Mereba - Sandstorm Lyrics

We were low, we were high, Jekyll, Hyde
I'll still stay by your side
You know I tried, and tried, and tried, and tried, and tried
I was wrong, you was right, justified, I was playing with fire
What a divide, divide, divide, divide, divide

Good God, these niggas is crazy
Just fight the feeling, it's all we do
Inside, it's killing me, baby
Outside I'm cucumber cool
We might just really be crazy
He might just, she might just
(Be crazy, be crazy, be crazy, be crazy)

What if I told you...
(What if I told you...)
That I miss the old you?
(That I miss the old you, baby?)
I used to hold you tight, a ride or die for life
But I couldn't mold you
(I couldn't mold you)
'Cause I didn't own you, baby
('Cause I didn't own you, baby)
But I'm on my own two now, I've grown to know
A lotta shit that I didn't before
My heart in your grip don't let my shit slip on the floor
I followed your drip and finally see where you goin'
I try to remember
But then I remember that you got a temper, and I got no filter
So it's like a sandstorm, when we get to blows
Can we please take it easy?
Let's just act like adults
I'ma keep it cool now, although I know it's through now

Good God, these niggas is crazy
Just fight the feeling, it's all we do
Inside, it's killing me, baby
Outside I'm cucumber cool
We might just really be crazy
He might just, she might just

Take a piece of my love, we've been through enough stuff
We probably need to go up and away
Keep the peace, it's all love, don't need no spite
Now we need to grow up and away
Take a piece of my love, we've been through enough stuff
Probably need to grow up and away
Baby it's too crazy, it pains me lately

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Mereba Sandstorm Comments
  1. Keerstin Weikel

    I think she has made 2 songs with Dreamville, if im sure.

  2. Obear34

    The visuals 🔥x💯🙌🏾

  3. kombo kenji

    Who came here from Inspired Island???

  4. lydia woodard

    why she have to use the N-Bomb

  5. Nate Da Great

    😔 this song sings to my soul... I wanna say thank u guys for this lovely music

  6. Tarot Snob

    You know I tried ... and tried ... and tried ... and tried ... and tried ,
    That’s gets me ...... every time
    I love her ..

  7. Mik Mik

    JID can go R&B!!! I hope he explores that field. JID ft JID would be lit

  8. Bryce Henderson

    I always loved this song, but after coming out of a serious and failed relationship that seemed doomed from the start, it hits differently. She gave us real vulnerability and depth

  9. Jehudi Phillips

    Easily becane my favoirite song from the first time I heard it, this song is criminally unknown

  10. Jehudi Phillips

    Why does this just have 1 million views

  11. Jehudi Phillips

    This is hard why am I just hearing this

  12. cxcollins

    Ive never listened to a song this

  13. The Connected Self

    This song is EVERYTHING!!!! Especially the JID duet 💞💞🔥🔥

  14. ZayvionRT

    This is a Scorpio and Cancer love story

  15. Callum Hart

    Much better than Darude - Sandstorm

  16. Maha Elshafie

    Going through my own sandstorm right now...tune is 🔥

  17. Ivan LK

    This video deserves more views🥺

  18. Roman Spataro

    she a legend in the making

  19. Fernando Ford

    This Is Beautiful!
    I dnt understand who would hate this

  20. Ser-hat

    This song is such a vibe

  21. La Neicha Thrower


  22. Denise Williams

    she sounds like janelle no?

  23. Chris Bautista

    Mereba, Ari Lennox, Rayvn Lenae>>>

  24. Syakir Tarimizi

    how the fuck is this not 5 mil views yet!? it's sucha good song!

  25. yf G/-/OST

    wattafahk...... still not a milli views?! 😭

  26. Tanaeja Hilt

    I’m just happy this song was made 😩❤️

  27. Tiera Smith

    friend posted this song on her story, i fell in love

  28. Edwin Berumen

    I don't think there is anyone that can't sing, they just need to find their range

  29. Music workout


  30. Blackvaginafinda



    Blackvaginafinda she has one

  31. Keeya Wamuri


  32. Tasia

    Her visuals are so good

  33. Trvllion '

    Relates too much to my current mood

  34. des byu

    wtf i wanna see more JID :(

  35. Ankit Choubey

    god damn this was awesome

  36. KiN CAMELL

    One of the best songs and visuals of the decade.

    Ps Peace to Spillage Village + Dreamville.

  37. Mell M

    I love this song. Wow😢

  38. Dominique Spikes

    I need the music gods to give us a collab album from earthgang, JID, Mereba and Oshun frfr.

  39. Olaniyi Oluwatomisin

    my new song for when i get high

  40. Gabby P.

    *”...take a piece of my love, we’ve been through enough we need to grow up... and away...”*

  41. EllaCX OV

    This took me to the deepest parts of the most purest magical waters

  42. Njoza KeProblem

    Best combo

  43. Maud Z

    This is pure talent

  44. Stnay Bhavia

    Brought to you by


  45. MegaRayRay305

    Sandstorm darude

  46. vone issues

    Mereba and J.Woods for Dreamville oxoxo

  47. Peter Knowz

    Mereba got out the car and all I seen was booty😊🙃😊🙃

  48. SoMo Moo

    MEREBA. Love this

  49. Juliana Marcelino Baus

    Beautiful one❤️

  50. Davis Moor

    My brothas and is a beautiful thing, pressed with wonders. But like the dawn, it has a timing that man can not control. Like the dawn it will come back...can come back. But without patience...all beauty is missed and lost.

  51. senty dlamini

    I am in love with this song

  52. zeus 9532

    This song is soooooo beautiful

  53. alexis hunt

    This is me and my kids dad right now😖

  54. Sweet Tapes

    This song is everything to me.
    Truly - words would ever fail to convey what it is this track resonates with everything that withholds my being to this plane.

    Ever gratitude to you.
    - M.

  55. Ruth Chelimo

    I live your whole vibe. The melody, your words and visuals.

  56. Pin Point Security

    JID is so good at his job... So jealous

  57. p0se

    What’s song name?

  58. Openda Weche

    Thank you for representing Itiopia...

  59. m.alik

    I had to check genius to see where JID was in the song bc I wasn't looking at the video. But this is great.

  60. wayne judge

    My marriage sumed up in a song

  61. Johnny B

    This is the most dopest!!! 💯🎵

  62. Temwani Musukwa

    You are soooooo talented😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  63. alexis hunt

    Outside I am cucumber cool.. yeah.. cus breaking down didn't help our relationship. Lol

  64. yf G/-/OST

    how come this MF aint hit a milli yet???

  65. Taliyah Williams

    Misconstrued -Lynette Williams

  66. retrolove87

    "Ima keep it cool now ...although I know its through now"

  67. Alex Asante

    Why hasn't this reached a mil yet?

  68. Lwazi Dlamini

    Only half a million views????? Cumon, it should be half a billi. #FIIIIRRRRREEEEE

  69. Joy O.

    I think this has to be my favourite song on the album

  70. CHRIS HAZARD Young Hustle


  71. Maraj jal

    need the intro in clip pls guys 🙏🏼

  72. Daniel Gwashawanhu

    mereba is an ethopian goddess. africa really out here.

  73. Rye Bread

    I just read on twitter that I can't like this music because I'm white. Can somebody here tell me why it's such a bad thing that I'm white and I enjoy listening to so much beautiful music from such brilliant black artists?


    Where did you read that

    Rye Bread

    OFFload some social justice warrior. Looking back on this, I realize it’s Twitter and people are hellla stupid on there

  74. Elsy & The Blog

    I have a HUGE crush on JID ! I love them with feelings <3

  75. D. Michael

    JID can determine his own path on how huge he wants to be!

  76. Tanaeja Hilt

    Can’t get over this song ❤️

  77. Siphiwe Maqungo

    Why is this song short. It's not fair.

  78. YtE N0iSE

    im a gentleman in most parts, but this time imma say it out loud that mereba is sexy as fuck

  79. Sam ArtFrika

    This song deserves more views

  80. Cleopatra skosana

    One of my favorite songs from Mereba no doubt!

  81. Zoie

    jhene aiko Eternal Sunshine same beat

  82. makiya mustefa

    super dope

  83. Shanita Hall

    Anyone noticed she sampled Jhene Aiko's song Eternal Sunshine?

    Becoming Me

    Shanita Hall I’m arguing with my friend about this rn!! Lol

  84. Sandile Nkosi


  85. Chef Leafy

    This song is good but i feel like the video is tryna be too artistic when it isnt lmaoo

  86. Mo Leanaí

    i love this song so much its amazing and has me reminiscing shit i cant even relate to

  87. Chai Lani

    That piano intro tho🌊🔥

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    I love this type of collabo. Beautiful ❤...definitely inspiring

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    2:15 Goosebumps



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    My roommate put me on this. Bro knows his music very well