Men Without Hats - On Tuesday Lyrics

On tuesday, you came in from the storm.
On tuesday, you came and made me warm,
On tuesday.

On tuesday, you made me fly, much higher than before
On tuesday, you made me cry, and made me smile for more
Cause, love is something I adore
On tuesday.

On tuesday, you saved my life, I was nothing but a wall
On tuesday you made me high, I was flying on the floor
Cause, love is something I adore
On tuesday.

It was only make believe, then along came tuesday
Changed everything, on tuesday

On tuesday, you wave goodby, you step into the storm
On tuesday, you save my life, a smile will keep me warm
On tuesday, you made me cry, like a child being born
On tuesday, you made me high, I'll be flying ever more
Cause, love is something I adore
on tuesday

It was only make believe.
Then along came tuesday
Changed everything

On Tuesday.....

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Men Without Hats On Tuesday Comments
  1. Troy Van

    Unavailable on itoons.......

  2. MisterNewOutlook

    Why this wasn't released as a single is a complete mystery to me.

  3. Troy Van

    Why oh why is this not available on itoons

  4. Jason Grzegorczyk

    phenomenal CD problem was no one took it seriously because of title it as a concept album ..tells a Fluid story all these years later Still a go to for me when im in a refective mellow mood !!!

  5. Keith Mcleod

    Always been such a cool tune.

  6. S Owen

    My wife is Jenny...and I met her on a Tuesday. Played both for her and she went crazy!

  7. CplEthane

    This is my favorite song ever. Was listening to this on repeat whenever I was on the plane on my way to Marine Corps boot camp in 2004. This song carried me through that experience.

    Paul Huerta

    CplEthane my brother listened to this in the marine corps when he was heading there in 1990. He served till 1992 after an injury he had he was a lance corporals. He lived a great life then succumbed to stomach cancer in 2014

  8. Nancy M. Rice

    My favorite song by Ivan Doroschuk! Then "Moonbeam" then "Safety Dance" Love them all!

  9. Wombat Care Bundanoon

    I only knew the first 2 albums...bought them when released back in the day, and I have loved them for years.
    Imagine my joy at finding this whole new assortment of wonderful music. Love it!
    Thanks so much.


    I remember when this album came out circa 1987...I too had been treated to the first 2 albums.(Couldn't get enough of Rhythm of Youth) Then I hear PGTW on the radio. INSTANTLY you could hear Ivan's classic pop skills at work, & of course his unique voice. Then one day I hear On Tuesday on FM Radio. I can't describe what it did to me, where this song took was just one of those moments you know?
    So I began to look in to how the album was made & found it out it was a bit of a technological leap for the men, as they had jumped on board the Sampling Age. Things like Emulators, Fairlights etc... were used. For instance, the strings breaks in this track were in fact, samples I believe from an Emulator Sampler. You can hear the difference in sound through the whole album. Truly their best album imho & On Tuesday is the highlight for me!

  10. Carlux777

    Tuesday , the daughter of Jenny and Johnny.

  11. Troy Van

    Owned this on vinyl back in the day, just for this song.
    It's a shame it's not available on iTunes.


    Mr Anderson can really PLAY that flute! 😎

  13. TheMate01

    proper tune

  14. Tom Macia

    One of music most underrated group's

    Jonn Fuller

    Very underrated and one of my favorite bands

  15. jay con

    Still see them ever kids grew up listen to this in the car

  16. Robert Salmon

    The most unlikely pairing of my two favorite bands was the pinnacle of my musical listening career.

  17. Shirley Mattingly

    I think the only song from men without hats that made it in the states was "safety dance" so they missed out on the beauty of this album

  18. Andrew Brooks

    One of the most underappreciated bands in pop history.

    Jonn Fuller

    Agree completely

  19. colin wright

    Very Tull-esque

  20. Mike Knowles

    I would be fine with Canada changing this to our national anthem

  21. mrshow1

    Another one of those "should've been a hit" songs.


    mrshow1 Dude. Yes.

  22. LETHE

    this song always puts a smile on my face

  23. Robert Salmon

    In '87 my two favorite bands had a most unusual collaboration. Still can't believe this ever happened.

    dasilva 1080ptrap

    Cuz... Love is something I adore..

  24. Chalene Haddon

    Takes me back. How can you not smile when you listen? Flutes and lyrics, so uplifting.


    Chalene Haddon That's why I love this band. They always make me happy when I listen to them. :)

  25. rich56

    Was trying to track this song down. Haven't heard it in ages. Didn't seem to be available on iTunes and thought maybe I was mistaken that it was Men Without Hats. Just remember the Tull like flute. Didn't know it was Ian Anderson himself. Thanks for uploading!

  26. Goalie King 33

    On Tuesday, I am starting a new job !!! Had this song in my mind, so I had to play it... haha

  27. LionheartRix

    Thanks for uploading... I found the tape but can't play it!

  28. jay con

    does anyone have this live from club bene... rt 35 nj?

  29. jay ozz

    That flute makes me so fucking happy.

    Rene Tavera

    +jay ozz Ian Anderson's magic

    Rene Tavera

    +jay ozz Ian Anderson's magic

    jay ozz

    Yes! Just so!

    jay ozz

    Yes! Just so!

    colin wright


  30. Andy Arnette

    Wonderful! I always find it interesting how some of the more obscure songs like this one are some of the best. This song I can listen to over and over and not get tired of it. Thanks for sharing.


    +Andrew Arnett This song and this album is endless. It is not a song, is a mood.

  31. nathar40

    Love this.

  32. Snodge Kat

    I hear yod--dropping! Love it.

  33. Snodge Kat

    I haven't heard this in a thousand years

  34. Stan Winterfield

    This song is absolutely magnificent! It's just pure genius!

  35. Michael J. Coslo

    Ian Anderson's flute on this one is pure gold.


    Before Ian Anderson, there was Focus.

    colin wright

    Dracopol And 2 years before focus was Tull...knobhead.

    dasilva 1080ptrap

    I was flying on the floor🏁🏁🏁🏁

  36. michael haskins


  37. lawrence johnson

    I'm at work today and this song pops into my head for some reason and I could not believe it was by another great Canadian band ,Men Without Hats as I brought it up on You Tube.I always thought it was by some obscure 80'S British band like the Stranglers.

    Adam Sukenick

    I know what you mean.

    colin wright

    Obscure British Band like the Stranglers. Lol. Could have been some obscure Canadian band...Glass Tiger?
    Only kidding. First time heard it and I like it.

  38. Tommy Rock

    One of the best records of the decade.

    dasilva 1080ptrap

    Seeing your beautiful face really kept me warm...


    Tommy Rock ABSOLUTELY 100%!

  39. stratcaptain66

    simply a wonderful song...maybe their best composition

  40. kuya luis

    timeless music!!! better than pop goes the world!!

  41. robert lenartowicz

    can't belive it's been 26 years when the song came out!

    Word Unheard

    30 years now, and counting.

  42. Craig Anderson

    My Tuesday Morning Song.

  43. Craig Anderson

    My Tuesday Morning Song.

  44. Craig Anderson

    My Tender Tuesday Song Of The Day.

  45. be the best gamer 123

    one of my all time fave songs..!!!!

  46. Lone-Wolf-XCII

    Ah! New favourite song! This is just one of those songs that has that sound that will always stick with you :D I wish I was born in the 1970's or 1980's :')

  47. machinewrecker

    Fabulous song......Really reminds me of a lazy Tuesday afternoon.

  48. Snorribjorn

    The flute in this song is indeed played by none other than Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull. You are quite correct, it is brilliant.