Men I Trust - You Deserve This Lyrics

My feelings are true
With ease they allow
The flow of my will
And good sake for you
And good sake for you

This is your past
Before you're born
For you to see
You deserve it

These things I won't change
They keep me relaxed
It's always my way
They keep me relaxed
It's always my way

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Men I Trust You Deserve This Comments
  1. D7ooɱ عبدالرحمن الصومالي

    💜 very nice

  2. Ankit kumar

    at 1:58 its a space engine simulator, built by a single guy from russia.

  3. Antonio Lopez

    top top

  4. David Lohnes jr

    Is this in "C',? , I ve heard this before , in a dream some where not in this town or time. 60's,? No it's a first for me, I love it , what could be added ,?

  5. Unholy Allen

    is she studying computer science?

  6. coolhand1966

    Scarlett Johansson in a Men | Trust video - very impressed.

  7. neeno g

    This is like if modana sang like sade on a mash up of there types of beats. I live it❤❤

  8. Pedro Marques

    This is one of the most beautiful things I've heard in my entire life.

  9. Ricky Davis

    I be having em like that....lookin for me in the daytime with a flashlight lhh

  10. Remedios Varo

    that bass is so cute, it is sound so powerful

  11. David Sanchez

    There needs to be a resurgence of R&B and MO-TOWN. ....and also Grunge

  12. DVRK LO

    I miss my girlfriend now time to roll up again I love you

    s c

    I miss mine too but I don't roll up i cuddle up. I love you too


    s c actually made me feel better thanks stranger

  13. Bryant Glover

    My god I love this music more please

  14. jpr15

    Headphone melancholic heaven, thanks guys, really feel your music ❤

  15. Bayu Saputra

    she's reminds me of my co-worker that I like <3

  16. Paul Sixtus

    Great band, great songs.
    This one is a blessing. 🙏✨

  17. regi

    they keep me relaxed


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  19. Marco Barrera

    Who’s the actress

  20. Ian Fenwick

    This is very unrealistic and let me tell you why with a very technical explanation.
    Women don't know how to use computers.

  21. tweenaahh

    How do they not have a million subscribers?

  22. tc88610

    Oh, Emma, forever

  23. Winston Bradley

    I just woke up from a nap and this was recommended to me..I swear I'm woozy and this taking me places

  24. rabidL3M0NS

    Dayum that thing can run space engine?

  25. Platt


  26. Lecy Sousa

    Eu tenho certeza que ela está digitando o seguinte: "Lecy, You can call me tonight".

    it's ok to cry

    oi, tudo bem? eu traduzi essa música, dá uma olhada lá acho que você vai gostar :)

  27. doughnut shop

    that chorus and space sequence is one of the best and perfect things I've seen

  28. Peter Boro

    I don't know what the odds are of me all the way in Kenya getting this on my recommendation but this changed my whole perspective on what good music sounds like. This right here is the most beautiful song I've ever listened to. Thank you for existing and blessing us with all the love you put into your songs. Know that we don't take this for granted and we greatly appreciate you. I love you all. Much love from Kenya XO

  29. Paul Zimmer

    natural girls are soooo natural Beauty

  30. Rathanak's Life

    Who wants to slow dance to this

  31. Ben Harkness

    I am a avid metal/hard rock listener. But this band... This band has me on a different level of spiritual being. I love her voice and the band around. Makes such a beautiful sound that cannot be described.

  32. Dream scapes

    All this dreamy melodies make me think about things that never happened and that gives nostalgia, is like a nostalgic feeling for being alive in a world were so many stories and things had happened... Really dont know what to think about our purpose for being alive, but this type of songs connect me to the thruth that i just can feel but no express.

  33. Karam Dabagh

    im here because of belle delphine

  34. lesley.l

    We care a lot. We always did. We always do.

  35. Jaime Hudson

    Yes, we do... Thank-You!

  36. Amirul Amirizan252

    The guitar sounds like Baby Come Back

  37. Ornella Baumeler

    This girl is art, the landscape is art, the video is art, the music is art, you all are art. Thank you.

  38. Farhan Ramadhan

    love your music style
    please come to indonesia someday

  39. Earth Elf

    You really enjoy putting basic white girls in your videos don't you

  40. Alexander Browning

    That was one of the greatest things of my life

  41. No Thankyou

    can't wait to kill myself to this song <3

    grace matherne

    No Thankyou uhhh..

  42. Titose

    yoo what is happening to my brain rn.

  43. Titose

    So she's Tame Impala's long lost sister basically.

  44. NewdexTV

    im in love... shes like the more attainable grimes... and she make sme feel liek she knwos mankinds acomplishments are amazinga nd us men deserve a break cuz we made women cool toys liek copmputers thats he gets to play with in teh foreest and contemplate her existance

  45. Bog Svemira

    Does this girl took magic mushrooms?

  46. Humphrey Kibet

    Thats very kind

  47. Michael Hummel

    Reminds me of my November

  48. Michael Hummel

    This song and Thank The Gang by Twelve'Len are the best songs to come out this year and I still cannot stop listening to them

    grace matherne

    Michael Hummel omg right i love both those songs and played the hell out of them this summer

    Michael Hummel

    @grace matherne same here I have so many awesome memories tied to them

    grace matherne

    Michael Hummel thats a yes and no for me as i tie these songs to my whole summer i spent with me ex:/ was fun while it lasted though he actually showed me thank the gang

    Michael Hummel

    @grace matherne damn that sucks I'm sorry to hear that :/ but at least hold on to the moments you enjoyed

  49. Hans Maier

    hipster alert!

  50. coffeebeann1

    I just got to heaven

  51. Lawnmower American

    What is she looking for with a flashlight in the middle of the day in a field.

  52. Maria K

    стремная баба

  53. S P A C E C H A S E R

    Going to see you guys on Sunday in Atlanta!!! I'm so excited!!!!! I hope y'all play this song I'll fucking cry 😭

    S P A C E C H A S E R

    they played it!!! and the live version was different then the studio version!! insane

  54. Muhammad Rafely

    Y'all awesome. Thx for your performance in Jakarta!

  55. Wilson Roberto

    Músicas noturnas, melodias cheias de amor, adoro quase todas as suas músicas. Abraços de Montes Claros/MG/Brasil.

  56. dayton Shawn

    This women Emma is a goddess I'm in love found her through a diffrent indie music mix playlist been listening since im out in Vancouver just found out she was Canadian from Quebec!
    You guys are great I'm litterly in love with you Emma!! Your the coolest cat there ever was

  57. senorbeckon

    Serene, thoughtful, mysterious, lovely. Please keep doing what you're doing!

  58. Chuck McMicheal

    At 1:42 when her tune curves ot gets a little curvy might I say. I'm hooked

  59. evylC

    Amazing bass

  60. tc88610


  61. righty the fox

    And still 😊😍🎵

  62. levin alexander cortez mosquera

    Today in the morning I found this! Wow, is so amazing! !!!

  63. Tri-Lambda Delta

    So beautiful.

  64. Grizzlyy Magnum

    Speed x2

  65. Irda Darma

    why is it very calming

  66. Elder Lima

    essa musica é tao perfeita

  67. daviddivad777

    1:56 ready for lift-off

  68. DJ Serious

    This is such a beautiful video and song.

  69. Tekknorg

    The Girl from the other Video with the Jeans Dress from the 70ies? Sorry, I only come by for this girl in the videos... I Trust.

  70. dirty d3vil


  71. Michael W. Dean

    Glorious song.
    But if you trust them, why aren't they in the video too?

  72. Geoffroadtrip

    Le groove électro pop de MIT est trop sexy j adore....

  73. Marta

    The song I love the most from you guys ❤️


    btw, does anyone know the girl? @@

  74. Weiss Utan

    DO I REALLY DESERVE THIS SONG??? – 'cause it's so f***ing great you know...

  75. Aquiles Pelida

    I deserve this.

  76. ulfurfenrir

    Song made me horny.

  77. MultiChicken123

    this chick def went blind after this music video.

  78. Davy Roger

    Gotta watch this on acid

  79. Neilloy Chakravarty

    The visuals remind me of Godard and Tarkovsky

  80. Hugo I’ll go

    Only men i trust is my self when push comes...

  81. David Beddoe

    This is a synthetic memory of a daydream from 20 years ago

  82. gianna gutierrez

    Can’t wait to watch this coming down on acid

  83. Amber Chaba

    I never knew a song could make me fall asleep while im wide awake.

  84. Marie Cue

    I dont know why but the end reminds me of wayne coyne/miley cyrus and her dead petz-esque style music 😅🤦🏼‍♀️

  85. sinisterdomain

    I absolutely love the gentle and warm capturing of this song and music video. The lighting is also great and the woman in the video is gorgeous

  86. Harrison Hunter

    I didn't know Canadian forests had wifi in '92. Very innovative country.

  87. Marshall Harrison - Guitarist

    What a load of deserve Jack shit in this world... you deserve this cause you’re plain, introspective, selfish and, carry a computer for show,

  88. Cameron Carosielli

    This sucks

  89. Dead In The Eyes Of A Dragon

    This song is garbage

  90. finest yatchman

    I had a torch like the one she is holding.

  91. haatwerken

    Gr. From holland

  92. K-leb

    I prefer this over the album version. The album version sounds slightly muddled in comparison, and I understand Oncle Jazz is meant to sound soft and warm, but I prefer the slightly livelier sounds here.

  93. Tri-Lambda Delta

    This grows on me. A settled mind. Yoga for the mind xX Love you.

  94. Klemen Gnidovec

    A great song with such a chill vibe! Love it❤

  95. Snow STAR ™

    {\ _ /}
    ( • - • )
    Take this biscuit and everything is gonna be okay ...