Mercury Rev - Runaway Raindrop Lyrics

Runaway raindrop
Why so many tears
There's nothing left to hold you now
And you know you can't stay here

To earth you will fall soon
And from earth you will rise
With 'no' in your mouth now
But there's 'yes' in your eyes

The cloudbursts are behind you
And a long fall ahead alone
Oh runaway raindrop
You have to go home

Sometimes just for a moment, we are what we are
A bag full of second chances, overflowed and spilling out
Down, over and around the original burying ground
Where everyone gets even and everything is as clear as can be
Unending, unalone, into it you come and out of it you'll go
No more running, no more becoming
It takes a flake to know one and here you are
On the edge of yourself and ready to leap
Built to last only as long as snow upon the sea

Say what you will
Say it's all a dream
But if you stay where you are now
You may never leave

It's time to surrender
It's time to awake
Waiting is for buzzards
Wolves never wait

A wolf never waits...

The closer you look
The farther it looks away
You're moving on now
And they're here to stay

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Mercury Rev Runaway Raindrop Comments
  1. deepblue153

    "On the edge of yourself and ready to leap
    Built to last only as long as snow upon the sea.."

  2. CreativeMediaServ

    I love love love Mercury Rev!! It's a tie for me between Deserter Songs and All is Dream on favorite album - but I really do enjoy this one too. It's hard. For those two albums it makes you think of white puffy clouds against a blue sky, while this album reminds you of a rainy night. . full moon barely peeking from beneath the cloud cover. . love it!!

  3. Jonna Linne

    Great tune! Possibly the best on the album.