bullied, it hurt me. I have put myself down, saying I am worthless and ugly. I have always believed in God, but when i actually started to realize God is always there for me, i turned to Him and felt better that someone will always love me and forgive me for something I regret doing to myself or others.

  92. DancingOnTheStars

    I can't show you the love, YOU have to accept it yourself. If you really want to find the love, try reading the Bible. ;) God didn't know He was going to destroy the world, God made Adam and then Eve as a companion for Adam, each in God's own image. there was one tree that Adam and Eve were forbidden to eat from. The tree of life. Eve sinned because she was tempted by Satan to eat of the tree and she did. Because she did that, Adam and Eve would live life suffering. God didn't want us to suffer

  93. TheDalaiah

    I meant Part 3/3.

    Hope it helped Ndzoko

  94. TheDalaiah

    Part 2/3:
    When God gives, it's given, it's up to you what you do with it. It's as if you (GOD) own a house (the WORLD), but you rent it to someone else (HUMANS). It's your house, but you have no right to run and dictate what person who is currently living there does and how (THEY HAVE FREE WILL). If a toilet is broken (POVERTY, RAPE, CRIME), you may know how to fix it, but you can't just burge in and fix it without his permition, he has to tell you about it and invite you in to fix it (PRAYER).

  95. TheDalaiah

    Part 2/3:

    When God created us, He gave us free will because He wanted family not slaves, sons and daughters not servants. God also gave us the dominion over all things concerning this world. That dominion was stolen by the devil, who now uses to create situations (natural disasters, evil ideas like human slavery, etc) that cause pain to everybody, it's like having a bad president. Hurt people often hurt others (often innocent ones).

  96. TheDalaiah

    Part 1/3:
    Ndzoko, you can recognize that there is good and evil in this world, and also within each one of us (you are capable of doing good and doing evil, it depends on how you justify to yourself at the time, right?). Well that ability to choose what to do is FREE WILL.

  97. DancingOnTheStars

    God does protect the innocent. Jesus holds the entire world and universe in His hands, no problem of ours is too big for Him to handle, to take care of us. If you read Genesis or Matthew? maybe that will help you. :) I can't make you believe in Jesus and maybe my words are not helping, but I hope they do. Your words send tears to my eyes.....