Mendes, Sergio - Double Rainbow (Chovendo Na Roseira) Lyrics

Look at the double rainbow
The rain is silver in the sun light
A fleeting fox is in the garden
Rain sweet lovin' mother rain
That soaks the earth
That swells the streams
That cleans the sky
And brings the blue

See how the jasmin tree is all in flower!
The little brook of clever waters
Flows into a vast river
Ah! you belong to no one...

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Mendes, Sergio Double Rainbow (Chovendo Na Roseira) Comments
  1. Tony Escorcio

    A creative him eternally

  2. philip Grandoff

    Is this not children’s games off of stone flower by jobim?


    Yes. ol Tom was laughing all the way to the bank.

  3. Claude Julien

    Vous, les brésiliens, doivent avoir une immense fierté d'avoir un compositeur de musique populaire aussi génial ! Dans un reportage, il parlait de Debussy à propos de "la fille d'Ipanema" (clin d'oeil d'un Français qui aime sa culture, aussi...) Um abraçao para todos os imagos brasileiros que gostam da musica de Tom

  4. cbrb40

    Jobim the best composer ever! this music is so dreamy haunting beautiful makes me feel so good brings back long ago good memories. He wrote the most warm beautiful melodies. a true musical genius and there's not many you could say that for, he's playing the electric piano guitar and piano here, a great musician.also.

    brad wellstone


  5. Andreas Hoppe

    those heart warming strings .... :)

  6. farber2

    children should be forced to hear this. with other stuff of course.

  7. farber2