Men I Trust - Numb (Album V) Lyrics

Hon, please forgive me if I ever did you wrong
I'll be your candle; burn me upside down
From now on, I won't sleep on my arms

Numb, is how I feel deep inside my soul
Need to feel that I am on the line
I'm sorry that I dragged you down my way

Hon, I never meant to cheat you out of time
In cold mornings when our sheets are warm
I see a flower with no needles on (so far)

Stung, and there's a bee that gave it all away
Pretty eyes now filled with pain
A young confusion, what a shame

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Men I Trust Numb (Album V) Comments
  1. Frederik Stach

    magma film (:

  2. Keelan McDorman

    If you're reading this, thank you for enjoying great, soulful music! You have exquisite taste. Oncle jazz is a huge inspiration to me. I'm here to tell you that if you like Men I Trust I think you'll like the three bands I'm in, they're indie, dreamy kinda stuff as well:
    And Indica Cinema
    This is my heart and soul, its what my life is dedicated to. I just released a full album for Openness (on my channel or Spotify) and Cereza and Indica Cinema have lots of stuff released as well. All are on Spotify and all other streaming platforms. It'd mean a lot if you listened to it or shared it with someone if you like it.
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    Cheers, I love you!

  3. Kim Palenzuela

    Another gem,gotta treasure this for a moment before this channel will explode and be in mainstream.

  4. Şahin Asgerov

    Damn, I am dying for this song🔥

  5. LGsavage Music

    This is a whole mode..

  6. shafiqbuang90

    My favourite song ever from Men in Trust! Such an angelic voice, Emma Barnache!

  7. 321Jumper

    I can't belive I found this superb band just a day before their new album release!!! 😄😄
    Best day in this year!

  8. TheConranKid

    Hot damn this is sexy

  9. Nicolas Zambrano

    Numb ...