Men Without Hats - Ban The Game Lyrics

Isn't it strange
Or isn't it just like me
To change again

I live in a fire
Or isn't it just like me
The final hour

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Men Without Hats Ban The Game Comments
  1. elketregeben1983

    Music for run away

  2. priestpilot

    I started discovering Men Without Hats about two years ago when I was looking for work. I then got hired by a company based just outside of Montréal. Now their music is what I listen to make me think of Montréal!

  3. Skye Aldaroni

    Does anyone know the lyrics to this song? I can't find them anywhere >_<

  4. sha11235

    What game are they talking about?

    Jerry V


  5. Alastair Ward

    Why isn't this on any of their albums on Google Play our Amazon?

    There's a strange tuneless 49 second version, but not this.


    +Alastair Ward The song you're hearing is technically Ban the Game II. The short preamble was on the album Rhythm of Youth.


    That was some stupid demo they put on there. I don't know why. At least they made it a full song.

  6. bandi53

    This is fantastic... even if I just lost the game.

    Alastair Ward

    bandi53 2 years later, I too lose it.

  7. Wildboy789789


  8. sarah bateman

    you can dance if you wanna.......

  9. 1986jonesl

    Very Very Underated Band

  10. Granualt

    Thanks for uploadiing thiiis!!!

  11. SweetSweetWaldo

    Wow, I never heard this version. I only know the Folk of the '80s intro.

  12. maxweb32

    i lost the game, and got banned as well.... this sucks

  13. mindfreakloyal92

    Welp, I just lost The Game. Thanks MWH.

  14. Azix Zander

    @thegreencow1337 FUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!

  15. Azix Zander

    @thegreencow1337 FUUUUUUUUUUCKK!!

  16. William Boothman

    I'm looking for the spoken version that was the opening to "Safety Dance" on "Rhythm of Youth". Anybody?

    Fernando II de Taboada

    That's the extended version

  17. Curt Wakeman

    Antartica is my fav!

  18. Drake Winters

    (dont hate me for thinking this) but does it sound a little more like he is saying blame the game? or am i just hearing it wrong

    Nikolas Buklierus

    I think he’s saying playing the game but I can see what you mean

  19. Dracopol

    By the mid-80's people were all up in arms against Dungeons & Dragons, and us fans were "living in a fire" like you wouldn't believe, our own parents willing to beat us to death for rolling dice. Even Tom Hanks participated in "Mazes & Monsters," the TV movie out to spread stereotypes of the wigged-out Dungeons & Dragons-player. But we said "screw you" and in the end we were right. There'll be no banning of this or any game.

  20. Wildboy789789

    isnt it strange? or isnt it just like me to replay this video about 5 times lol

  21. Wildboy789789

    i didnt like the music or the vocals to the song... as soon as he sang the second verse i love the song now... hes an amazing musician, i feel like ive been hypnotised

  22. Emil Highway

    making me dizzy this song is "flummig"

  23. Dec

    thanks to this song i lost it

  24. John

    @CaesiusX This song is only a demo version anyway, hence the simple drum pattern (similar to their demo song, "Rhythm of Youth"), and yes I would agree with you that it should sound more like the short version. For their "Live Hats" DVD and Freeways tour, they did try to merge both song versions into one, and gave it some changes that made it sound different from the demo version.

  25. John

    why didn't they include this song in the album Rhythm of Youth? It would of been good to have made it a second part of the short album version of ban the game.



  27. HypnoToad72

    @Unsupervisedchild - also look for "Editions of You" - the song REALLY kicks into "cool mode" after 42 seconds.

    Early 80s - love the style and the uniqueness and the diversity of the music.