MercyMe - The Generous Mr. Lovewell Lyrics

He wakes up every day the same
Believin' he's gonna make a change
Never wonders "if" but "when"
I guarantee he can find a way
To reach out and make somebody's day
'Cause someone took the time with him

He believes it's the little things
That make a great big change

Hey, Mr. Lovewell, doin' today
What you do every day
No matter how small
Believin' that it's all the same
Come on, Mr. Lovewell, oh we could use
A few more just like you
Who care enough to give this life away
'Cause you've been changed
The generous Mr. Lovewell loves today!

It may be a simple "how do you do"
The kind of thing that could pull them through
A minute or two can mean so much
Or maybe it's the one across the street
He's asking if there's anything they need
'Cause they will know us by our love

It may not be that much to him
But it's the world to them

Hey, Mr. Lovewell, doin' today
What you do every day
No matter how small
Believin' that it's all the same
Come on, Mr. Lovewell, oh we could use
A few more just like you
Who care enough to give this life away
'Cause you've been changed
The generous Mr. Lovewell loves today!

We all need more Mr. Lovewell (Lovewell, Lovewell)
We all need more Mr. Lovewell (Lovewell, Lovewell)
We all need more Mr. Lovewell (Lovewell, Lovewell)

Hey, Mr. Lovewell, doin' today
What you do every day
No matter how small
Believin' that it's all the same
Come on, Mr. Lovewell, oh we could use
A few more just like you
Who care enough to give this life away
'Cause you've been changed
The generous Mr. Lovewell loves today!

(Need more Mr. Lovewell)
The generous Mr. Lovewell loves today!

(Need more Mr. Lovewell)

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MercyMe The Generous Mr. Lovewell Comments
  1. Daniel St.Pierre

    I love it!

  2. Talli G.

    I wonder is there anybody who might have someone in your life that you might identify as Mr. Lovewell?

  3. Talli G.

    I listened to this song when I was younger. I loved it then but I don't understand who Mr. Lovewell was but now I do. He is my good friend that I just met this year. He is just like a Mr. Lovewell. I would actually say that he is.

  4. Steven Wilson

    Such a good song. My new favorite! 😁

  5. Victorious Brown

    A song to keep in my heart. First tiime ti hear it.

  6. Kevin K

    I sure love this song!😎

  7. James Ch

    not a christian, but this is actually pretty good

    Katie Fuger

    James Ch u should get to know God he is amazing he is the way to eternal life. He died for us and loves us all❤

  8. Lovell Menezes

    My name is Lovell

  9. Lightingstar Shantava

    I love the song, its def one of my favorites, but in the lyrics you have 'cause they will know what's by our love. It is 'Cause they will know us by our love. Thanks for uploading the song tho :3

  10. mick love

    a song about me.....................................Martin Lovewell

  11. TrulyySarah

    I was searching for this song for a long time! Thank you god for helping me!

  12. Alexander Lowry

    This reminds me of Mr. Blue Sky, sort of similar in mood, also with the false ending and chorus...

    Spencer Plasse

    That's the first thing I thought of

  13. Whompy Whomperson

    Mr. Rogers in a nutshell.

  14. Atom Gomez

    I make cookies for my neighbors so they arrive warm after supper...sometimes I will make fresh yeast rolls and take them warm before supper. The other night, one of them brought me a loaf of fresh-baked bread with herbed dipping oils and though it was delicious, I think it warmed my heart more than anything else! At Kroger yesterday, a lady was short on money and was removing items from her cart. I paid for those items, which added up to a small amount really, and she started crying and hugging me. I certainly told her that it was from Jesus, not me, I am his worker on the song says, a small thing can be so impactful. It's easy to love with the Holy Spirit indwelling you, eh?!

    Kerry Veach

    Atom Gomez Jesus shines through you!

    Talli G.

    So you're a Mr. Lovewell!

  15. Rachel Hager

    Good Song

  16. Andrew Cheun

    Possibly the happiest Christian song in existence

    Judy Ledbetter

    Amen!😀 God Bless.

  17. eric goertzen

    how are you doing?

  18. Aline Mello

    Jesus is Love! I love Jesus!

  19. 1000Animation

    You sir/ma'am, are awesome.

  20. Dustin Guis

    This just made my day :)

  21. thegoodmanbeat

    This makes me think of the beatles(: both amazing!

  22. Daniel A

    Man this song has Amazing and unique lyrics. They should play it on Air 1 and Klove.

  23. MW2Hiders

    i love this group because they make these songs so awesome and cool and even the people who don't believe in god think this is a great song see god can work through any thing even a song

  24. linira gonzales

    hey jack h I really wanted to use this on facebook may I please

  25. linira gonzales

    I know mine tooo

  26. linira gonzales


  27. Anne Edmunds

    Love that Mr. Lovewell. 💋

  28. Anne Edmunds


  29. Ben Reyes

    I'm a fellow christian I have to make a PMV of this set to Pinkie.....

  30. Rocknalldatime99

    The sound after every stanza sounds like a ghost dancing!? O_0

  31. Anne Edmunds

    Thank you Mr. Lovewell Ar-3

  32. Anne Edmunds

    Always love this song.

  33. Tinwelint1

    As a Christian, this makes me think about how even the smallest act can spread the love of Christ. :)

    As a brony, this makes me think of Pinkie Pie. *shrug*

  34. Anne Edmunds

    Always my favorite.

  35. Anne Edmunds

    This song was made for me to fall in love with you.

  36. Taylor Daukas

    Amazing song

  37. Rock Kestrel McBlacksmith

    if this album was a potato, it would be a good potato.

  38. Emily Hernandez

    They have such great uplifting songs. I never get tired of there music! :D

  39. bluestarz648

    my friend introduced me to this song, along with the church I have been going to for 3 years. she moved last summer, but she will always be my Mr. Lovewell :]

    Talli G.

    Or Miss Lovewell in her case.😉

  40. Nicholas Pichurski

    This makes my life better just from this song there is just something that i love so much about it it is o the tip of my tong but when i have it i will say it no matter what!
    Great song like i said!

  41. Nicholas Pichurski

    I love this one so much i can't wait until they make a new one! They rock they are the best band out there!

  42. Pat Fitzgerald

    Mercy me are by far one of the greatest & most inspiring bands out there..

  43. Anne Edmunds

    I love this album. It was such a moving experience in my life.

  44. O0zz6

    i saw them in person, and got this CD and a t-shirt, they are the best, they came out to utah, where i live, and played even though they didnt get nearly as big a stage as they would anywhere else!

  45. BlueKibble71

    There is a reason this song has no dislikes :)

  46. cyann455

    I wanna get this album its awesome XD

  47. Alanna Nixon

    This song would be even more awesome if Glee did a cover of it. Not that they ever will, but it would be seriously amazing.

  48. jonathan watson

    @DevilsLittleLie i was there too!

  49. Alexa Worley

    That was supposed to be a heart.. See below... :p

  50. Alexa Worley

    MercyMe is amazing. -3

  51. Alexa Worley

    Shaylee626... Me too!! It was fantastic!

  52. Josh Trimble

    i saw them a week or two ago at the Nutter Center in Dayton OH

  53. Shaylee627

    Just saw them tonight in Rapid City, SD! Great song, great band:)

  54. Oliver Osburn

    like x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  55. MrPistonsmaniac

    Great concert!

  56. Werns

    @TheWeezle97 that was such a fun concert. I really though that jars of clay could have been better though.

  57. Laramie Thompson

    @MsMatayla I was there too. It was really fun, especially when they shot confetti out at the floor audience. They really got the Rock *and* Worship thing down =)

  58. Ronnie De Sombra

    We all need alittle Mr.Lovewell in usall i know i do :)

  59. Ronnie De Sombra

    Yellowskittles5 I went to there consert on friday too!

  60. Johnnyboy

    @meglegw hey me too!

  61. Jonathan Zim

    Just got back from there concert in Huntsville. :D

  62. Jack H

    @uglyduckling1234able : please do.

  63. Carol Marlin

    i really need to start listening to this band :) they're great!

  64. Davey Macon

    i think they got bored and wrote this song :) but i still like it

  65. Aaron Boothe

    @fauklin Hey Fauklin. I just bought the cd and I love it!! what two songs on it do you like? there are three that i really like on it. This one, Move, and All of Creation.. I also have a video of me doing signing language to All of Creation. Everyone, please check it out. God bless you. for the Generous Mr. Lovewell loves today.

  66. Linda Kalaitzis

    There is an innocence in this song that is lost in today's world. Thank you.

  67. Corey Clay

    love it.....sure can use more mr. lovewells!

  68. krisp8888


    I also would have to disagree with you on that.

    This song is wonderful- as is the album.

  69. Noely Gomez

    this cd is awseomely awesome. mercy me is truly annoointed!!!!

  70. Gearsio TV

    the cd i dont know why but the cd gave me hope or somethig it just made me happy i love mercy mes songs especialy so long self YOU ROCK MERCY ME

  71. Noely Gomez

    i love this song!!!!!

  72. Jeff Wolfe

    LOVE the album ... Lovewell, move, all of creation ... it goes on. Awesome

  73. Danny Lee

    @fauklin I, too, was a little confused after the first listen, but when I learned more of what the CD was created for, and that Bart said that this was going to be a different type of album from MercyMe, it made me appreciate it. If you want a typical MercyMe CD, this is not it. MercyMe continue to surprise listeners. Not my fave, but it's growing on me.

  74. Klaas R

    I think this video should inspire us to be like Mr. Lovewell.

  75. icuragoose

    @icuragoose - Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention, my favorite is their All That is Within Me album. :) Take care again. :)

  76. icuragoose

    @fauklin - Yeah, I know I can't sway you, but I just wanted to point something out that may make a dif. Almost all the tracks on the CD have the same thing and show different aspects of being a person that Loves Well. It all ends up on the final song that even if we DO love well, it's all nothing if it's absent of Christ (which in my opinion makes that track my favorite). Indeed, the point this CD makes is very good. We need to love well as shining with God's glory. Take care, man!

  77. N E H I

    @fauklin This is by far one of their best. Almost every song on this album is unique from the last completely. Their past albums alot of the music sounded the same.

  78. inquiring mind

    First impression: a jingle for a commercial.

  79. jacobandjasgurl

    mercy me is awesome:) i like this song! great:) like all their other ones:)

  80. Michelle Hagdorn

    The BEST MercyMe cd thus far!

  81. girlofmanycultures

    @JasonWestenra completely agree! my mom and I always pop this cd in when we ride in the car <3 a sister in Christ

  82. Bobis Notme

    saw in concert and they are.

  83. Jack H

    @fauklin : I disagree with you on this, I'm afraid. "This Life" is a fantastic song about how life can be better than what we have on Earth; the title song is a call to love others, esteeming them higher than yourself; "All of Creation" is a wonderful worship song; "Free" is a reminder that we are no longer slaves to sin..."Beautiful" and "Back to You" are also excellent, both musically and lyrically. I'm sorry you feel that way, but I think they did a wonderful job.

  84. Sam Kryhe

    i love this song haha just downloaded it onto my ipod