Mercury Rev - The Queen Of Swans Lyrics

Love comes thirsty, lands to drink
Love, flies up and away from me

Love comes thirsty, bathes its wing
Sometimes years go by, it seems

She flings her shadow down upon the bed
Only those with wings know what's in my head
Maps of sunlight on the carpet rest
Only those with keys know what's in my chest

Bright red threads of desire, dancing through her eyes
Everybody knows her as, the Queen of Swans

Whispers over water, over land they're sown
Everything about her isn't really so
Whispers underground, Pere Lachaise they grow
Every inch of sunshine burning out the old ghosts
Sisters turn to mothers, into daughters they fold
Farewell flights, out the graves they roll
Human colored kites through the clouds they flow
Bigger than their bodies what a way to go

Love comes thirsty, lands to drink
Sometimes years go by, it seems

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Mercury Rev The Queen Of Swans Comments
  1. Jordan

    2.08 ...Oohh yeahh... got me right in that sweet spot

  2. RCA Connecting

    La fantasmagórica canción iniciática del álbum ( la reina de los Cisnes ) , similar al temazo del 99 ( Opus 40) te transporta al mejor pop barroco, sinfónico , abisal hasta la pérdida de conciencia donde suenan las voces vírgenes acompañadas de violines epicúreos . Esto es este disco . Esto es la música catedralicia de MERCURY REV....
    Spooky initiation song on the album (the Queen of the Swans), similar to great song 1999 (Opus 40) transports you to the best Baroque, symphonic, pop up abyssal loss of consciousness where voices sound virgins accompanied by violins Epicureans. It is this record. This is the cathedral music of Mercury Rev ....
    MERCURY REV. The ligth in you . 2015
    1 The Queen Of Swans
    2 Amelie
    3 You've Gone With So Little For So Long
    4 Central Park East
    5 Emotional Free Fall
    6 Coming Up For Air
    7 Autumn's In the Air
    8 Are You Ready?
    9 Sunflower
    10 Moth Light

  3. Katsu

    I can't believe it's happening
    Like all the romance from my teenage years comes back

  4. patricia gennari Vieira


  5. Daniel Pishock


  6. night Candle

    ive got so bad recently in my mind i dont know what is really good and not bad.

  7. you can't be this empty

    This is lacking the complexity of their earlier work in fact, after deserter songs it´s been a sad decline in my honest opinion. It´s as if they are running around fields sprinkling fairy dust on everything.
    I´ve just gone and listened to ¨´Holes¨off Deserter songs and there´s no comparison in the scope between what I´m listening here and there. Dissapointed to say the least!!!


    +you cant be this empty Complexity isnt always good and this is still a pretty sophisticated arrangement btw. Sounds pretty wondrous to these ears.

  8. GeniusImmortal

    So desperately want to hear David Baker's vocals coming in on the chorus... or anywhere.


    +GeniusImmortal Listen to the old albums maybe....?


    +Jackson Lafargue I'm referring to this song. You might as well have said "cheese haven't on smoke of wrinkled time ease midget?"


    +GeniusImmortal my point is that you should stop living in the past. Dave Baker is never coming back to the band. he never wrote any songs and clashed with the band personality-wise anyway. I'm glad that mercury Rev has evolved as a band instead of trying to write Yerself Is Steam over and over again. just my two cents.


    @Jackson Lafargue The gorgeous, wispy vocals of Jonathan Donahue and the throatily glorious weirdness of David Baker were such an amazing compliment to one another; it was like a butterfly riding a slug; it was beautiful, flitting, heavy, slimy. Without David Baker that dynamic is gone and it's like an entirely different band. I think Boces is one of the best albums ever released, personally. Literally one of the best albums of all time. It's not just David Baker and Jon in glorious union, it's also motherfucking GRASSHOPPER and the ethereal Suzanne Thorpe all coming together in complete fucking ecstasy. Boces is an amazing tapestry of genius and art and it's entirely timeless. If Mercury Rev in it's post Baker iterations can get anywhere near that level of majesty and weirdness again I will stop "living in the past".

  9. Andrea Consonni

    Finalmente son tornati!

  10. Brain Productions Booking

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 this album is five hearts!!

  11. Indy Indiemoodd

    That Good !

  12. Mojo Driver

    Long live Mercury Rev!!!

  13. The Lying Facts

  14. Lara Flack

    esto me encanta...i love it

  15. Cureboy1

    Great to see them back, booked tickets for Bristol

  16. Tony Mack

    The U.S. doing a take on British, 60s Psyche, post Arthur Lee??? !!! Funny......8-D

  17. TheFunktipus1

    Love this. Brings a tear to my eye. (Cheese Alert!!!) Reminds me of my baby daughters smile.

  18. Jayne Whitman

    Disappointing.... :-(

    Patrick Koreman

    So this is what happened next.
    David Barker left the band and still they were able to play this epic song.

    Quite a monumental statement, as far as I'm concerned.
    Whatever happened before is the past, and it was really good for Mercury Rev. I think they've most definitely pressed their stamp on musical history. I still haven't heard the like of them anywhere.

  19. The Lying Facts

    E Weeda, this could of well been on the Secret Migration album and has little or nothing to do with DS or SYOTOS. I know what you mean with SMidnight but it's campanion album Strange Attractor is the best thing since All Is Dream. This is pleasant, business as usual type of song

    Phil John

    @The Lying Facts I agree, this sounds like it could've been from The Secret Migration. (Also agree about Strange Attractor although I think SMidnight was brave and they did pull it off in my book). That's the great thing about MR though, they have so many different sounds/era's where fans have their favourite. SYOTOS is my best loved by far, TSM comes second so I was delighted when I heard this first. Roll on September.

    The Lying Facts

    @Phil John yeah ; coming to think of it tracks like a Squirrel and I , Faraway from Cars and a hot world you can't help but love um. SYOTOS! Yeah, my fav too, from start to finish. SM all except In the Wilderness, it s just a tad too sweet! I am hoping to catch them in Munich... yep roll on Sep and Nov!

    Phil John

    @The Lying Facts SYOTOS always had me from the first listen, partly because I had never heard anything like it, I'm speculatively hoping they play something from it on the tour, Racing The Tide or Everlasting Arm maybe! I booked my tickets for Bristol. Hope you get to Munich!