Men I Trust - Extatic Memoirs Lyrics

My sight shall reach past the ruthless dunes
A solitary raven as my sole mate
Whose intentions towards me
I allow myself to doubt
As everyone here is by their own

Small unfortunate seeds champion
Against an unwilling stormy climate
Where venomous predators luxuriate
I therefore brace myself
While I have my last sip

I've been on many traveling caravans
With experienced and spirited folks
We kept our eyes vigilant
For danger preys each turn
I can't afford to let them down

I am now one in this vast wasteland
My leather boots burn my weary feet
Meditating my next crucial move
Disdaining the liquid salt on my eyebrows
My intentions will prevail

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Men I Trust Extatic Memoirs Comments
  1. Dae Dae

    Are of Noise vibes

  2. i'm not cyborg


  3. A K

    How did you manage to make music that revoces the same feelings as the random access menories, If not better

  4. Nish

    This is trippy!

  5. Nobody

    I love you!!! MIT😌

  6. Jurico

    Magritte's vibes: Beautiful

  7. Big Smoke

    This is James Spader

  8. Taylor Clerc

    Reminds me of frank zappa so much

  9. Bergallo Norberto

    ta copetin el video :)

  10. Alexander Götzke


  11. Augustine Derrick

    Did anyone else think his voice sounds like Bryan Cranston?

  12. Mikhail Sisin

    This album is brilliant, Im so glad I found it. Better later than never :)

  13. Hate chan

    So wonderful

  14. yeral

    Love this!

  15. Clutch836

    Du grand art

  16. Rafael Mota

    Amazing! :0