Mensa, Vic - Holy Holy Lyrics

[Intro: Vic Mensa]
Cam, whattup bro?
Rest in peace Killa Cam

[Verse 1: Vic Mensa]
I been smokin' that can't you tell, I'm high as hell
Hide my pain, but I hide it well, die for thinkin' like Galileo
Posted with my homies, brosky rollin' OZs
Hope this stogie that we smoking help me fake forget I'm lonely
Lonely Massachusetts, on the road no roadies
Wrote this song inside my notebook, toke this tunchi think of Tony
He was only 20, took one in the tummy
Caught a bullet to the backbone by the hand of his own homie
Holy Jesus holy holy
Holy Jesus holy holy
Holy Jesus holy holy
Holy Jesus holy holy

[Hook: Vic Mensa]
Who can see the future? We may never know it
Sweets and kama sutra, swisher swisher would you blow it?
Who can see the future? We may never know it
Sweets and kama sutra, swisher swisher would you blow it?
If the world ends tomorrow
If the world ends tomorrow, would you smoke with me?
If the world ends tomorrow
If the world ends tomorrow, would you smoke with me?

[Verse 2: Vic Mensa]
Call your grandma, go light this L, go post bro bail
Hate to spend your last night in jail, make a plan and try to make amends
Or maybe take a stand and tell how you feel
Sentimental recollection, revelation, resurrection, God, question
What would people think about if I died?
I wonder sometimes if this music I
Make would keep me alive
But what if my tape never dropped or my album had flopped
Or I stopped at a red light and a semi-truck ran into my ride
What would my obituary column be?
How would they color me in the media? Wikipedia follow me
Would you follow my failures or mail your family apologies?
Like, sorry for your loss, like they the one that lost
Well I'm watchin' from the side like a six man
Feelin' like Marlon Wayans but without the white chicks man
I remember when they killed Killa Cam on Stoney
Got it tattooed on my wrist in memory of my big homie


[Verse 3: Ab-Soul]
See these the type of records make me think about Alori
It kills me inside we can't hear her side of the story
I kept my Metro PCS with all of our text messages
As evidence that I was thinking holy matrimony
Holy moly was I incorrect, chain smokin' cigarettes
My tee is wrinkled but the irony is that I'm so depressed
Ain't no gettin' over this, I just lost my everything
Meanin' that even me breathing now is inhumane
She live through me until I die, this what love sound like
I'm her baby boy, she my rib I'm always by her side
God, lend my my angel for a day or so
I'd pack up all my sins and every L I blow and let 'em go


[Outro x3: Vic Mensa]
Make your bed, play for dead, kill your enemies
Smoke down, get drunk, have a party
Fall in love with you
Wonder if you still remember me
Or would you just fade away?

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Mensa, Vic Holy Holy Comments
  1. Tènique Smith

    The Vic Mensa I once knew 😓

  2. The Beaver

    When Acip Rap and Innanetape dropped I had just started lighting up my senior year in high school. Holy fuck did this get me through some shit in life and holy crap do the memories when I look back at it hold so much pain and memories. :( love this album so fucking much

  3. Lucian Green

    Use me as 2019 misses this Vic button

  4. Dizzy Dopekid

    This My Shit! Vic! This that shit!!

  5. Sour RF

    This the last of the real vic mensa hes a bitch nigga now

  6. Ivan Eriku

    Nice jam

  7. Chris Larusso

    Man this tape was so damn good.

  8. Evil Doer

    Soulful Vic will always be a legend. We miss this sound.

  9. Elyssa Mendez


  10. Frank Williams

    RIP Henri. I miss u Nute

  11. Lufuno Enos Thavhanyedza


  12. Jay Hopkins

    This tape 4evr bumps

  13. Freddy O

    Discovered this song 4 days ago. Single handedly's up the views by 1000 plays. 07/2019. Soulo ho 💪🏾


    Still a dope joint till this day

  14. Gabrielle Powell

    Still one of my favorite songs ever. RIP to my big sister ♥️

  15. Drive_bii

    This beat is sick , damn , i'm in love with this song.

  16. Geronimo Swope

    This song helps me through the tough days

  17. Dubem

    Reminds me of freshman year college..memories

  18. Matt

    Miss this vic

  19. Taylor Green

    2/25/2019 ( Monday / 6:55 P.m. ) 👋🏾💚

  20. Frxnk Anthony

    2019 ??

  21. Jack Dickson Jr.

    Why isn’t this track on itunes?

  22. Tony Arroyo

    Listen to this every day. 2019 wya?

  23. William Oduntan

    Anybody still jamming this in 2019?

  24. Parjot Sohal

    Im bumping this in 2019 and i always will

  25. Jonathan SLVR

    2019... this is timeless

  26. MasterSpreader

    2018 anyone?!

  27. Juhhad Leone

    Rip Alori Joh

  28. Chris Larusso

    Bring this back Victor

  29. muataz23

    got it tattooed on my wrist in memory of my big homie, who could see the future?!

  30. S. A

    Any listeners in 2018/2019?

  31. Mari R

    Lol name a vic song

  32. N L

    Before Vic got MK Ultra'd.

  33. The Best Album Ever Made

    Vic Mensa is an amazing artist, too bad he’s a shitty person.

  34. MindYour Business

    Such a shame to see what he fell too

  35. bran. don

    This one of my favs from him before he fucked up his career just now.

  36. Jed Roberts

    I love Soulo's verse here ay

  37. Fear of God Eco

    Ab soul
    Brought life
    Gave life
    Even these things are rare to the real

  38. Jonathan Ayon

    rip mac iloveu

  39. Evan Mabry

    Classical music really ain’t made like this no more it’s a shame Vic still hasn’t lived up to potential


    Evon Mabry Goose Jay and ye fucked him up bad

  40. Amuche N

    Vic Mensa!!! We need you to come back, pleaseeeee! We miss this, we miss you :(

  41. Mince

    We still bump this in 2018 Vic, just so you know. ❤️

    DyingIncursion Inc.

    2019* 💪

  42. King Gibbs

    Fuck these Industry Niggas Go Solo.Ice cube Style.Fuck them Cooperate Dick suckas.Represent Your Title.And Lead by Example.Kanye and the rest of the dick suckers will be knockin Down your Door.This is coming from a fan you have Beautiful Lyrics unheard of Since the beginning of Hip Hop.Keep it Moving Captain.

  43. King Gibbs

    Chance and what's his name wouldn't be shit without Soul on the track.Real G's Recognize Real ones Vic and Chance Lucky they got Soul to Feature.Thats how I and alot More People Feel.Black Hippy Got a Weapon For the OG Rap Icons.His name is SOUL"You can't be Denied You're the KRS2.

    Jake Boynton.

    I didn't find out about this song or vic mensa for the longest time after it was made, but I found vic from chances cocoa butter kisses.

  44. claybee16

    Man I tear up during souls verse geez

  45. Manny Rodriguez

    Damn memory lane....

  46. Finally TSmith

    Would you smoke with me ?

  47. James Smith

    Perfect song for today 04/17/18 👌🏽😌

  48. dumbmoney908

    Remind me of all my friends that died the homies that died to this shit and the friends that took their own life pour the liquor out and smoke up in their name the went first and we will follow

  49. kemjikaa1

    This the Vic we miss

  50. Big Diesel

    The Book of Soul, part 2

  51. Jaime Jimenez

    Ab soul the realest

  52. Rashawn Hollaway

    I miss my sister so much...

  53. R L


  54. Neverknown


  55. Sandra Nineth

    People sleep on Vick

  56. Brando’s World

    Why doesn’t this have 1mil views

  57. Ka-Rinn Ka-Rinn


  58. Jonathan Garcia

    Can't lie this song is official, and I've been rocking with Ab Soul for a minute. And to be honest Vic Mensa got some joints, he's another dope artist.

  59. el pedorro apestoso

    memories from old home when my mom was around now she gone r.i .p mom 😢🙏

  60. tombstone

    so much nostalgia...
    Vic highkey the goat.

  61. AbstractTheClassAct

    What happened to this Vic Mensa? or even the down on my luck Vic Mensa. Don't let anyone fool you, the Devil is real.

  62. Isaac Guillory

    Ab Soul snapped on this shit!

  63. Zest Soldier

    this song holds so many memories for me..some I'd like to forget

  64. Harris D

    I just woke up and this is what I wanted to here

  65. Asia Delilah

    My little homie from Harlem put me on to this. Love him for this because anyone in or not in the hood can find relations to this masterpiece.

  66. Lil Jeffery

    What other song starts out like this with the flute thing, its been buggin me

  67. Lavalea Leapai

    RIP Alpri Joh ✨

  68. Hasuqi

    Waiting till this hits a million ✨🙏🏼

  69. Hasuqi

    Love this song 💙

  70. Andrew Hernandez

    To bad he don't make music like this no more... I remember bumping innanetape 2 years ago everyday, shit still bumps though


    Andrew Hernandez good memories with old friends.

  71. Samo Nice

    this is dope 👌
    chance would of been a monster on this!


    for real this is a Chance The Rapper beat's type right here

  72. Edward Crosby

    cool song

  73. Vanessa Taylor Pittman


  74. Briana Gabrielle Kranich Solway

    If the world ends tomorrow.... <3

  75. DeepmedZ

    damn chance the rapper on chance 3 sounds just like vic mensa in this

  76. Chill Bosby

    Give a sad song an upbeat and you get oxymoronical art!

  77. Diego Gonzalez

    Holy Jesus holy holy 🔥

  78. Alfred Mohammed

    Just heard this song today and I cannot get enough of it.

  79. theillmindedKidd

    Summer 2015 vibes. This was the first song I heard by Vic and one hell of a starter 💯

  80. ISO75

    vic, ab, & bj was all it took

  81. NeoTheOne

    RIP Alori Joh!

  82. Sean Yeo

    Came here from @davidgotkicks and just listened to this kids album and this suitcase, and Time is money all bring that hype good vibe and I cant shake it =)

  83. Ti Nicole Official

    I get the same feeling everytime I listen to this

  84. Ti Nicole Official


  85. David Medrano

    Hey I don't want to take away from this song, I just want some feedback on my work! Please Help Me!


    This is Vics best track.

  87. Idir T.

    Can you recommend more good rappers like this?

    Idir T.

    @yaahh trick Yeah, I've also already listened to Big Krit, bas, and Tut. Bas is one of the best


    @Idir sounds like you already know a lot of people fam, soundcloud is a good place to find underrated rappers that not many people know about

    nico guterrwz

    Dear god by logic or hopsin

    nico guterrwz

    Or yelawolf. Sky's the limit, to whom it may concern. Many more

  88. Jack Casey

    Why is this the first time I've heard this song? Great song, wow.

  89. Mince

    Forever 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  90. Emsee1191 V

    this song keeps me pushing on.thank god for the beauty he allows us to express into one another

  91. Jay Ar

    This was one of my boy favorite songs....He died in a car accident last week. He let me hear this song now it'll always be one of my favorite in memory of him....R.I.P BUNDI (NIGERIA,ABUJA)


    R.I.P Bundi

    Trey Gosby

    Sorry for your loss 🙏🏾

    Taylor Green


    Geronimo Swope

    God bless Your Family ❤

    Lucian Green

    Rest in Peace

  92. LEE ROY

    Still my favorite track.
    Thank u Vic

  93. BigSouljaSODMG

    This the best song I heard in my life brah

    Chill Bosby

    Nigga how long have you been on this planet you half a damn cashew head ass nigga!


    lmao in your life? chill

    eric garcia

    But honestly Tweakin is one of tge best songs I ever heard

    julie arter

    this song is better than tweakin tf


    julie arter fax

  94. Peyton

    dont get me wrong, im so proud of vic for making it and getting popular and shit, but i miss this type of music from him

    andile ngwane

    me too bro

  95. Mílo Delgado

    One of the best

  96. India's Finest

    This is Vic's best song for sure