Men I Trust - Show Me How Lyrics

Show me how you care,
Tell me how you were loved before
Show me how you smile,
Tell me why your hands are cold

I'm turning around,
I'm having visions of you
But then I understand
The friend I'm dreaming of is far away
But I'm here... I'm here

Show me how you're proud,
Tell me how you reach the moon

My thoughts err away tonight
My heart fell to love again

I'm turning around I'm having visions of you
But then I understand
The friend I'm dreaming of is far away
And doesn't feel my love
But I do... I do

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Men I Trust Show Me How Comments
  1. Nastassja ❤️

    Ich liebe diesen Song und frage mich ernsthaft wie man nur so zauberhaft daher kommen kann. Dieses Lied ist ein Geschenk welch uns das Gefühl vom Verliebt sein festhält ohne es zu verkitschen. Thank you guys from canada ♥️ love to beautiful emma and soulmate voice hihi

  2. Bluglo King

    Chill af 😊

  3. Agus Rohmiyanto

    Dirungokne karo klekaran penak tenan

  4. Marcus Cheong

    go to sleep bruh

  5. Yuta Misaka

    Love her so much who makes a chill. I’m feeling like emotional,sadness.Especially the midnight to listen her voice!!

  6. LATERALDUS Rodriguez

    Cómo sonaría Men I trust colaborando con Steven Wilson?


    Chill music✨

  8. Francisco Canteros

    La mejor de todas uwu

  9. Piløt

    The music makes me forget the terrible world, I love it.
    And the sense of fashion is on point as well.

  10. dwi kurnianto

    please explain to me, this is just the lens.. or they probably edit this video to create swifting effect ?

  11. FuccWithABull

    this shit right here

  12. Paige Irons

    ppl love to make fun of indie music until they crying to this song at 12 am 🤧🤧🤧🤧

  13. Dylan

    anyone know the chords to that lil progression at 3:02?


    cause it’s too nice

  14. TheRedDevil NC

    I want to go on a bike ride to a casino with this beautiful girl. After we clean the place out we get married and live happily ever after.

  15. Gerardo Aguilar

    Emma's so cute

  16. Remedios Varo

    This song reminds me of '' the look of love '' haha but is so beautiful song and better the lyrics

    Dan Black

    Yeah I can see it once you mention it. Especially the Chris Botti version

  17. Pablo Martinez

    Found This While I Was Having An Anxiety Attacked Poppd 2 Xanxx Now Its All Chill...RIP Lil Peep

  18. Pokenopoly

    Band I Trust

  19. Ephemeral

    0.75x on 2:25

  20. o canal agora é outro

    Nill-Lado B

  21. The Black Rockstar


    she got something from Amelie

  23. Petrie & Emily

    The girl from this band held the broken stall door shut for me in the venue bathroom where she was getting ready to perform 👍she's very nice

  24. Lou L

    am i the only one who find mac DeMarco and Lewis Ofman vibes in Men I Trust?

  25. ayu asti

    Dengerin ini jadi inget masa kecil, tidur setelah menonton dunia dalam berita, dibangunin sekitar pukul 11an malam karena bapak pulang bawa oleh-oleh bubur kacang hijau, beliau datang dari dokter mengantar kakek 😩

  26. Khin Thiri Kyaw

    I can't express with words how good her music is

  27. Dead Fine

    She is B e a u t i f u l

  28. Just Me

    When you hear this in 0,75 this will hit different


    how did I get here? Nice music and girl in the video.

  30. ʚ Clair de Lune ɞ

    Maaan i finally found the song by searching.. turning my room into heaven pages of you and then i understand! Lmao

  31. o8yniraqre8o

    I heard this in a antique shop and I had to have one of my friends Shazam it. This is currently one of my favorite songs omg... I love her voice and she’s so pretty

  32. daniballe15

    who is the instrumental?

  33. julia

    This hits different 😍 so special

  34. Sakae Shun

    what this type of music?

  35. Hanh Kieu

    Was this filmed in natural lighting you think or did they use scrims?

  36. Iqzir Ranuaz Nive

    ( • _•)
    / =>🎧 wear this, you will feel better

  37. oz ge

    i loved

  38. yeyegame

    That’s it this made me get a chorus pedal lol

  39. Muhammad Ilham

    what's genre is this?

  40. Felix Popolarzi

    just like heaven)

  41. Aisha Adams

    Damn! Its so good♥️

  42. Dr.G.S. Chadha

    Its funny how a plant is bringing us together.

  43. Adrian Cygan

    Is it how heaven sounds like? I believe so.

  44. Isaac Ramsay

    I love this song but listening to it past midnight makes me so depressed for some reason but also nostalgic idek

  45. Addy Walter

    why does .75 make this such a vibe

  46. Asaki Sake

    like chromatics

  47. S0D4P0P -

    Soooooo... recently, my girlfriend broke up with me. I tried to tell myself that it was a “mutual agreement” but fuck no, if it was then why would I be writing this. Anyways, she was not the one, it was just my turn 😔 and now all I have is this song on repeat (as I’m typing this my autocorrect suggested me her name 🙃🔫) and maybe you (the one who’s reading this) as my comfort. Anything means a lot.

  48. Phương Thảo Đố̃

    your music is beautiful

    Min A u d i o

    Xin chào xin chào

  49. speltospel

    his hands may be cold due to poor circulation. I would go to the cardiologist

  50. Crispy Bacon77

    This sounds depressing and calming at the same time...

  51. Daulton Gunnell

    I am digging this song at 1.25x speed

  52. Zeliha Buran

    Merve Özkaynak dan gelenler

  53. guerrero Assassin

    Bella musica acabo de encontrar

  54. julio bonaparte

    The Song Is Sad........And Sexy

  55. Scotty Ben1

    Emma is gorgeous!

  56. Julovedit

    When you forget how good your taste in music is and your recommended reminds you

    Chill Rose Place

    Straight up right

  57. Darío Gutierrez

    does this actually happen¿

  58. Stanislav Nikto

    Why do they insert subtitles in all video? Really spoil the whole picture. No good!

  59. Zero X

    Human music ❤️

  60. Chuck McMicheal

    Ok...she can wear any ole crsp n stil look like a beautiful person...why cnt I do that, lol.

  61. maw2k

    this is wonderful

  62. Jorge JR

    Música maravilhosa... ✨

  63. native of venus

    I’m turning around, I’m having visions of you
    But then I understand
    The friend I’m dreaming of is far away
    And doesn’t feel my love
    But I do...I do.


  64. metalsk8mafia

    Damn this song at midnight hits harder than my dads belt

    Chill Rose Place


    Sahlo Folina

    I'm crying

    queen iac

    damn u are right

  65. Arthur Warren

    Havnt met anyone like you..

  66. Lord Falon

    Damn! Smooth + Groovin’ = Smoovin’!

  67. Darjan Barukcic

    hey, she stole my clothes! Want them back asap :)

  68. 봉트레실리마린

    sad and nostalgic

  69. Matej Balog

    Toto je léšia hlasitosť

    Matej Balog

    *lepšia sa nauč písať

  70. AC3VEVO TV

    Lofi is the best

  71. SirSawtooth

    I'm almost positive that's Las Vegas, Nevada

  72. Martin van Drunen

    I have their singed lp Aldo shot some portraits. They were super nice to me. So chill. The synth guy makes the videos btw

  73. Anurag Gupta

    please keep up...with more songs,
    love it... they are so good

  74. Julissa Beltran

    god I love this song so much

  75. Nightly

    I’m a guy but something about her voice and the whole vibe and sound out of this band is something hard and rare to find every time I listen to one of these songs from this band I just feel like I’m in my own version of a video like this

  76. frank sanders

    Mac demarco sister?


    Marry me

  78. Mark Antonio

    Putting the song on a .75 is ecstasy✨

  79. Anthony Pardi

    pure art

  80. Jesus is da homie

    I am feeling this!

  81. Chrome Wax

    Emmanuelle je t’aime ❤️

  82. ALEX

    Love your music 😍 reminds me of watching James bond as a kid or listening to burt backarak

  83. 정마더s

    Resemble with the cardiguns. I like musician!

  84. Argho Dashgupta

    She's so damn cute...

  85. psposki

    They be vibin kinda fresh doe.
    Some fellas need to settle their feelings here.

  86. Dirtbag Greg

    I'm convinced she's on acid in all her videos

  87. Shannon Thomas

    I’m so sad and lost

    S0D4P0P -

    Shannon Thomas is everything ok now?

    Shannon Thomas

    No but thank you it's crazy how people you don't even know show signs of caring and remorse but the closest people to you don't care and treat you like s***

    S0D4P0P -

    @Shannon Thomas the world is a small place darling

  88. Mayank Gusain

    Thank You Youtube for recommending this. Incredible music and vocals and what a beautiful woman. Liked & subscribed.

  89. Inggrid Ivana

    somebody can tell me what genre this is???

    Teofilo Castro

    indie/dream pop

  90. Harvey Birdman

    Thank you for recommending this

  91. Boombumppop

    It’s so nice to find something that’s good , thank you

  92. Rebeca Carballo

    Es como una mezcla de Tame Impala y Mac De Marco version femenina :v

    Teofilo Castro

    pero super chill.. la verdad esta cancion es para un sunset perfecto caminando o conduciendo por la playa :)

  93. TheMitchellExpress

    She reminds me of the singer from Twin Peaks. I don't remember the artist though

  94. Keelan McDorman

    If you're reading this, thank you for enjoying great, soulful music! You have good taste. Oncle jazz is a huge inspiration to me. I'm here to tell you that if you like Men I Trust I think you'll like the three bands I'm in, they're indie dreamy kinda stuff as well:
    And Indica Cinema
    I just released a full album for Openness (on my channel or Spotify) and Cereza released a single. All are on SPOTIFY and all other streaming platforms. It'd mean a lot if you listened to it or shared it with someone if you like it.
    Here's the Spotify link to the new Openness album:
    Find us on Instagram or Facebook:
    Cheers, I love you!