Mereba - more Lyrics

Need to write more
Freedom to fight more
Seek insight more
Ignite more
Soothe the plight more
Love despite more
Do more more
More more more
More more more

Clean the mess more
Bless my set more
Say, "Fuck the rest more"
Buck the West more
Feed the nest more
Leave what's wrecked more
Do more more
More more more

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Mereba more Comments
  1. Gabby P.

    6lack brought me here💫

  2. Rockey Analogue

    How did Mereba get baby Janet Jackson on her cover?

  3. Nomfundo Buthelezi

    I've just been shaken awake....I'm woke

  4. Lafeisha Craig Aberdeen

    Ammmm sis just woke my entire soul.
    Good luck girl.

  5. Aman Chopra

    I love your voice!!!

  6. Kherl De Guerwite

    You go girl!Beat the industry!!