Men I Trust - Tailwhip Lyrics

I'm Happy as I am
Cause I'm leaving
Days will be the same
In a different way

Going to a place
Where I used to stay
Writing something new
In this home I know

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog
Won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog
Won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog won't die in the city

Right eyelids closed
Both feet behind
I aim for tomorrow
Work on my mind

Going to a place
Where I used to stay
Writing something new
In this home I know

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog
Won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog
Won't die in the city

We'll be all right
Stay here some time
This country dog won't die in the city

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Men I Trust Tailwhip Comments
  1. yogesh sirsat

    What is the name of this girl??

  2. userid

    Must be a dream come true if you are such a great band and made this song with your actual home video footage for the clip, just perfect.

  3. D'Andre Lewis

    This reminds me of when I was younger watching Arthur on PBS after school.

  4. Jordan Ayebare

    I swear to the only person in Uganda who listens to Men I Trust tame impala fazerdaze castlebound empire of the sun disclosure the internet kaytranada etc

  5. Erick Santos

    This song was showed to me by a friend who passed away. He had a very good taste of music.

  6. Steve Thomas

    That band is killen it

  7. Pedro Alonso Lopéz

    Que hermosa mujer y que buena canción.

  8. zuhaib anis


  9. Fleece Johnson

    Where are these guys from

  10. Speedshifter

    hello 3 milion

  11. Michael Parker

    That Guitar has a Daft Punk - Random Access Memories type of vibe. I like it

  12. B M

    You guys SERIOUSLY need a different drummer. Either that or the guy needs to take some damn risks. You guys would be all around awesome if you actually had some life in the drums. The whole "dance beat" crap takes away from everything you are doing in practically all the songs I've listened to by you guys. Pllleeeeeeasssseeeee.....

  13. Facundo Barbachán Martínez

    Loving this. Cheers from Uruguay!

  14. Gianfranco Ruiz Romero

    Muy buen Grupo 😻❤

  15. laura

    this is the most played song of my 2019 even though i found it at the end of october

  16. Christopher Boolean

    it's hard for me to focus on the music when she sings (:

  17. magitician

    You lowered the defence of my heart

  18. Bass and Amp

    This is fantastic and it brings life

  19. Ari Kelly

    Yes! I love this! Also name of band with female vocalist with two dudes is great.

  20. ryker420

    Are these the men she trusts?

  21. Warren Henning

    This was playing in Whole Foods yesterday!! All of us Berkeley millenial hipsters abandoned our grocery carts and danced, in unison. Our hearts and minds were one.

  22. Jake

    The fucking adds!!!

  23. Tony Fox

    The synthesizer voice during the refrain reminds me of Golden Axe.

  24. DVDF GB

    Hey, I finally find you.

  25. RobotzAreAwesome

    This might be the best song I’ve ever heard

  26. tc88610

    the most beautiful voice, Emma!

  27. James Lucena

    Makes me want to light up and cruise to Boone during the fall.

  28. Victor Campuzano

    luv that i just found about this band, thank you youtube algorithm!

  29. rahulbindhu r

    She's soooo beautiful

  30. MaxPayen Venic

    Oh sh*t we run out of time, we can't finish this homework unless
    And then this what happen

  31. Bich Nguyen

    I love this girl

  32. Анастасия Сычева

    I know that dragos edits all the videos, but he is so shy smhw, coz he has never put himself in the foreground

  33. Joseph Perez


  34. moosesnWoop123

    LOL not much dancing can be done behind a keyboard

  35. Rafael González

    I've seen bands with this style over and over the last few years, they are like a plague

  36. Bubba Liburtee

    that's gonna be a big fat nope on my part sauce boss

  37. 22hz Laos

    Country dog :)

  38. Emy •

    it gives me coldplay vibes

  39. peterpanmannnn

    How the fuck did I just find this band... I've already listened to everything I could find. The synths and bass is sooo good and Emma is a beautiful cherry on top. Her vocals and presence is exactly what this band needed and I'm so glad she joined.

  40. P Marcelle

    Sexy without even trying!😉

  41. Abhishek Padmanabhan

    Treat this as a "Agree" button if you think, she's a treat to watch when she dances and everything else she does.

  42. Keziah Cadena

    Like, the song is about to start and I am already liking the video bc I know that it's gonna be good

  43. Gus Foury

    1:59 I just closed my right eyelid

  44. nbigham123

    That synth really lubricates my joints

  45. HugoElcabezas

    This music is sooo good !!!! fan since the first listen, recommenden and following on apple music niceee

  46. i c o n i c

    crazy when you connect with someone else’s nostalgia.

  47. fatso79750

    I remember my first beer 😁

  48. Wiwi

    My fav song from them

  49. Al Bundy

    Tiny desk would be dope

  50. Joaquín Ignacio Pérez Illesca


  51. Cat on Headset

    She looks princess.

  52. Aaron Lin

    There's a hole in the lead singer's shirt at 3:38

  53. Matheus Trindade

    young Christian Bale 1:47

  54. merimies

    Boards of Canada remix please

  55. Grin Reaper

    This is my favorite song from them


    Grin Reaper same here

  56. Tams-Alasia

    Soo underrated

  57. xxxibgdrgn forever

    i think she same billie

  58. Tams-Alasia


  59. Tams-Alasia

    0:00●━━━━━━━━━━━ 3:45 ⇆ㅤㅤㅤㅤ
    play it over here

  60. Flooty McDooty Manooty

    this came out on my bday :] just noticed.

  61. Chad Reitsma

    Heard it on GrooveSalad /, sweet groove guys, keep it up!

  62. antlerman

    She's pretty wack in a cool cute way.
    Loving the vibe

  63. Jack Bushnell

    This video is so wholesome and endearing. I love this so much. Just good people and good memories.

  64. TheJohnGway

    i cant believe these guys hate dogs.

  65. Surreal 99

    Juss pozitif vibes awl a'roun
    Ey yo anybody who wernt ter hef eh gewd taym juss kehm ohn ova ter ma haus Pardee. Dinks ah fee

  66. Jerbo 1

    Great song.

  67. paul pohopien

    IMHO this is the band of the year. Soooo happy I stumbled upon these guys. Every song is perfection and can’t get enough of her vocals. Love it!!!

  68. Paper Mint

    Video home made ....LOL

  69. FFGG22E

    Brilliant. Wonderful song. I know I'm late to this song, I've only discovered it through Oncle Jazz.
    To wit...this song couldn't have been written by a GenXer like me. Moving home was just too full of horror and panic to us. We hated it, while most of us had to when we were like...24. So? Move home, get your head together, regroup. It's ok.
    What a beautiful song.

  70. Daniela Vasquez

    Girl with exciting 😍😚

  71. Tav Taverner

    @3:26 gave me heartfelt goosebumps, well done and such a cutie!!!! Ding DANG

  72. Khwezi Mgobo

    Thank you for being this awesome

  73. Luxie

    Love you guys <3

  74. Flat-Broke Tyler

    That one note on the piano that hits over and over again ruins the entire song for me 😭😭😭

  75. Adinda Rachmawati


  76. Im Virex

    Were o My scooter trick

  77. Dhaval Vankar

    Wow..her voice and the melodies take me to another galaxy 🥰🥰

  78. Aisah puspa lestari

    Youtube recommended another new vibe

  79. wolf aloof

    just saw them at the concert last night, it's felt unreal. daym.

  80. DJ Serious

    This is a perfect song

  81. TheOrisya

    They are coming to perform tomorrow in my country. And i cant make it to their probably first and last show here. Sad

  82. johnyc3953


  83. Esoteric Introvert

    so tiny mic... xD haha

  84. Margu 761

    Nice song ! :) (And thanks for the subtitles, so appreciated here :P)

  85. Adrianka Pratomo

    Woman i thrust

  86. herrera jose

    These days we dont take time to record and preserve our memories. It seems like people back then cherished each other so mich as to record each others special moments

  87. Uncinematographable Screenshot Cinema

    That a good song.

  88. chainsawhanshaw

    Looks like the Appalachian mountains in the background

  89. DJessie

    Si cool

  90. Shabbir Rashid

    It's so underrated it's fucked up but also I get to have the coolest music and nobody else has it 🌹🍷

  91. Arnie Calang

    Wow nice

  92. William Counsell

    does anyone know the song that they have sampled?? it's so familiar

  93. Edward Marshall

    I feel like I invaded someone's privacy.

  94. Damaidi Firdaus

    Love it

  95. nitilufi

    you made my day