Men Without Hats - Living In China Lyrics

They got the red book
They got the new look
The little people that are living in China
They got the answers to all the questions
All the little people that are living in China
The solution is revolution
For all the little people that are living in China
Got ping pong egg foo yung
All of the people that are living in China

Would Chairman Mao say
If he knew
What they're doing to his wife today
Did China do?
She ordered out
For submarines instead of Chinese food
Fields of rice
Modern man
No longer evil, he's in paradise
Did the Chairman want
A great big wall they could all watch orientals on


Would Chairman Mao say
If he knew
What his people think of him today
Revolution is out of hand
The Gang Of Four
Try to make it as a western band
What do you need
You've got everything
From your scruffy head to dirty feet
Do you want to dance
You're wearing makeup
And listening to Adam And The Ants

They've got the new look
They've got the red book
The little people that are living in China
They're wearing no clothes
Collecting post cards
The little people that are living in China
The solution is revolution
All of the people that are living in China
Got ping pong, egg foo yung
All the little people that are living in China

They're living in China
They're living in China
Living in China


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Men Without Hats Living In China Comments
  1. Holger Sandoval

    High level synth pop band

  2. James DeWees

    I was just sitting in my chair thinking and doing nothing related to China or men without hats then this song just fucking showed up in my head, and refused to leave until i listened

  3. Andy JS

    Songs about China were very popular in 1982: British bands Huang Chung and Japan did songs about it as well.

  4. Ghostbusters3

    Little people...yeah they're living in China! lol

  5. José Colmenarejo

    absolutely underrated masterpiece of 80's madness

  6. jamie yeet

    Only played in China

  7. RJ H

    Awesome band and what a great tune! And has any vocalist ever sounded so much like a singing darek?

  8. Ed Mullin

    Insightful political commentary and largely ignored!!! Well, as least, I got it.

  9. wildmandan60

    new wave at it's finest

  10. NeutralDice

    Trudeau's song when living in his favorite China: listen to what he says in this video at 4:05

  11. Paladin


  12. Jagoda Bajon

    I wontri wonti Jagoda Bajon


    And this my friends is why China has over a million stereotypes

  14. Robbiewa6451

    Well at least they don’t have Theresa May

  15. cabbey31

    Got teh *RED*!!!

  16. 川添浩一


  17. Jerry V

    Its a healing music !! I ve been sick for a while ,but this makes me healthy !!
    Men Without Hats for you !

  18. Andy JS

    This and Antarctica are a great pair of songs.

  19. Al Sharples

    The compilation I had was called 'Greatest Hats'


    me too!

  20. madkat207

    the high pitched voice just makes this song so much more enjoyable.

  21. dschwart0

    The solution is revolution.  :-)

  22. rs.matr1x

    Got Hockey, Got Poutine, Living in Canada

    eddie rowneyy

    rs.matr1x nah that’s really just a Quebec thing lol

  23. Martyna Patora

    This sound like David Bovie - Modern Love ! ! and soundtrack to Turbo Kid
    But it is also extremely great !! I love such music!

    Divina Kraus

    I agree it does sound just a little like David Bowie's - Modern Love

  24. Gudrun Tvedt

    50 s Many people were killed. Hopefully China and their people have rebuilt the country.

  25. David Rader

    Living in China Japan Taiwan it's all too speeded out this song On a train or something? HAHAHA Or try it yourself some time.............

  26. Sean McGarvey

    We are the people I am you You are me

  27. Sean McGarvey

    Love cool jay

  28. Anthony Dry

    These are ace! How did i miss these in the eighties???? Blimey.

    Andy JS

    You missed the Safety Dance? Even I didn't miss that and I was only 4 years old at the time.

  29. Carter Richardson

    wow sooooooo cool im moving to china!


  30. hahaha hahaha

    This is like gaming music....

  31. SDPadresFan

    It sounds like one of the chipmunks is singing background vocals.

    pavle vivec

    +SDChargersFreak exactly lol

    Mathieu Bouchard

    the tool for doing this is called a vocoder...


    It's actually a 'harmonizer' - from Eventide, which was widely used back then, and stil is today.

  32. Grant McCagg

    "They've got ping pong, egg foo young."  Yep - pretty much sums up 1.5 billion folks.

    first Last

    +Grant McCagg Just feel like the song should've incorporated offbrand cigarettes and public urination, you know, for the sake of cultural sensitivity.

    Grant Murray

    I live in China. We eat egg foo young and play ping pong every day.

    Anon Baller

    Yet you also piss behind store. I've seen it with my round eyes, so you know Im not lying since I can see more than asians. slant eye you can't see as much less eye volume. fact.

  33. Pat H.

    men with out scrotums 


    what? u like scrotums or something?... no scrotum is a deal breaker for u?


    ones that have are flaming gays..they know!!!!

    If you don't sub to me i will rape you

    fuck you 

    Adam Borseti

    Says you! I really like these guys...... it's better than fuckin' "What does the Fox say?"


    Carlin called them “Men Without Testicles”.

  34. Stephen Handley

    @Xvalhalla1997 yea metalica rules

  35. Mike Pratt

    "I'm very well/good" this song? lol...

  36. Carl Mallany

    My parents used to rock this when I was a baby, almost 30 and I still love this shit!

  37. Sharif Sircar

    woooohooo!! this song is goood and so much better than todays music

  38. Andrey Vershinin

    "got ping-pong got egg fu yung" haha what a song

  39. gedhession

    I wonder if there is a Chinese band who have done a song called "Living in Canada"?

  40. Patrick McGuire

    No Safety Dance is WAY better than this!

  41. John Arkady

    How did we never hear this in the eighties? This and "I got the message" are even better than "Safety Dance"!

    Willowdale Scooter

    This song was removed from the Rhythm of Youth release in the US as it was deemed offensive.

  42. Joseph Hatch

    this song is even more now than it was in the 80's. I lived in China and came back to the U.S. with Chinese wife and In-laws on the Mainland. When I am here, I want to be there. When I am there, I feel alive.

  43. Dueville7777

    i think that's the idea

  44. BillyG126

    so racist

  45. sha11235

    Notice the back up person sounds Chinese?

  46. Craig Anderson

    These lyrics are taunts to go to war with China. The demon or the midget singing back up vocals doesn't help either. Dear God:-O

  47. TheExclusiveMan

    I keep replaying this song.

  48. br0die1

    Man what happened to songs like this im only 16 but i love old song like this :) i have a few men without hats records :p. I rember listening to this song when i was like 6 camping where my dad was logging at the time

  49. Rainbo Sandvich

    Hate to double post but, heck, WHERE DO I GET ENERGY LIKE THIS FROM? I thought this kinda thing stopped at 15!?

  50. Rainbo Sandvich

    This song makes me hyper active... i can't keep still and essentially look like ive got ADD, or looking like im high IDK THIS SONG IS SO AWSUM- AWESOME! LIVING IN CHINA

  51. wayne werder

    I thought this song was brilliant-merging silly stereotypes with witty political commentary. That, with a great, driving beat and catchy melody.

  52. Fourth Grade Security Risk

    I never realized Men Without Hats recorded a T-Mobile commercial.

  53. David Berchtold

    Morning Aerobics Routines were invented from this sound :)

  54. David Berchtold

    This is an awesome B-side tune for Safety Dance. Thank you, Beatles, for introducing us to the beauty that comes from the discovery of B-Side tune. This is proof that there is gold for those willing to search for it.

  55. Maisy Mouse

    Lifelong Goal
    -Go to China
    -Get a convertible
    -Drive trough China blasting this song.

    Dee Donner Ramone

    You missed your chance. 2019, avoid China, it is a brutal communist regime. Avoid. No joke.

  56. infinitymusic1974

    A wonderful 1983 hit song from their 1982 album. This song is on my TOP 5 list songs from Men Without Hats (Montreal, Quebec, Canada). They will be at the Corona Theatre on June the 1st 2012. I'll already have my tickets.

  57. EmpireMen

    @danielf17 Hahaha so true I was thinking the same thing before I saw your comment!

  58. Daniel Ribeiro

    Remmembers me DEVO a little bit.

  59. sh9683

    @LedWilde definition of shit; stuff that comes through you know what!

  60. sh9683

    @LedWilde this is not shit! and shit is never awesome! just so you know so if this is shit its not awesome but if its awesome its clearly not shit! make up your mind

  61. Downie Mcgee

    This song just makes me want to get up and dance.

  62. Dan Piccinini

    this the Flip side of Extend play?

  63. 117LiamCox

    wow, listened to this everyday for a week now I sing it in school, and now I have no friends

  64. 117LiamCox

    "They got ping pong, egg foo yung"
    Men without hats have the best lyrics

  65. TheZeke1974

    I love it!!! Very catchy!

  66. trailgoat

    I've listened to this song about 200 times in my lifetime. It's still as edgy and exciting now as that first time. A fantastic band that will, unfortunately, be known for The Safety Dance.

    Andy JS

    I can't decide which is best out of this and Antarctica.


    Saftey dance is a great song, Shut up

    Colin K

    this song will live on.

  67. Standoman6546

    @BudofWoW obvious troll is obvious?

  68. Argent Rogue

    @Xvalhalla1997 I honestly don't see how you could compare the two..

  69. qwertypoopbath

    @raydeen2k lolwut

  70. Matt O'Connor

    just saw them live :)

  71. Xvalhalla1997

    this ban sucks metallica is way better

  72. Retro FJT

    Love this song! Shame that it was left off of the original US release, could've been a potential hit single there.

  73. dodgyhingst

    If the internet had happened in 1983......MWH's would have been massive HUGE.
    Most 80's bands were 20 years ahead of their time.

  74. daftchemicals

    @nevets4ever WOW... WLIR...I remember them in Long Island. Weren't they also WDRE?

  75. rawkus420

    Saw them at Dundas square a month back in Toronto. Free outdoor was epic...concert of the summer thus far! ppl were going nuts from start to finish!

  76. tekubus

    This really is an amazing pre hardcore/ pre techno song. This is so cool on so many levels. It feels like the backbone of bad brains and beasties. I think their influence is greater than what will ever be recognized.

  77. ProductionsHead



    China is running out of Vagina.


  78. Wildboy789789

    @ledzeppelinrules110 im glad they didnt become overly popular and mainstream... hes still preforms shows in canada, i feel like the people who dont know men without hats are missing out, but the fans wouldent want it any other way... i love ivan

  79. Dracopol

    Oooh, "The Safety Dance" wasn't three chords but more complex. It would make a great Baroque harpsichord tune if it were transposed. Let's see, C, Bb, F, F, Bb, C, G...F, Bb, Eb, Ab...C, G, D, A. Nope, you're wrong, dude! Anyway, brilliant Montrealers and the soundtrack of my student days, I could hope for none better.

  80. SegaSaturn64

    @joniiboy that's a woman

  81. Wildboy789789

    WHAA-HUT (doo doo dee doo doo doo dee doo) would cairman MAAHAO SAY... if he knew WHAT people thought of HIM todaaay?... so groovy lol

  82. leslie collins

    since 1983

  83. Khornyflakes

    China seems like a slightly nice place after this song

  84. hockeyguy12345678


  85. Jone C Hoftun

    1 man has a hat...

  86. bucanerjoe

    @HypnoToad72 try

  87. Jared CenterfoLd


  88. A. Azevedo

    excellent unknown 80´s album

  89. Southerner Man

    they deserved more success ,but there thousands and and thousands whom still rocks with their music

  90. Waterloo

    men with hats forever

  91. ItsRainingDonuts

    @HypnoToad72 heyyy what do you know they're actually on iTunes! :) didn't think this 'Silver Collection' would be. It's only a partial album featuring just the unreleased stuff too, thanks for the heads up. As for the rest of the songs I own them all on vinyl anyway :P I just assumed these videos were the source of the compression problem.

  92. HypnoToad72

    @ItsRainingDonuts - perhaps iTunes? (I bought the album from them. (at 256mb/s rather than the usual 128, of course). If I find the CD I'll be buying it outright. Especially re: 80s new wave and the tones, compression artifacting is somewhat obvious... :( )

  93. ItsRainingDonuts

    man these tracks are compressed like a bitch but it's a great playlist, thanks! great to hear those unreleased ones too, where did they come from??