Mereba - Planet U Lyrics

I wondered why you caught my eye
Got you on my mind more than half the time
But I like it there, and they disappear
Such a worthy muse, otherworldly dude, yeah

Lover, where did you come from?
I wanna go to the planet from where you landed
Lover, where did you come from?
(Where did, where did, where did)
I wanna go to the planet from where you landed
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Whenever you're gone, boy, you get right back
Never feel long 'cause I'm gettin to the stacks
Always been grown, boys set my grind back
And I'm on the block but I don't sling crack
A gun goes off and I'm burning up the track
Gimme my space, swear you so intergalac-tic
Like Bic, you be turnin' me to wax
Bitches ain't shit, still throwing you the cat
You be on your Jerry shit, I'm very into that
Smile in my face you reply blap-blap
Your cloth high grade, they be wantin' loose scraps
Got gold on ya lips from the gold in my lap
Then I take ya wood like a baseball bat
Still so good, Ma recipe from scratch
Speak so lewd when you got me on my back
But I speak so sweet on the street, you like that, yeah
I see, never had no queen like me
Flawless when my face not beat
And I also made this beat, yeah
And it's true, never had no King like you
High stakes and you stay so cool
Your gold heart keep away my blue
From the same city, different side of the tracks
Yeah, you make my heart go pitter-pat
You coulda been a dog but you'd rather be a God
And that's why I still award you the kitty cat
Not sure where you come from
Maybe the moon was your womb and Spock was your doc
Your pops a vacuum filled up with the dust of trillions of stars
That dim next to you

Lover, where did you come from?
(I wanna know, I wanna know)
I wanna go to the planet from where you landed
(I gotta go, I gotta go)
Lover, where did you come from?
(So baby, tell me, where did, where did)
I wanna go to the planet from where you landed

Wondered why you caught my eye
Now I don't wonder why
No, I know all my love's for you
If you want to fly
Let's circle 'round the sky
Until we land upon Planet U
(My, my, my, my, my)
Wondered why you caught my eye
(My eye, my eye)
Now I don't wonder why
No, I know all my love's for you
(All my love's for you, you, you, you, you)
If you want to fly
Let's circle 'round the sky
Until we land upon Planet U

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Mereba Planet U Comments
  1. Good Vibes

    I love this song so much! My soul loves this song!

  2. Blen Mekonnen

    the amharic intro. Loving this

  3. Gr InvanderZim

    I’m so glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves

  4. manga4774

    god damn this song just touch my soul

  5. Luis Sanchez

    This shit hard asf

  6. Amber Edwards

    Why didn't I know she s ml apped like this ?!?! My goodness!

  7. D B

    Stop smoking Mereba.

  8. Ndy

    i love her music style, i feel like i can play it all day, all year and I wont get bored by it. much love from indonesia love <3

  9. Zalika Tyson

    Listen. I'm here to give her ma lil bit of coin because she is ALL of IT. Periodt.

  10. Nallah B

    This videoooo, these lyricsss, the beat, her soundddd. I am a fan QUEEN

  11. Man Dem

    i feel a Big KRIT influence in the rap style. Dope!

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  13. Njoza KeProblem

    Audio + visuals are deadly

  14. Terence Njenga

    I've discovered this type of songs today and I feel really soothed .I like it's vibe

  15. Ghettolocxs

    Mereba and Little Simz needs to happen in 2020. Straight flames

  16. violet chantress

    After I heard Sandstorm, I knew I had to listen to other stuff she’s put out. To say the least, she exceeded my expectations!!!!

  17. Terah

    I just found out about her yday. Shout out to Apple Music. Sis has bars and a vibe I can fw heavy.

  18. truth ##

    OMG I was checking my ears when lyric started with Amharic 😆🤣 I'm Ethiopian

  19. A2nelito

    2:35 that looked exactly as it sounded when i first heard this record. breathtaking.

  20. Dwayne Rose

    90s Cam'Ron flow...

    Dwayne Rose

    What mean the world 2 u. 1st time hearing this record. Very lit 11:00

  21. Dreamgirl 8888

    Queen your the truth!!!😎😍😘🤩

  22. Grihm reaper


  23. Pearl Dumfries

    You're fckng amazing

  24. glodink

    She is amazing

  25. Fevhar

    Love this record....

  26. alexis hunt

    I'm hypnotize by this song. Like I can't stop playing this on my speaker. Mereba I love you sister. My part starts when she raps and 2:37.. it's a beautiful harmony

  27. Elijah Reynalds

    Straight 🔥 no ⛽️

  28. Chai Lani

    "Flawless when my face not beat and I also made this beat" damn!! 🙌🏽🔥🔥

  29. Aisha Kisembo

    Jidenna brought me here!

  30. 花谷小百合

    The whole thing is way too beautiful.

  31. mary ._.

    Deeply underrated 😔

  32. Rebecca Yohannes

    Yene fikir, love this Mereba!

  33. Valentina Turner

    She’s gorgeous wow and talented

  34. bubbles3470

    The planet
    from where you

  35. Zentia Infinite 369

    That very line inspired me to jump back in start making my beats and writing again infinitely thank you and your light because it refuelled my dreams it was the Catalyst for me and I suppose that's why music is made words are so powerful namaste

  36. cstr 8

    I swear I saw/heard her name in a dream like 10-11 months ago. Just discovered her now. 😇 I thought I got it wrong

  37. SpottieOttieDopaliscious Angel

    Been addicted to this track for awhile. Can’t describe why, but I can’t go too long without listening to it. ❤️

  38. Taiye OG

    Sus so talented

  39. lara mills

    She's so beautiful omg

  40. vanika mathis

    If this Song ain't Beautiful? Then what is? Makes Me Love Being In Love💏💏💕💕💕

  41. Regina Lafaye

    "Yea you could have been a dog but you'd rather be a God & that's why I still reward you the kitty kat" COME ON LYRICS!!!

    MusicCharts TV

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  42. Joker NuttyNate


  43. June VK

    That was so beautiful

  44. Callum Ballantine

    It just is a fucking choon

  45. Kinsey Ann

    She is such a queen.

  46. Black Truth

    I thought this wasn't good song in the beginning but this fire...

  47. Comfort Lord

    Yo snapping snapping extreme flames

  48. feysel abdu

    የኔ ቆንጆ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  49. Shayla Barfield

    She killed this track. Wow. Just discovering her

  50. naido msmach

    She so is beautiful that melanin 😍😍😍😩

  51. vanika mathis

    🤗🤗👏👏💖💖💖 Something New to Groove to!!💃💃

  52. Miss Goodpower part 2


  53. William Gauge

    Greensboro NC #pearlygatecity much love queen

  54. shantel holder

    This song giving me chills🔥🔥🔥

  55. C Spratling

    Kendric lamar and her would be fier on a duoe

  56. Evelyn Pedzisai


  57. Jahnae Wyatt

    Mereba and Kota The Friend 💥

  58. Emily Krause

    This song is so beautiful!

  59. Ka Ge

    This came up in my recommendation and I was bored so I clicked....I did not expect to here that Amharic at the beginning. Lol I thought I was going crazy.... had to replay it a few times. Anyway I’m glad I clicked. Beautiful song and artist.


    been a fan since Room For Living

  61. latu aho

    wowwwww wow wow. in love

  62. Evany Martinez

    Stunning 😍💖

  63. Ernesto Tito

    missy elliott vibes ♥️

  64. Todra Payne


  65. A.B Covington

    She is the SHIT. It literally scares me.

  66. Alizée Laur'

    I will send this music to the king when he ll come back to her queen, in this life or another.

  67. T.Dre.M. Roberts

    2 n a half minutes in... First time hearing her... And I've just had to buy her whole album. Wowwzz..

  68. T Brown

    Yes sis absolutely phenomenal!!!!!! Super dope hot 🥵 fire 🔥

  69. Sabrina Dörr

    she might genuinely be the most beautiful person I've ever seen

  70. The Vandal

    Who is this?!?! Twice in one day! I love her already. Love it when I stumble on good music by accident. ❤️

  71. cooking with keem #The dancing chef


  72. Nacho

    "And I also made this beat" Producer: Ben Narich.....

  73. Tulips

    One of my favorites songs these days..

  74. Tiff Taylor

    Why am I just finding this😢😍

  75. Darrell Johnson

    Deliciously Haughtly Eerie. Looking forward to more

  76. Deztiny Roque

    Listened to this one time, just now and may I just say.. A Queen

  77. Misa

    "Flawless when my face not beat"

  78. Misa

    "Got gold on ya lips from the gold in my lap"

  79. Kgomotso Mako

    This album is fya

  80. Mark Bleziri

    ugh, this is so underrated!
    p.s. drop the comparisons Mereba is in her own lane.

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  81. Janet Lekoba


  82. Nasra Said


  83. Don Tseki

    Poetic Justice..I Salute you👏👌

  84. Siddharth Sengupta

    My heart..

  85. Deal Done Collection

    I just play her music till battery down. She's got it all✔. Ethiopian love from Uganda

    MusicCharts TV

    🔥 Mereba - Planet U
    🔥 *LYRICS+VIDEO* :

    ❤️ *5.500 LYRICS+VIDEOS*

    EllaCX OV

    on behalf of my habesha (Eritrean and Ethiopian) community thank you sending all the love back to my Ugandian Queens ,fun fact; when I first got introduced to you guys it was through this amazing model called Atim

  86. Marco Static


  87. None Did

    The intro was in Amharic language. Who is from Ethiopia?

    Mercayler Msiza

    Not Ethiopian but I could tell 💚

  88. simeon adams

    Love it

  89. MC Tekha


  90. Kiki Pacheco

    Beautiful ❤️

  91. Cass Rodriguez

    Fire 🔥🔥🧨