Mereba - Kinfolk Lyrics

It's getting late, but we're still awake
And the morning's rushing like a wave
Gonna find some sleep someday
Dirty speakers scream in our face
And the teachers keeping some secrets safe
That's why we read between the pages

I've been chilling with my kinfolk
We've been puffin' on the blunt smoke
Diggin' for our hidden treasures
Don't you see
We got what no money could measure
And we could be free
If we'd peep our hidden treasures

Chasing fate just like a train
Not gon' save my love for no rainy day
I'll never find no peace that way

I've been chilling with my kinfolk
We've been puffin' on the blunt smoke
Diggin' for our hidden treasures
Don't you see
We got what no money could measure
And we could be free
If we'd peep our hidden treasures

I've been chilling with my kinfolk
We've been puffin' on the blunt smoke
Diggin' for our hidden treasures

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Mereba Kinfolk Comments
  1. Nande Sikenjana

    Now this is music.

  2. jefferie strong

    Keep doing what you doing.

  3. jj mukuni

    Black truck brought me here and I stayed for the rest of the album

  4. Kalen Thompson

    Black folk country music

  5. Christopher Reilly

    Mereba had me after I saw her on NPR.

  6. J List

    I've been listening to this song back 2 back for 2 weeks straight. I'm absolutely amazed at the lack of views it has.

  7. Mady Yonas

    Represent!!! We see you young Ethiopian girl ✌🏾✌🏾✌🏾 HEAVENLY!

  8. serenity6831

    There's no song I dislike of hers, this is outstanding

  9. Sung Mook

    The Mf V I B E S 👌

  10. Sparta Lee

    Just passing through taking this music all in and relaxing my mind

  11. Wrek Less

    Completely beautiful

  12. Dequay Rabb

    Michael and Janet on THE cover wow

  13. Jericca Young


  14. Sage Smoke

    This is so beautiful; angelic voice 😍

  15. crashleydaun

    I saw you in Atlanta last night and you were INCREDIBLE. Every song gave me goosebumps. I was blown away. Thank you for the amazing performance. I’m definitely a huge fan

  16. Gabby P.

    Just did a whole dramatic dance solo right there in my living room and found out this sound will gove you a lot of empowerment to do so🤣 love this💞

  17. amelia f

    Saw this live and fell absolutly in love. She is a beautiful soul

    Russell King

    With Saba and JID?

    amelia f

    @Russell King Yess honestly wish I could relive that shit

    Russell King

    I saw them all on Wednesday. omg for real. She is [email protected] f

  18. Bryce Shuster

    Saw her live last week...didn't know who she was before her performance. I was completely blown away, especially when Mereba performed this single. She gained a new fan that night.

  19. river h

    Seen her perform this song live in Montreal with JID. Amazing artists

  20. Jack

    This song is always on repeat 😍🔥

  21. Evs

    Saw her in concert in philly and she murdered it. Sooooo talented

  22. 1988kaki

    Argh! What a phenomenal song!!!

  23. George Warner

    She dope as fuck🔥

  24. Munyaradzi Jani

    Discovering Mereba was one of the most beautiful experiences ever. Thank you Queen.

  25. Tyler Alberico

    Just saw her in concert last night omg it was great

  26. marwan abdullah

    So unique

  27. Augustine Wasike

    No words can explain how good this song is... It's like a drug or something... Can't put a finger to it...

  28. Cowboy ALLSTAR

    This fucking

  29. Yulaira'Amunah Medina


  30. Tamisha Mays


  31. Allen Nelson

    Beautiful Soul, Beautiful Sound,
    Beautiful U. 💜💯💙

  32. Umartopia

    Mereba still not receiving the recognition she deserves after this masterpiece of an album

  33. kizito ko

    Black Adele

  34. Stefano Cardenas

    What a magnificent gem I have found.

  35. DerCaine

    Sounds a bit western. I think of Cowboy Bebop or Read Dead hearing this

  36. Mike Jackson

    Is anybody. Gonna ask about the photo cover that's baby Janet Jackson smh

    Stefano Cardenas

    And your name is Mike Jackson... Is there some type of relation going on?!?

    Mike Jackson

    @Stefano Cardenas so you agree that that picture resembles Janet Jackson on the cover photo I would like a straight answer please thanks no I'm not related to Michael Jackson to be concise

  37. Kayla Carter

    Oh big krit need to ft this like now

  38. Teddy Williamson

    Gangsta acoustic poetry.

  39. Devin Wilkerson

    This has that bandits shot the sheriff, now you're the new sheriff, the leader challenged you to pistols at high noon, and you know theyre going to cheat feel.

  40. Joana

    She’s a queen 👑 her songs help me to go through some shit

  41. Tamika Clarence

    Absolute Favourite on the album!! - so beautiful !


    You Are the best suggestion YouTube gave me EVER!!!! i want to cry how this is good 😊

  43. Songa Frankline

    Damn just discovered you today!🔥🔥downloaded the ep gon rock with your music forever✨

  44. Beni Jean

    very nice! thank you youtube for this suggestion 😎

  45. Koketso Marumo Maake

    please don't blow up

    The Family Tree

    Koketso Marumo Maake LOL. I get it. But u not supposed to say it out loud ;) But yeah...we gon hv to share her with the world. If not, thats not justice.

  46. L.O.R.D

    This is fucking amazing!

  47. Knightfall 01

    This is a masterpiece of a song.

  48. Mahlatsi Mmuagabo

    DAmn what a fine piece of Art...

  49. Пётр Попов

    melody is awesome. thank you

  50. Caio Bronks


  51. Donald Trump

    this song would go good with the movie LOGAN

    Limitless 9nyne Ent

    Yea great it the one with his daughte!?

    Donald Trump

    @Limitless 9nyne Ent ya

  52. 14kbeatmaker

    Good JOb !

  53. DJ_Dell

    사운드가 넘 매력있는듯...

  54. ~sandwitch~

    Thank you so much, this was beyond anything i've heard before.

  55. Rhino Black

    Folk this is good...

  56. biggy poppa

    This song the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard

    Camillea Fields

    This song is definitely amongst the beautiful songs I have listened to. I might need to have a re-listen

  57. biggy poppa

    This so damn beautiful

  58. Sindiso Moyo

    I really can’t wait for her to blow up, she is so talented... Beautiful inside and out ❤️

  59. David Weber

    Damn, this song is haunting. Spectacular!

  60. Carmelita Gonzalez

    is this cosidered to be country music cuz if so I ONLY LOVE MEREBA'S COUNTRY MUSIC!! 🤣😅😍🤩🤩

    Romy Taylor

    I wouldn't call this country personally lol. more like alternative soul mixed with some folk.

    Carmelita Gonzalez

    @Romy Taylor oh ok that seems more like it thnx 😅😂😂

  61. Shile Ololade


    Rebecca Ghirmay

    i cant wait to see you on may 12

  62. Alfred

    Mereba damn

  63. SENSEI On The Beat

    I can definitely see this being featured on a blockbuster movie


    my first thought was "somebody needs to put this in a movie asap"

    SENSEI On The Beat

    @ScatteredThoughts Exactly

    Paul Newson

    Shoooot I'm all over it, I had to double check this song wasn't somewhere in Transformers. lol. We're good yall! It's not. ANd I may not have a blockbuster movie budget but I can make shoot something cool right here in Wild Wild West Baltimore!

  64. Jev

    one day I'll have a song with this Queen

    mimi simbi

    Jev SAME!

  65. Momodou Camara

    So Mereba and Ari Lennox really not gonna collab??? Smh ayt

    Suhaib Rashid

    Hopefully on ROTD 3

    Jade Wolf

    Right! I hope they do

    Gabby P.

    Thag would be epic!!!!

  66. Johnny Barrera