Mercury, Freddie - Let's Turn It On Lyrics

Let's turn it on, and get everybody thinking, thinking,
Let's turn it on, everybody song and dancing, dancing,
Let's turn it on, let's turn it on,
All the people got to get the right impression
Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on,
Why don't we turn it on and let's stop everybody fighting.

Let's get it on, let's get everybody jumping,
Let's get it on and get everybody stamping,
Let's get it on, let's get it on,
All the people got to get the right impression,
Let's get it on, turn it on, and let's get everybody dancing.

Let's turn it on, yeah
Nobody is giving it up, yeah, yeah,
Everybody is living it up, yeah,
Everybody is living it up, living it up, let's turn it on,
Yeah, nobody is giving it up, everybody is living it up, yeah,
Everybody is living it up
Let's turn it on, turn it on, yeah,
Dancing, dancing, dancing, dancing

Let's turn it on, and get everybody swinging,
Let's turn it on, get right into that lovely feeling,
Let's turn it on, yeah, come on all you people get together,
Turn it on, turn it on, turn it on,
And let's get everybody dancing.

Turn it on and get everybody happy,
Let's turn it on, let's make everybody happy,
Let's turn it on, let's turn it on,
come on all you, all you happy people together,
Turn it on, yeah, turn it on, turn it on,
Let's make everybody crazy!

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Mercury, Freddie Let's Turn It On Comments
  1. Elided Garcia

    Freddie es magnífico

  2. Elided Garcia


  3. Marli Lourenço

    maravilhoso 😍

  4. a rose splashed with plaid

    A person can go *21 days* without food, *3 days* without water, and *1 hour* without listening to Freddie's voice.

  5. alsjskabs

    Freddie es todo lo que está bien en la vida❤

  6. Zach Smith

    I can tell he was missing Brian on this track so he tried to get it as close as possible

  7. groovy snoos

    Freddie I love your music please don’t stop

  8. Tim Bogaards

    This is like a mario kart song!

  9. Софья Акишева

    Its very cool especially in headphones, ooof all around

  10. Софья Акишева

    Such a good song, im literally dancing in my house. Thanks!!!

  11. Софья Акишева


  12. Garrenford G 7

    Me gusta repetir y cantar esa canción

  13. Garrenford G 7

    De mis favoritas

  14. Xavo Class

    he is the greatest vocalist of all time.

  15. Garrenford G 7

    Freddie 😘

  16. MackenzieMaeMercury

    Love it

  17. The Great Pretender

    He is LEGEND!

  18. Sal Rizzitello

    ready FREEDIE, MISS U

  19. Anu Balogun

    Ghfvbghjjjmbj😃😃😐😐😭😭👮👮🐓🐑🐀 ,epv, cadbk

    FFAVA. NS Vm ?

  20. Kate Maloney

    I can only imagine how this great song would have sounded with Roger, Brian and John backing Freddie up. My brain keeps filling in the bass and drum lines. I think Freddie knew the pulse of the music world before anyone else did.

  21. Luz Stephany Franco Villegas

    El Mejor Cantante De La Historia De La Música

  22. Svetlana Svatko

    Ты прелесть!!!!!

  23. стасик лозав!!

    Всем привет ягон дон

  24. стасик лозав!!


  25. Main tou Abdul Baari Hun

    Ye kia bawaseer bna diye ho

  26. tipsytrucosdejuegos

    When I bought this in cassette I was amazing this sounds incredible specially with walkman! now I'm playing this on YouTube 34 years later! 😮

  27. ovocedinmultime

    Everything sung by Freddie is pure gold!

  28. AMJ Official

    Rock king 4 ever

  29. Tanya Veselova

    The best voice

  30. Marília Cabral

    Grande Freddie Mercury! Adoro!

  31. #Damian XD


  32. salud y riqueza

    Una gran leyenda que siempre será el mejor!

  33. Grazielle Carvalho

    lindo!!! Amo essa música!

  34. Sabra Semsa

    Sve pohvale za vase objave super ste

  35. 山崎真一


  36. l p

    Freddy Mercury the king

    Rømane Deaky

    Freddie the Queen



  37. Wendy Billups Norris

    Love LOVE LOVE!!

  38. Fernando Conceição

    Freddieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I Miss You

  39. aligrandi anniina

    Freddie is the best! in all times and in all places, always Mr. Mercury i will  love you forever♥

  40. Борис Руда

    Simply the BEST!!!!!


    Борис Руда

  41. MultiCYRIL

    At last, you post the real stuff from Mr Bad Guy.

  42. SCHOTS Chantal

    avec le piano oui monsieur !!! mais cette chanson non elle ne rend pas la tristesse comme vous dites si bien

  43. Carol Lopez

    Is amazing this song make my day I love the power  that have ,,,,Genius love you ,,,Freddie you are the love of my life,,,.

  44. Juan Moncada Díaz

    my love is dangerous?

  45. Ethiene Taylor

    Awesome 🌟 Freddie forever... ❤❤💋❤💖

  46. Sebastian Walter

    strange song but great voice

  47. nonamerequired123

    1 person wants to turn it off


    yes it's not particularly good is it

    Misti Waters

    Ich habe noch eins hinzugefügt

  48. Tatiana Boniole

    Boa tarde e parabéns pelo vídeo .

  49. Ольга Соболева

    Браво Фредди! 💖👍

  50. lipaz

    Very nice song👍

  51. SCHOTS Chantal

    je vous dis bonjour !!! trop triste la chanson de nos QUEEN avec le piano pour nous tous , merci

    Super Saiyajin God

    SCHOTS Chantal Cette chanson n'inspire pas la tristesse pourtant

    Misti Waters

    Je suis d'accord et Je j'aime Freddie

  52. Sourish Dutta

    I love it!!!!! 😍😍

  53. Juris Lazda


  54. Elaine Vazquez


    Misti Waters

    Freddie's voice is like a warm blanket on a cold day. It's very soothing. Love him.