Mereba - Black Truck Lyrics

I've been through the fire
I felt embers down my spine
And I've said "World would you please have some mercy on me?
Or could you please lift the curses on me?"
It said, you always did
Like it the hard way since you was a kid
Look at the scars on your leg, you know
You keep choosing the wild road

Ooh, I'm not sorry
Stay sick cause I follow my gut
They say I was pushing my luck
Ima push me a matte all black truck
No, I'm not sorry
Stay sick cause I follow my gut
They say I was pushing my luck
Ima push me a all black truck
Ima push me a all black truck
Ima push me a matte all-

I been through the storm
I heard thunder in my heart
And I've said "World would you please shine a light up on me?
Or would you show me a sign you love me?"
It said, you always did
Like it the hard way since you was a kid
Time after time, again
You keep the choosing the wild road

Ooh, I'm not sorry
Stay sick cause I follow my gut
They say I was pushing my luck
Ima push me a matte all black truck
No, I'm not sorry
Stay sick cause I follow my gut
They say I was pushing my luck
Ima push me a all black truck
Ima push me a all black truck
Ima push me a matte all black truck
Stay sick cause I follow my gut
They say I was pushing my luck
Ima push me a matte all black truck

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Mereba Black Truck Comments
  1. Jason Smith

    Came thru here via the Colors performance. She got a new fan on deck. Shoutout from Boston 🇺🇸

  2. L.M.I.C UK

    Love it💫💫

  3. Brittany Johnson


  4. Milk Cookies

    yesssssssss i remeber hearing this on soundcloud

  5. P C

    What a great fucking way to start the new decade!! ❤🤘❤

  6. thomas waswa

    one among the few laddies who do music and got air played without shaking her ass for the camera... she has values which give her value...

  7. Daniel

    I'm so glad i found this song. It's so relaxing and for awhile I've heard it without seeing the music video. It's very touching and I'm glad i found it.

  8. Esther Steele

    so moving <3

  9. daMyahStar

    that chanting...cuts through the chaos of the jungle and speaks to my soul. reminds me i dont belong here and that some part of me must be maintained. That part is the soul itself, it will always no the way home.

  10. Sanaah Dorsey

    I seriously don’t know any of my older relatives past my grandparents. None of us really do... I feel like most of family could care less about these things. They’ve always been very important to me every since I learned about us blacks way before slavery. I’m going to make sure that my future family knows how royalty we are and that we are not just all about ignorance and that you can become so much better. 👸🏿🤎

    Asmera Smith

    Sanaah Dorsey ✊🏾✊🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💕💕💕 despite not knowing their names- we share their light and their love🤟🏾👩🏾‍🔬🕯💐🌕🌞 let’s learn AND continue to make them proud and make our own traditions too! Peace and blessings to you

  11. ULU

    nice one guuurl

  12. Daniel Mullarkey

    watch Mereba blow up in a year or two ☝️

  13. Roman Spataro

    the shot of the little boy at 4:02 is the best thing ive seen in a while

  14. Roman Spataro

    HOW am i just now seeing this

  15. Guru Coop

    Man i love this song it describes me started tearing up when i listened to the lyrics deep💪💪

  16. Shahied Khabeb

    Thank You Black GODDESS 🖤

  17. Amanda Bodibe

    Stay sick coz i follow my gut. 🔥

  18. 1moreToney

    Ok. This video was simply incredible. The visual and the audio is out of this world.

  19. Solethu Ntshiqa

    I find out about this song today 25 December

  20. Zenkai Shogun

    Oh my god shes amazing!! this is becoming the Golden age of Neo Soul

  21. Maryann Appiagyei

    awesome great music video black experience cool amazing women

  22. Meg megie

    So sad for this dear girl, she is a really actually a good and unique singer, but she will only get robbed. And someone else will make money off her aestetics style and sound, that is the curse, and it could be ok for a while, but apperently, this curse it will last forever. The curses are upon us forever, and also upon their seeds, the next generation and even the next until the end of times and it will never let. So thissong now all belongs to Billie Ellish, it is the curse it is the curse.

    Bushmama Africa

    May the hole you speak unto her be the one you fall into. The End

    Meg megie

    @Bushmama Africa Lets wait for judgement day lady, that dreadful judge and that horrible fateful day. Then we can all get our portions, until then refrain with the rebukes. Only God himsef rebukes.

    Bushmama Africa

    You made the judgememt follow your own advice

    Meg megie

    @Bushmama Africa I made a statement, Judgement belongs only to The Most high and we will all see it, none will be spared. So again refrain with the rubukes, Only The Most High Rebukes. Fear him!

    Meg megie

    Only The Most High Curses. Not a human.

  23. Kayla

    I’ve only listened to this song. I’ve never seen the video. I’m so happy I’m finally watching this😭

  24. Marie Castano

    Needed this right now. I walk a little lighter after this song.

  25. Haliegh K

    This is like a prayer to my ancestors. 🙏🏾

  26. Nazbian Pakistan


  27. Rotor Rev

    LH44 brought me here. Thank you Champ!!

  28. bxatch

    I was crying, driving down the road, listening to this song, wishing there was something greater out there that could help and care, then this lyrics played:

    "And I've said "World would you please shine a light up on me?
    Or would you show me a sign you love me?"

    The sun peaked out of the clouds at that moment and warmed my face. I don't believe in a god, but it felt like all the beautiful moments in life are a loving gift, you just gotta pay attention.

    Gary C. Stith

    bxatch no need to believe in god just believe in your innate ability to create joy and love wherever your at no matter what the circumstances. We love you.

  29. Nekay O


  30. Jaden Luca

    Imma need to say grace to this!!

  31. It's Me

    Immma pusg me an all black.truck. I felt that. Melenated man.

  32. Kenneth Cloud Jr


  33. MsNickee Mack


  34. J Hill

    The Visuals.... the wonderful visuals... #BlackConcepts.

  35. donttakemeseriously

    Holy shit. I was just thinking about how the cinematography reminded me of Moonlight and checked who the DP is... James Laxton what a genius.

    Sangeetha Gowda

    No way I was thinking the same! 😍

  36. Oscar Void

    in every sense of t he word, this is the best piece of art ive seen in a very long time. thank you so much for this.

    P C

    I agree!

  37. Jahmane Lion

    The views are a disgrace.. Ya'll need to wake up!

  38. Idriss Maiga

    please make a song with masego

  39. Idriss Maiga

    a piece of art work

  40. violet chantress

    Absolutely in love with her music. She’s amazing.

  41. soontobeesq

    Masterpiece, song & visuals, current fav!

  42. Being Dez Dubani

    The art in this!!! The realness in it all!!!

  43. Tommy Taylor

    This is the best song ever. 😇👼

  44. mY bEst friEnd

    Love your album!!!! Love you!!! This version doesn't have the raps....

  45. Aisha B The Money Movez Mentor

    She needs to be on the NPR Tiny Desk! I love Mereba❤️

  46. Dale Philipé

    Nezuko's Pain

  47. Black Moonflower

    Oh this is Heavy🖤

  48. Imrite Hurr

    Um, so this is fire...I'm just always late to good stuff BUT world of music thank you, you shone a light on me again!

  49. Sa nappy

    Such talent

  50. Keith Russell

    This describe me I love this song

  51. Angel Austin

    What would our ancestors tell us?

  52. love0the0fans

    Just got hip not too long ago. Love the song because I felt empowered, but I see myself coming back to this video when I need a good cry in the future. God bless this and her.

  53. Rudolf Sykora

    Yes, this is you in yours. Great song

  54. Myles Cassidy

    My soul melted into this track. Thank you. Raw talent. And the best was fire

  55. Panducation

    Dope approved

  56. wayne law

    9/8/2019 ....0235 ..... replay and still love ....

  57. Michael Holt

    Mereba does a great job of making music for the SOUL!!!!!!! Salute to her!!! Sincerely, A New Fan

  58. Eliasysidroramirezjr

    Bro I need this chopped and screwed 🤘

  59. Shon Hyneman

    A soulful joint! Thanks Rapsody for getting me on to Mereba. She’s nice

  60. Steve Adeniyi

    This shit is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire!!! Thank you for the music you blessed the world!!!

  61. Imani Stephens

    This is fire sis!!

  62. J Bazile

    When it's pure...


  63. RockwellSudoxe305

    I heard the song. Then put it on my phone cause i like it alot. That was some months ago. But just now saw the video.... 🤔 I like the song even more now. Beautiful video and song as well.💯

  64. beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal

    Why do I listen to this one repeat everyday?

  65. beneath.the.roses Lucid Dream Journal

    Stay sick cos I follow my gut...
    Damn I love this song. I feel it so hard. It's just one of those forever songs.

  66. Sfundo Shabalala

    Love the visuals. An extended video version has to be out too, wanted to see Mereba spitting that verse🔥🔥. Amazing Album too🔥🔥.

    Love from SA🇿🇦

  67. jsc2991

    Damn just listened to this song driving at night, windows down with a fresh cool breeze. The moon was bright and the sky was clear..with the color of dark purple and blue. This song made it 10 times better. Love this song and the vibe it gives.. I could relate to every single word

  68. Dat Nigga

    This song and beat is so fire................🔥🔥🔥

  69. Brandon Avery

    This doesnt have enough views dammit!!!

  70. siyanda nguluve

    Her songs just set my soul on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. Brooklyn Kelash

    Why am I crying.

  72. Lidiomar Santos


  73. Douglas Samuel

    God damn the visuals is outta this world

  74. Ava Gardner

    This is my jam nowadays.

  75. Kapella Kéo-Nicole

    "So love what she does!" Kap

  76. Diego William

    pERFEITO !

  77. Nai amall

    Beautiful lyrics so poetic!

  78. Dat Boi Sheed

    This is kanye level

  79. Iasmin Nicole

    You are a FUCKING AWESOME artist girl

  80. 215Christ


  81. Paci Male


  82. Monique

    Anyone else kept turning the phone 🤣

  83. wayne law

    I listen to this song every few days. It's my attempt to not play out such a beautiful song... your talent is unique and if you ever do a show in PHX, AZ I'm in the front #respect

  84. Buddhafly Efx

    Love everything about this video, The imagery is amazing

  85. Kobela Masoga

    Goddess of music! Artistry👑❤

  86. Riya Rokade

    this beautiful woman is so impactful it isn't even funny

  87. Sea206TV

    Mad I missed her in Seattle with J.I.D... Come back to Seattle please! Lol

  88. A.B Covington

    This is what music should always be. Thank you💐

  89. Breauna L. Roach

    I just discovered this song and listened 20 times in a row. Mereba, you are a blessing. Thank you for your art and all it moves, carries and represents.

  90. Sabina Rose

    You are magnificent. ❤🙏🏻

  91. Keren Nsoyori

    Colors thank you for bringing me here!

  92. Sabrina Dörr

    Mereba is a breath of fresh air. All of her music is so beautifully produced and her vocals give me chills. Such an incredible talent... Also, she is insanely beautiful.

  93. The Vandal

    Wow, this is so pretty. So happy I stumbled on this. :)

  94. Jamaine Down Da Street

    Visuals are just lovely. You know how to touch da Soul huh?.... CHUUUCH. SALUTE

  95. Vinsy DA

    Très très beau clip !

  96. Mr. Chandler

    Mereba, ok now Sista 😎 takem on down thru there...IN ALL BLACK TRUCK..

  97. i/self/medicate LIVE

    So after crying during my study break because of this song I'm now resuming my studies😂