Men I Trust - Seven Lyrics

In the shadows he saw four eyes, lit by fire... fire
He'd never done that with a lover, before... before
Meanwhile everyone else got lost in quiet, by the rivier
Seeking for more, of course he found better... better

He saw them, they saw him
But everyone just kept on going
What he saw was different
He should have gone to bed
But instead he stuck around for the mood

In the shadows he saw four eyes, lit by fire... fire
He'd never done that with a lover, before... before
Either early or too late, it was number seven... and it happened
High like a bird with his beak through the window

He saw them, they saw him
But everyone just kept on going
What he saw was different
He should have gone to bed
But instead he stuck around for the mood

He saw them, they saw him
But everyone just kept on going
What he saw was different
He should have gone to bed
But instead he stuck around for the mood

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Men I Trust Seven Comments
  1. A humble request

    A basic guide for searching for mushrooms

  2. Mr. B

    The raisin crew!!!

  3. fdd fdd

    WHO dislike this? Whoooo?

  4. Whispered Readings

    Female Tame Impala I Trust

  5. Seven Toto

    Omg it's me

  6. Oscar Arteaga

    Going through so much right now, but every time I put this song on it gives me hope that thing will turn around

  7. fp_vav

    *писяю кипяточком*

  8. Jamie Osuna

    brandy melville really went off with this add

  9. Sals Furniture

    70s style guitar solo very nice

  10. migna vinia

    Who is the girl with the long hair

  11. SerenityLove xo

    Okay I'm just gonna say it.... Why tf are they eating random berries off of plants? 😂😂 look I love this song and the video but I thought that waa dangerous to do something like that

  12. Malcolm Stewart

    i heard this song outside of a panda express the other day

  13. cool killer

    I wanna buy this camera... or Whatever u filmed this with.. pls send a link or model no... pls O_O

  14. Chris Gutierrez

    What you do when you have the day off from Whole Foods .....

  15. Ludwig Vonn

    No armpit hair?? Fake.

  16. Rafael Chase 9

    Im crying, i love this song so much.

  17. yepisuredolikecats

    why do drugs when you could just be a little sleep deprived and watch this

  18. Tall guy tv

    My favorite part 1:21

  19. Jessica Wadley

    i loveee this

  20. Sarah Wyanne

    I love Men I Trust. ❤️


    Girlfriends I Trust

  22. Anakin Skywalker

    I love this song so muchhhh.

  23. Alexis McIntosh

    i love this omg

  24. A Sushi

    It's like the Haim Sister but deeper bass

  25. KongRizla

    Beautiful videos, I have now skimmed through a couple of videos from this band, which I have never heard of before. However. Why where this band all of a sudden suggested for me? I don't fancy this music and it doesn't really resemble other things I listen to. Strange.

  26. Marv _

    The beginning of a russisn p**nclip. 😏

  27. Byteman72

    How nice - trim young women not covered in tattoos 👍

  28. Steel Here

    Natural beauty.

  29. Danny Kapahani

    They are just missing Charlie Manson.

  30. mastalive

    Tom misch .. sigrid .. men i trust

  31. Va Shi

    sub is wrong ㅜㅜ

  32. Regina Nogueira

    bicurious appears in my mind like <_< <__< <____<

  33. Wellstone

    I'd have gone straight to bed

  34. chairhead

    Pretty sure they just picked mushrooms....

  35. kevin Gzz

    Creo que esto esto es puramente pasional, ya saben una tardecilla con tu chica y unos cuantos porros ;) ... Beatiful song

  36. ofking sky

    i love this

  37. Keith Wong

    Steely Dan vibes but indie wait what

  38. Polish Hero Witold Pilecki

    Oh a variety! 3 girls. Usually only 1 girl is in the videos of this band!

  39. Emilie S

    Looks like 70s

  40. dab

    Great music nothing else

  41. Combat Boots

    Felt like Santana had a hand in this and im sold.

  42. Philp Mucker ASMR

    No panties, no bras are the women I trust. 👍

  43. Matheus Belarmino

    The girl in white blouse is gorgeous, nice song tho

  44. Keelan McDorman

    If you're reading this, thank you for enjoying great, soulful music! You have good taste. Oncle jazz is a huge inspiration to me. I'm here to tell you that if you like Men I Trust I think you'll like the three bands I'm in, they're indie dreamy kinda stuff as well:
    And Indica Cinema
    I just released a full album for Openness (on my channel or Spotify) and Cereza released a single. All are on SPOTIFY and all other streaming platforms. It'd mean a lot if you listened to it or shared it with someone if you like it.
    Here's the Spotify link to the new Openness album:
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    Cheers, I love you!

  45. zura janai, katsura da

    charlie angel lol

  46. Mehmet Filiz

    french vibes I sense

  47. Antwan Harris

    I.m lost... Somebody clue me in

  48. Sylvius Hieronymus Asparagus

    they're seeking for mushrooms.

  49. David Triplett

    Please remix by ThunderCat Anderson Pak or DEAN

  50. Steven Ashton Baker

    Best band I've heard for ages!

  51. Asmr Apple Lover

    I would love some kisses and sex in the videos

  52. oncydium

    Men I Trust: The first safe combination anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication available without a prescription. Ask your local pharmacist or DJ if Men I Trust is right for you.

  53. Handsome_Hero

    I bet they trust men with big black dicks, or big thick wallets xxx

  54. Dan S

    How to make a music video: Hang out with some friends and record it

  55. Ruth Gasca

    Men I trust gives me brandy Melville vibes

  56. Darah FitzGerald

    Where r these vids shot at....where's the band from


    Montréal, Canada - don't know if they make all their videos in Québec or not.

  57. Mauludin Rohmat


  58. tri arum arwanto

    I watching this on my CRT television

  59. Juvia Loxar

    dibs on the light blue one

  60. David Zhang

    This is what clairo was meant to become... but

  61. Pillsinmyshoes

    The Daniel Johnson alien poster on the wall thoooooo

  62. Ana Luísa

    It seems old

  63. Angelina Foster

    vegans when they are hungry

  64. Blackstone Music

    Searching for female vocalists w/ this range and tone. Paid recording gig.

  65. Prince Linus

    WTF did I just watch??

  66. Syl. Bou.

    I want to take a walk too.

  67. Kriti Ramudamu

    I too would like to roam around in the wilderness picking berries, not wearing a bra and stuff.

  68. Gerry Shalam

    This really is a massive song, a feat of sort these days now that mediocrity is the new celebrated norm. Also dig the tracks Norton Commander, Hear Me & Show Me How. The rest of the double album falls entirely flat which is frustrating & unfortunate. No quality control. Had they released a single lp loaded with tunes like this it would have been one of the decades best.

  69. Im2gay4thiz

    I took a drop of an I’d to this song
    I’d recommend

  70. Terry Boyd

    The production is sort of late '70s Steely Dan /Dan Katz/ Skunk Baxter ... love it.

  71. Panda Musika

    Goddamn this song is so good. I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to it but it made my Spotify song of the year

  72. Jc Garcia

    A vibe born if Sheryl Crow and Carlos Santana got together and smoked a good one.

  73. antdujar

    They should definitely collab with Zero 7. They'd be a perfect combination.

  74. BassGenieCovers

    That guitar solo is so awesome

  75. SuperNovaJinckUFO

    Behold, the walking very slowly gang

  76. TheHydroHammers

    Either the one girl doesn't sweat or the others get too hot.

  77. Titose

    I do not understand these lyrics, but i'll "stick around for the mood"


    You're seeking for more

  78. J Dobbins

    auditory bliss with a harmonious happiness "Kiss"

  79. 05PtVxUI

    Very cool and relaxing video

  80. tc88610


  81. HugoElcabezas

    What a good music, I found

  82. bratz crackhead

    Charlie's Angels (1976)

  83. userid

    That solo 🙏

  84. Traveling Adventure Variety

    If steely Dan had a woman singer

  85. vespur

    I feel like this song is about a kid walking in on two ppl doin it, and he was supposed to be sleeping but he kept watching and the two people kept going... no one else okay

  86. Estêvão Cabral

    is that song about an orgy?

  87. Abel Alejandro Ramirez

    This makes me wanna move to Canada

  88. Morgan Mitkowski

    idk why the chorus sounded like a different language to me

  89. Jacqueline

    I miss the yellow subtitles

  90. Jay Shane.

    y'all fucking dope... haha

  91. Memnon Operator

    cool vid

  92. Brian Nelson

    I love...

  93. sebastian murillo

    wonder if I can be trust

  94. Lam My Phuong

    Girls I wanna be friends with

  95. Joselyn Correa Nuevo

    Perú las espera ♥️